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  1. I love my Model 3. Prius is a joke. Plus my Model 3 is made in the USA.
  2. What would the odds of getting a refund be? Or at least transferring my deposit to another sailing?
  3. @John&LaLa what are your thoughts on amplification? I have the RLS booked for January '21 and a big part of the reason I booked Allure was because of the amplification and refreshment of an older gal.
  4. I never order anything from room service. I ordered everything through our Genie.
  5. Stoli Elit martinis and shots of Don Julio 1942 delivered to your balcony.
  6. Loving this review and all those cocktails! Brought a smile to my face.
  7. You must ask for Stoli Elite. Let your Genie know and ask to speak to the beverage manager. They took very good care of me on Symphony and they should take good care of you as well. Ask them to stock these items in the bars you frequent and they will do it.
  8. They have made wonderful Indian and Filipino meals for us on Harmony and Symphony. Just ask and you shall receive (but you have to ask in advance once on board).
  9. On Vivino it gets 3.5 stars out of 5 and average price is $12.99 a bottle. Royal's wine selection even at the high end range is atrocious.
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