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  1. Please use a travel agent. Think of him/her as your consumer representative. You need someone looking out for YOU! Our agent has someone within O he calls to get the answer he's seeking--bypassing the people who answer the phone in the Miami office.
  2. you don't have to have a smart phone to log into MyChart. I don't have it loaded onto my phone for personal reasons. I keep nothing in my phone. In case it's ever stolen I won't freak out....nor does Mr. Wonderful, my resident geek. It's in my laptop, however, and is the chart information system my doctor uses.
  3. NYTimes article points out: "By making vaccinations a recommendation instead of a requirement, the C.D.C. has avoided conflict with Florida, one of the cruise industry’s biggest bases of operations, which has banned businesses from requiring customers to show proof of vaccinations." (many of us have opinions about Florida's governor)
  4. well this was the important line from Mr FDR for me: "outlining its plan to resume cruises from U.S. ports in July, which included mandatory vaccination of all guests and crew. "
  5. NYTimes 4/5/21 "Cruise ships won’t have to require vaccinations when they resume sailing, the C.D.C. says." "Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the industry’s biggest operators, submitted a letter to the C.D.C. on Monday outlining its plan to resume cruises from U.S. ports in July, which included mandatory vaccination of all guests and crew. The company said that its vaccination requirement and multilayered health and safety protocols exceeded the agency’s Conditional Sailing Order requirements."
  6. the title of this thread is that the CDC is ruining cruising and it has morphed into someone somewhere keeping track of somebody. i've been required to have a Yellow Fever card to gain entry into some ports and a passport to travel anywhere outside of the country. Their country, their rules =their way.
  7. Just trying to figure out your stance Daniel A. You don't want a nationally approved form of ID? I carry a US passport that has gained me access to countries around the world and permits my return home. In a data base there is info on where I was and on what date. It has my address and my picture. If this is what I need to continue to travel, I'll obey the law.
  8. "I guess that you (and want others) want vaccine passports." Since we've deposited on ATW22 and ATW23 I want what will get us into ports around the world. I don't know what the Ivory Coast will want or India or China. I do know that currently Canada does not want us or Japan or NZ or Au--all nations we will attempt to port in..... and if O wants me to be vaccinated tell me what documentation to have. If the local baseball team opens up for fans, tell me what proof i need to bring. Cafe down the street? Grocery store?
  9. WaPo article on push for vaccine passports--and the challenges faced. (May not be able to read this if you don't have a subscription.) https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/03/28/vaccine-passports-for-work/
  10. I asked my family, early 40s, what it would take for them to cruise, and the reply was 'Overnights. They want to have dinner in town, visit a pub and hang out, listen to local music. They're not interested in having to be back at the ship by 5. Very late departures would also work for them. They have cruised Alaska with Celebrity and Hawaii with POA so they're not against cruising.
  11. go to O website. On black banner across top far right find "ultimate value." Select click on "oceania club benefits" then see a series of rectangles/badges starting with "blue" and ending with "presidential." Beneath them in small print is the # of cruises for that level. click on any and find what benefits one gets at that level.
  12. The Vaccination Credential Initiative, a cooperative venture between major high tech and health care companies, is also underway. the big problem will be getting countries around the world to accept a common digital passport whether the holder is flying or cruising or attending a large event.
  13. Jancruz.... any mention of ONLY O shorex in ports?
  14. I didn't think it would but wanted to throw it into this discussion. Thanks but
  15. here's a question I cannot find the answer to: let's assume that covid vaccine will become one we get every year as many of us do for influenza. If we have had dose #1 and dose#2 of Moderna in 2021, will we be encouraged to get Moderna every year after that? Perhaps it won't matter?
  16. I was just thinking of them yesterday wondering if they still posted here. I appreciated their thoughts on a wide variety of travel topics and ports and included them in my research. I will truly miss Stan's insights. My sincere condolences to Jim.
  17. "My account" still shows our ATW2022 but it does provide a link to the 2023 for you to see the itinerary and date to sign up. we were part of the cancelled ATW20 so we were able to reserve our cabin on Jan 13 for ATW23; cancelled 2021 will be able to reserve next, (I think) and then it opens up to general public later in Jan.
  18. oops....should have said 2022 DOES include London, Ireland & 1 Canadian port.
  19. Since O offers world cruises annually, the itinerary changes every year. In 2020 the itinerary included both coasts of South American but not Australia and NZ. 2021's itinerary included ports in Egypt, Turkey, and Mediterranean, UK, Iceland, Greenland but not in 2020 or 2022. In 2022 the itinerary does not include South American but does include Aus and NZ. 2023 itinerary is almost identical to 2020--which we're signing up for since the 2020 was cancelled. 2016 & 2018 had almost identical itineraries. Because of the lack of repetition of itineraries,
  20. Palakika-- how are you and Dr Dave doing? Yes, we are reserving a cabin Jan 14 for ATW23. We see it as a repeat of our 2020 which was halted in Rio. Hopefully we'll get to complete the itinerary!!
  21. ATW16 traveled east and seriously....it wasn't bad losing/gaining an hour. I tried to get staff to change the hour during Happy Hour because no one would care whether it was 4pm or 6pm. We changed time during the night.
  22. appears to be a repeat of the pandemic-shortened ATW2020. We'd get to finish it!
  23. I too, hope your children have a quick and complete recovery.
  24. and this.....https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/covid-herd-immunity/2020/10/10/3910251c-0a60-11eb-859b-f9c27abe638d_story.html
  25. not a big fan of Wikipedia for major research on a topic but sometimes it is a good beginning..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Barrington_Declaration
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