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  1. daytona

    Has anyone flew on Allegiant before?

    Passengers scrambling after Allegiant cancels flights because new planes havent arrived. http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/airlines/Passengers-scrambling-after-Allegiant-cancels-flights-because-new-planes-haven-t-arrived_169152635
  2. daytona

    How to Book With Blexie

    We had an awesome day with Blexie Tours May 21st while on Majesty of The Seas.
  3. daytona

    Has anyone returned from Cuba via Royal Carribean?

    Winner !!
  4. daytona

    Getting a Visa to visit Cuba.

    Pretty much the same as Go-Bucks posted. From Royal Caribbean if the link works http://www.royalcaribbean.com/cuba/faq?ecid=em_10098188&rid=585136355&rcid=27250708&empc=RCIN_RT_PCCUBA&emsc=RCIN_RT_PCCUBAV1_USA_18_EA_RE_CS_BOACC_NULL_DIP_FL_CUBA4_MJ_051918_CON_4_NONE&empf=Y&emct=DIAMOND%20PLUS&lnkid=TRAVEL_AFFIDAVIT Will guests be required to purchase separate medical or travelers insurance to go to Cuba? Your cruise fare includes mandatory coverage required by the Cuban government during your visit to Cuba. Dave
  5. daytona

    Visa for back to back cruise?

    Does anybody know if two visas will need to be purchased for a back to back cruise? Havana May 21st and May 24th-25th. Havent seen anything on this yet but will assume yes.
  6. [quote name='wikoffclan']Looks like a scam/phishing site. AVOID[/quote] Elliott.org has been around for 20 years as an consumer advocate site.
  7. daytona

    parking at Canaveral expensive?

  8. [quote name='Jax129']It is right next to Grills where the fisherman used to put their boats in. Many locals are VERY UNHAPPY with this & Grills was also VERY unhappy, to put it mildly. I'm kind of excited as a cruiser but it does take away some of the charm of the Port. That's growth for ya though. It's all about the $$. At first I thought they were building this for an Oasis ship but now I think it's for Quantum to make Port of Call stops. Still hoping for Oasis to come to PC though![/quote] On the Freedom a month ago we were told part of the reason was they needed a emergency/back up port for the Oasis/Allure.
  9. daytona

    VIP Lounge Concierges (Michael's Club)

    I remember her on the Serenade of The Seas. Dave
  10. Keep checking. Our RCCL Path of The Trolls Tour a month ago closed then opened several times in the 3 months before the cruise. If yours is similar it was a long but scenic trip with a very nice lunch buffet. We tried to find a private tour but wasnt successful.We usually dont do ships tours but this one was a great day.
  11. daytona

    Combining RC Visa Rewards

    The conditions of some of the awards say they may not be combined with other awards or available during Christmas/New Years sailings.
  12. daytona

    Post Cruise Survey

    The past two Ive done had server problems it seems. My time is more valuable than wasting time with this survey company.
  13. daytona

    J&J tours

    I agree with the sentiments above. Stan gave us a wonderful tour Jan 20 while on the Vision of the Seas. Our Port time was only 7am to 2pm but we saw quite a lot. Stan gave interesting commentary during the ride. Like was said above we stopped quite a bit to see the Flora. We also stopped at Nutmeg World http://travelgrenada.com/gcna.htm which I though was very interesting "factory" tour. Very interesting to see the nutmeg drying and other information. We also went to the Grang Etang Reserve/ Crater Lake, Annandale Falls, Fort Frederick, and the drive through the lush hills.
  14. Katybird-I'm not sure if he adds others. Usually the smaller private tours dont do this. Just the two of your would be fine but it would be more expensive than sharing with others. You could let him know that you would tour with others if somebody else was booking on that day. Better yet go to your Roll Call for this sailing. It looks like you may have not done this. The Roll Calls are a great way to share tours. Dave