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  1. I always wear long dresses and my husband an evening suit ,we enjoy dressing up
  2. Thanks, books in hand luggage will be the answer, we are sailing for 23 nights without WiFi so I guess I should download some books onto the iPads as well janice
  3. Hi, does anyone know if there is a library on jewel, we were on last March but I can’t remember and would rather not carry a lot of books, thanks janice
  4. Sorry I should have said in our experience my handbag and iPad bag were not weighed but we were discreet, janice
  5. Hi, we used emerates in January and duty free wasn’t weighed because we purchased it after check in !, we made sure our carry on was under 7kg and I carried my small handbag and john carried the iPads in a bag with no problems. We did have 30 kg checked allowance which made it easy janice
  6. We will go to mercato mall as we haven’t been before, thanks for the timetable I’m looking forward to seeing your photos, janice
  7. Hi, do you know if we can use our credit card for drinks in Doha or is it better to exchange some sterling at the port, thanks
  8. Yes we will be packing bubble wrap for the bottles, so far we haven’t had any breakage but it will go in the centre with plenty padding, janice
  9. Great thanks, it’s good to know we can buy our drink onboard with free money, janice
  10. Hi, we are interested in brandy we also have obc to use so hoping their prices are reasonable. Thanks for the review we are picking up many useful tips for our cruise in March, Janice
  11. Thanks, the prices were high in Dubai airport when we were there in January but if we have time I’ll check again
  12. Hi, are you able to purchase duty free bottles of spirits to take home? Thanks janice
  13. I thought the Philippines had closed their ports to cruise ships!
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