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  1. Our cruise is scheduled to leave from Seward at 9pm.  I have never left on a cruise that late.  What is the normal time that they would start boarding?  We are just trying to decide what we can do in Seward the day the cruise leaves and still be on board in plenty of time.  Thanks

  2. We are on a May 2022 cruise from Seward to Vancouver.  What time should be the earliest flight out of Vancouver? We have never flown out of there so have no clue to timing.  We do not have alot of options unless we leave in the morning and really hate to spend a night if we dont have to.

  3. Late May 2022 we will be  needing a 1 night hotel in Anchorage before our train trip to Seward.  We will then need a 1 night hotel in Seward before our cruise the next morning.  I have booked the Comfort Inn Downtown Ship Creek in Anchorage.  Is this a good hotel?  Any better ideas for Anchorage? Any recommendations for Seward?  I would prefer easy access to the cruise port if possible.  Thank you for any help.  

  4. I booked a room and declined some of the free promos.  If I change my mind at a later date can I request they add them back on?  I know I can call and ask, but thought I would ask here first.  Example:  declined the free beverage package, but now want to add it on.  Or accepted the specialty dining but now do not want it.  

  5. We booked a cruise late May from Seward to Vancouver.  We are flying in from the Midwest US.  What are the advantages of Seward to Vancouver versus Vancouver to Seward.  I was thinking when I booked that I would be ready to fly home right away when the cruise was over and it would be easier to fly out of Vancouver.  Just checking to see what you all think and if my thoughts are correct.

  6. We are planning a NCL cruise out of Vancouver October 3.  Very few other cruise lines seem to sail in October.  I know it is the end of the season.  Will we miss much going in October or just waste our money?  It is really the best date for us.  We cruised to Alaska early June before and really enjoyed it.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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