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  1. We don’t have many cases now in the UK, vaccines are going well
  2. My June 11th Cruise to Norway was cancelled last week
  3. Pete, we are so sorry to hear of the diagnosis, our thoughts are with you and your family, janice
  4. Hi, my cruise is fine I have confirmation that my cruise is sailing on Radiance January 22, janice
  5. My TA thinks the FCC relates to an earlier change made from Odyssey to Radiance, and that my cruise is safe, but he is checking. I’ve received an email this morning saying Antham is June has been cancelled. Janice
  6. Thanks for your replies , I’m wondering if royal was supposed to be cancelling our 11th June 21 cruise which we don’t expect to sail as it’s 9 nights to Norway and got a little confused. Janice
  7. Hi, I have just received an email advising that a FCC has been sent to our TA for our cancelled cruise 16th Jan 22 . First we have heard and I was talking to our TA this afternoon and it wasn’t mentioned. I’m hoping it’s an error. Has anyone else received this email. Thanks janice
  8. MSc have announced sailings for UK guests only daily from the UK on the new ship Virtuosa, hope this helps, janice
  9. We have on our last 2 cruises but I don’t think we were meant to !
  10. Someone said Antham would take 8 weeks to get ready to sail so if the announcement on April 12th by Boris confirms holidays from May 17th we could sail in June, which would be brilliant as I’m booked on Antham 11th June, not giving up. Janice
  11. Pete, sorry to hear about your little grandson, hope they quickly find out what is wrong and are able to treat him. Janice
  12. Hi Pete, just a quick update perseverance pays we now have cabin 14020 on the sunny side, feeling happy. Janice
  13. A scenic cruise to Norway!. We are booked for June and would prefer to go ashore but would consider staying on board, janice
  14. I know it’s really annoying, P&O know we can’t sail until May17th at the earliest and yet they expect us to pay a balance which can be thousands or loose our deposit. I wonder how the court would see it if we did take action, janice
  15. We have to pay $144.44 pp for the 3 meal package on our Antham cruise
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