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  1. We live near Miami and I just booked a transatlantic on the Marina for 2022. I opted for Olife and received $300 off for forgoing a flight home from Miami.
  2. We have been in the cabin next door, 6089 on all the ships of the class. As you can see, we love it. The vibration will be a little more than the center of the ship, but we never found it disturbing and there will be a little soot on the balcony, but the view is amazing.
  3. The time frame depends on which card you used. Chase cards will process a refund within 536 days of your Crystal charge.
  4. We only take the B3 cabins. The extended balcony with 2 lounge chairs are great. The ones more aft are better than the ones forward- much less windy. Our personal favorites are 7111 and 7108 as they are the first of the more aft B3s and instead of a partition, have a railing facing both forward and out the side. No privacy from above, but the extra space and view is a good trade off.
  5. We were offered a $200 credit to decline the domestic flight from Miami and $600 for the international flight from Miami to Barcelona.
  6. I pulled out my invoice for the transatlantic on November 21, 2020 from Barcelona to Miami. The Premium Economy surcharge was $199 a person. As we live near Miami, we only needed the air in one direction. We received a $200 credit for not needing a domestic flight home from Miami. We would have gotten an $800 credit each had we not taken their air in both directions. A nonstop flight in premium economy from Miami would have cost us much more than the $600 credit that we would have received for the flight, even taking into account paying for an air deviation. We cancelled before the final payment, so maybe someday we will rebook this sailing.
  7. LOL- would probably have to connect in Atlanta. I posted that for the unfortunates who live elsewhere.
  8. That is what I saw, too. There is a shorter segment, too - Barcelona to Miami for 12 days. I agree that we will wait until the cruises are up and running and we are vaccinated. Fingers crossed that this will be by the end of 2021.
  9. We are looking at the Marina transatlantic in November 2021. (We cancelled the 2020 sailing before final payment.) The 2021 cruise offers premium economy for $199 on the transatlantic flight. The cruise ends in Miami, so I assume it is regular economy for a domestic flight home.
  10. I live in Florida. Our governor has decided against CDC advice to open just about everything up and if Miami-Dade country, where the ships dock, wants to do otherwise, they need to run it by him. I doubt there will be any quarantine requirements here.
  11. A little off topic, but related. For awhile, we were comparing how long Crystal was taking for refunds vs other lines. I cancelled a Viking River cruise for May 2021 yesterday morning. It was getting towards final payment and I don't think I will be cruising by then. It was only a deposit and I figured I would see it sooner or later. Sooner, it was. I just looked on my credit card app and Viking has given me a refund. Less than 30 hours, probably a record.
  12. I cancelled two Oceania Cruises for which I had only made deposits in June. One deposit was returned in a week and the other in about ten days. A much more hefty deposit on Regent took 32 days.,
  13. I was in that cabin last Thanksgiving. We were supposed to be in the same cabin on the Marina this Thanksgiving. Oh well, maybe someday.
  14. I was hoping to keep those a secret. We always try for 7108 or 7111, which are the ones with railings on two sides. No privacy, but really nice to get views from 2 sides.
  15. My first choice- it is category B3. They have some that are forward and the majority are aft. We pick the aft ones.
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