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  1. We were in Jamaica in November and were very surprised how clean it was! Do NOT fear Jamaica. Make a plan to do something - not just grab a taxi to the beach. Jamaica is wonderful, and has so much to offer. However, that being said, I love the 8 day itinerary on Magic. Maybe see is you can upsell into an OV! That would be my choice! #2 Remember, Bermuda is a long ways from everything - so take sea days into consideration
  2. I understand the prohibitive cost - when AirFare is the higher than the actual cruise. (Montana) And a future credit would have to extend into 2-3 years for us - we cruise every 2-3 years. I would hate to have missed a port - but unfortunately, that is the nature of this industry. More than likely, that "port" that you missed will still be standing in 2 years - you may enjoy cruising enough to try again. Book it, make payments, and viola - 2 years, even on a meager salary and minimum time off available can be doable! We are hooked. I love the cruising - not just the ports. Have fun!
  3. We had $300 ish tab for two. Much less than the cost of the unlimited.
  4. We have used that thick clear packing tape in NOLA - around the center and formed a "handle" so to speak. Since our big luggage was taken already, we carried in a camera bag, a "carry on" bag and two 12-packs with tape handles. Easy Peasy!
  5. We flew Alaska Air - flew on "miles" - not an option. It was an experience - we learned a lot - Good and bad!
  6. Vista.... After you embark, try the sky ride. Was not super busy. Try Ji Ji's for lunch, one day. Lunch is included; only dinners are extra. (you can try the Italian place too, wasn't a fan) BBQ is only open certain days at certain times. Deck 5 - outside. Great brisket! Very cool "rocking picnic table" on the other side of the ship, Deck 5 - outside Red frog. Also, deck 5 has a small and very uncrowded breakfast buffet in the mornings. No people parade. Have fun.
  7. We did an 8 day on Splendor in 17 to South Caribbean - She is a very basic ship; none of the frivolities you are seeking. Shes a little older - late 2000 I think - probably before they started really cranking out the "entertainment ships" That being said, there is a lot to do - They have pretty good activities and lots of dining options. Unless their policy has changed, I believe that you are able to bring a bottle of wine on board with you when you get on the ship. They do have an AI drink package - its spendy, imo not worth it - its easier to just plan on having a "bar tab" at the end of your cruise. If you have any "tender" stops, I would highly suggest to get the FTTF excursion when you book. Have fun
  8. We had such stellar wait staff in the dining room, I would consider paying the "upcharge" for those dishes to be served in MDR next time. Service was exceptional on the entire ship with the exception of the steakhouse.
  9. We booked the steakhouse for my sons 19th birthday. Firstly, the service was almost non-existent. We were treated like we were an afterthought - the reception was "preoccupied with something else" - we were seated and it took quite a while for anyone to even acknowledge us. We were handed menus, and then again, waited a great deal of time just to even get water. My husband physically went up to the bar for bar service. By him doing so, he was up and back with drinks before we got water. We were served by three different people and the only time anyone followed up with the standard "how is everything" was halfway through the main course. Water glasses were not refilled, and I finally stopped someone walking by to see if they'd leave their water pitcher. Secondly, the food was ok but not the upscale quality we expected. I am a foodie, but I am also a realist. I was not expecting a Michelin Star experience but Texas Roadhouse service would have been nice. The bread selection was interesting - The appetizers were sad. The Bisque - usually my favorite - had no flavor. None. And was lukewarm at best after the wait person poured the soup in the bowl. The shrimp cocktail was ok, but had more guacamole than shrimp. (The guac was very good - I'd have asked for chips with that and eaten that all night!) But the cocktail sauce tasted "off" and my husband did NOT like it. My son had a Caesar salad and said it was nearly the same that he got in the dining room. Main course - my son did enjoy his lobster, my husband did enjoy his filet, but is was overcooked, and not tender like one would expect a filet - and no one checked on us sans us flagging down someone walking by. The lamb was completely forgettable. Flavor non existent until I found the salt shaker. Also overcooked, but not as much as the filet. And almost cold, but very tender. The mac and cheese side had no flavor, but pasta was al dente. The garlic rapini was outstanding, great flavor. The yukon wasabi mash was also very good. Pretty sad when the sides are better than the star of the dish. Dessert - we opted for the "art in dessert" presentation - No more opportunities to send us something with no flavor, right? The presentation was outstanding, and the flavors were great! Not a typical dessert - a chef will come to your table and present this on the spot. Definitely worth a try. And we enjoyed this very much - enjoyed this the most of the whole service-less dinner. No, they weren't busy when we got there. At all. When we left, they appeared to be hopping. Very Very disappointed - Standard and Basic service issues that should not have been a problem. We actually had better tableside service at the buffet....
  10. Disagree - not worth it. But to each his own...
  11. Once again, we knew. This isn't our first rodeo. What we didn't expect was the lack of options.
  12. Excuse me darlin' We knew the distance. We are experienced travelers. What we didn't expect was the lack of options.
  13. Expresses last run was 15 minutes prior to our arrival 😞
  14. I didnt write this - I just posted on it to "revive" it The OP (Chervil) is the reason we actually did this. LOL
  15. We enjoyed the Dream out of New Orleans a few years back. She's a great ship. We just got off the Vista (also in Galveston) and I was not impressed; I would go back to the Dream in a heartbeat. Enjoy! And please keep writing!
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