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  1. Taking into consideration the Celebrity announcement of no sailings in this region for the remainder of 2020, and Australia has closed its borders to visitors until mid December 2020, is it just wishful thinking that sailing out of Melbourne 6th Feb 2021 aboard Eclipse could still occur, or should I give up the idea and plan an alternative vacation to celebrate my 60th Birthday ?
  2. So our Cruise out of Melbourne 6th Feb, is not cancelled yet, so if I pay the balance and purchase excursions, looks like we in the likely event that the sailing will be cancelled receive a FCC of 125% making the payment a pretty good investment ?
  3. Hi Cruise Buddies, we are from the UK, nearly two weeks into a stay at home lockdown (except for exercise, trip to food store or essential work), managing to do a little work from home. The Queen is to address the nation on Sunday. We were days away from moving home, after a nine month process, but the lockdown also applied to moving so who knows if/when we will now move ? We are booked on Eclipse out of Melbourne in Feb 21 to celebrate my 60th, fingers crossed this will still go ahead. Feeling miserable as sin at the moment but have to appreciate and be grateful for our health, stay safe cruisers x
  4. 4 days out, no info still
  5. Hi, thanks for your tips but despite logging out and back in and checking the filter to ensure “show all” is activated still no updates beyond day 1 and Celebrity Excursions, so annoying !
  6. 6 Days to sail away, and still no entertainment information loaded on the Connie Cruise 1st October past Day 1, plenty of information for the excursions though................!
  7. We used the App frequently prior to sailing on Equinox in April where it detailed lots of information relating to the entertaiment times/acts, Menus, etc which was really useful for forward planning, we are sailing on Constellation in less than two weeks but the information is really restricted and appears not to have been loaded.
  8. Apparently it was advertised in the bars and on the in cabin tv and included gratuity , fingers crossed it’s offered on our forthcoming cruise
  9. Apparently it was on the Eclipse
  10. It’s been posted on a private Celebrity group on FB today, which I am a member
  11. I have always purchased a drink package on my previous cruises, but we have a inside cabin for our forthcoming cruise on Constellation on Oct 1st, and no packages were available as part of the deal. The cost of the packages are so expensive that if this deal is on offer, it could be a good compromise.
  12. Has anyone seen this promotion before, recently posted on another forum, offered on Day 3, price includes gratuity ?
  13. My sailing has been available on the X App for our forthcoming Constellation Sailing 1st October, however no entertainment information is posted, only Celebrity Excursions ! The App is a great idea, but lacking in substance.
  14. Hi, thanks for your live blog. We are sailing On Constellation 1st October Rome to Venice (Italy & Dalmatian Coast) 9 nights, first time on M Class also, following with interest.
  15. We sail tomorrow on Equinox, we have a 2B Veranda Cabin booked, we bid £100 PP for a Aqua Upgrade, received this e mail from Celebrity yesterday, it’s not a yes but a maybe 😂
  16. Received e mail in UK yesterday, made two bids, sail date 20th April, so close to sail date, however Celebrity only advertising inside cabins as available, so not over hopeful on a successful outcome.
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