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  1. Would anyone be leery of booking late March? I have two options, this being my first choice.
  2. Considering booking End of March 2021... still questionable if they will be sailing... sure hope so 😞
  3. We are looking to change colors - MSC seems to be the direction we are leaning, but have never cruised MSC. Doing research now. 🙂 11/2021 is also our target date
  4. Yahoo Finance IS a credibly source that recanted their report about 30 minutes after publication. Nothing was blind, my friend. It was pure concern, from a report, from a credible source. The error was theirs. You're welcome. I did ask to have this thread taken down by the moderator upon the recant, just so you know...
  5. RCCL and Celebrity just cancelled until 9/1 (Yahoo Finance) Maybe its just a bad April Fools Joke. The coronavirus pandemic, compelled Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. RCL to extend the halt of global cruise operations — Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. With continued port closures and travel restrictions surrounding global health concerns, the company’s cruise brands have suspended their operations, leading to cancellation of departures until Sept 1.
  6. Carnival. Will never book Celebrity again. Service issues. Management issues. Never again. Carnival wins in my book.
  7. Plan on 2 XL - Depending on what time you get in there may be other transportation available. We got in at 6pm so we had extremely limited options. I would fly in a day early - stay in Galveston. Giados was reasonable, and right across from the Gulf.
  8. Dream class perhaps... but I’ve been on the Dream and it did not have the Havana issue that the Vista did. so there’s that
  9. Glad you enjoyed her. We were on her in November, and unfortunately, she is the least favorite of Carnival ships imo. We did not like the Havana deck obscuring our ocean experience. Nothing like dirty dishes and underwear directly below your cabin....as opposed to the ocean. Dream does not have that obstruction. We will avoid the "Havana" ships in the future. Certainly prefer the aft balconies much better if one can get one booked!
  10. La Romana - take a river excursion! One of the best excursions I have EVER been on. Slowly move up a river/rain forrest - relaxing! Breathtaking. Good drinks - FRESH fruit - lunch, kayaks in the "slow" river... Something very different! Something you will remember more than the beach!
  11. If you are accustomed to "ocean view" or better, your inside cabin may not be something you will like. They are very dark, very "closed" - If you like to have a window at least, you may strongly consider the upsell. Its all based on what you like. #choosefun ~Marci
  12. El Coz was like $50pp ish - we did pre-book, and I would go back again! It was quiet, off the beaten path.
  13. No tsunami warning per NOAA I did hear of people, in Cayman, that were underwater (diving) when it occurred. That would be a story to tell.
  14. We were in Jamaica in November and were very surprised how clean it was! Do NOT fear Jamaica. Make a plan to do something - not just grab a taxi to the beach. Jamaica is wonderful, and has so much to offer. However, that being said, I love the 8 day itinerary on Magic. Maybe see is you can upsell into an OV! That would be my choice! #2 Remember, Bermuda is a long ways from everything - so take sea days into consideration
  15. I understand the prohibitive cost - when AirFare is the higher than the actual cruise. (Montana) And a future credit would have to extend into 2-3 years for us - we cruise every 2-3 years. I would hate to have missed a port - but unfortunately, that is the nature of this industry. More than likely, that "port" that you missed will still be standing in 2 years - you may enjoy cruising enough to try again. Book it, make payments, and viola - 2 years, even on a meager salary and minimum time off available can be doable! We are hooked. I love the cruising - not just the ports. Have fun!
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