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  1. That’s interesting as that’s not how it was reported but probably explains the lack of media.
  2. I see Celebrity Eclipse was Revolutionised a couple of weeks back and yet there is barely any media coverage at all or am I missing something? Can only find one external media article documenting the refurbishment. To be honest surprised it was done at all under the circumstances and thought all future refurbishments were on hold.
  3. Zero chance our international borders will be open to the Northern Hemisphere this year, and most likely not until late next year unless a vaccine suddenly materialises prior. At best this year, there may be some travel bubbles with countries such as New Zealand, Fiji etc. but that’s about it. So for anyone questioning if their cruise may or may go ahead over our summer....it won’t.
  4. Not sure why they left the Australia cruises, no way any sailings happening here this coming season.
  5. The cruise lines would be happy to get away a 1 night cruise at this point....not sure a world cruise is high on their priorities.
  6. It will be some time before Australia opens borders to tourists, definitely not this year. The only exception will be a travel bubble with New Zealand and possibly the Pacific Islands
  7. He only way Eclipse will make it to Australia this year is if bookings can be supported by local passengers only. Nobody outside Oceania will be allowed into Australia this year.
  8. The ban on cruise ships in Australia is September 17th, of course this could still be pushed back. Irrespective, there is no way our borders will be open to travellers from the northern hemisphere by then. The only way the ships could sail would be with local cruisers only or from travel bubble countries like NZ.
  9. Currently have an 11 night booked for the Equinox in October which I am fully expecting not to go ahead, in any case being in Australia can’t see flights getting me there anyway so all likely will need to cancel, if the line doesn’t do it for me before final payment. I booked this cruise through a US agent which obviously means the booking is in USD and any FCC that comes back to me will be in USD. if I book another cruise through Celebrity in Australia which will be in AUD....how is this FCC applied, is it just converted to whatever currently the new booking is made in?
  10. It wont be going ahead, cant see any country wanting to accept a ship full of potential virus carriers in the near future...
  11. You can’t Lift and Shift unless it meets the criteria, which means it has to be 6 nights. You can’t move the booking and expect to pay the difference for more nights and keep your current perks. Can’t happen so it’s a moot point.
  12. Wow, really scraping the bottom of the good news barrel right here...
  13. Honestly, if the changes are too intrusive then quite frankly I have little interest in going on another cruise for quite some time. Would sooner consider other holiday option of which there are many.
  14. As many of the crew are from impoverished nations, many will have no choice but to return in order to look after their families. It’s simply not easy to switch careers.
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