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  1. 3 hours ago, JF - retired RRT said:

    Sounds like you went through your TA.

    Next time, just make the call to Princess yourself. It speeds up the whole thing by cutting out the middleman.

    We got an upsell once from inside to balcony. I called Princess...after I checked to see what was available. The rep offered a mid-ship balcony. I countered with a request for an aft balcony. At that time, the aft balcony was 3 or 4 thousand more than a mid-ship balcony and about $8K more than my lowly inside. I got the aft balcony!! It was great! You'll love it.

    We did not use a TA. Our email had no phone number listed.  I tried calling anyway to be faster and was told that I needed to just email my response as soon as possible. Luckily I was able to get the upgrade anyway.

  2. I received an email yesterday with an upsell offer from Inside to Balcony for $79 or Premium Balcony for $99/person.  I accepted the offer only if I could get an aft balcony.  I was content with the inside room that I had chosen.   I gave a list of a few rooms that were open.  I quickly received an email back saying that I had been given B738 from my list.  I am excited to be able to watch out the back of the ship.  We have never been in this area before.  In your opinion-was this a good choice or not?

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  3. We have always used Anytime dining, but thought we might try traditional. If, for example, we choose 6p and table for 2 and are not waitlisted, are we guaranteed a table for 2? We do not want to share a table. How hard is it to go to anytime dining when on the ship if they switch us to a shared table?

  4. Thank you for the replies. We love sea days so the amount of sea days is not the issue at all. Will hopefully use the sanctuary. We also thought that maybe the trip out of San Fran would be nice to see the bridge. We just went out of New York and that was amazing. As of right now, we are thinking that Grand in April 2018 is what we may do. Now to make the decision between Hawaii or Panama Canal. :rolleyes:

  5. I have asked before, but still looking for better options. We are cruising on Regal Princess Oct 27 out of Brooklyn Terminal. Per some suggestions, I have booked the Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn. The reviews just aren't great and the thought of the always broken elevator scares me.


    I am looking for additional suggestions. We are coming 2 days early to sight- see so would like to be close to the subway. We are flying into LGA. I found the Holiday Inn Brooklyn Downtown. The reviews for it look ok. Not sure how easy access it is to cruise terminal and subway. Would like it to be in a safe area also. We have also increased budget, but would like to stay below $300 a night. Any additional thoughts?

  6. I was just upgraded from E414 to E322. They are both obstructed, but the E414 doesn't really appear to be obstructed, but I cannot find much info as to if the E322 is or not. Should I keep the new room? Am I able to switch back if I call soon? THanks for the help.

  7. We just stayed at the Holiday Inn Port of Miami the night before our cruise. It was great. No problems at all. About Last Minute Travel Club- be careful. I book and prepaid 2 rooms in March. 2 nights before the cruise I called the hotel to verify and was told that I had been cancelled. No notice and unable to tell me how or why. The money had been credited back to card. They did not call me back as requested until late the night before I was to be there and still no reason as to why I was cancelled and wouldn't honor the original rate. I ended up booking through the hotel directly, but spend a lot more money.

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