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  1. Hi, Just booked my first solo cruise at what I think is a great price. Celebrity Equinox Western Caribbean, 8/1/21 out of Ft. Lauderdale, 1B balcony cabin "all in" at $2,013. On Celebrity this includes all alcoholic drinks (classic package versus premium but that is good enough for me), tips and WiFi. The same ship sailing the same itinerary on 7/18 is over $5,000 so I'm not sure why this one is so cheap but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth! I've been on Equinox three times before and it is a beautiful ship.
  2. Just booked an 8 night Eastern Caribbean on one of Celebrity's newer ships, the Edge, for 11/6. Hoping that ships are allowed to sail from Ft. Lauderdale by that time. This is my first solo. I was able to book one of their single staterooms with an Infinite veranda. Total cost including drinks, internet and tips is $2,100. I don't have experience in previously booking solo but for 8 nights, this seems pretty reasonable. I think it is because of the availability of solo cabins. When I looked at itineraries/pricing on their older ships that do not have solo cabins, the single supplement w
  3. Contemplating my first solo on a Windstar out of St. Maarten this summer. I know cruising will be different than it once was but I'm curious......can anyone comment on their solo experience on Windstar? Thanks for anything you can offer.
  4. Did anyone notice that the Celebrity notice is dated Tuesday, May 20th???? They can't even get the day/date correct...
  5. Hi Liz, It looks like there are a small number of the single cabins on the Edge - maybe 16 or so? How far in advance did you have to book in order to snag one? Did you go through Celebrity or TA? Can I ask for a ballpark on what you paid? When I try and do a mock booking online, I can never find a single available so I have no idea on cost. Thanks for any info you can share and enjoy your cruise!!
  6. I've been really enjoying your report - thanks for taking the time! I've done 7 Celebrity cruises and up to this point I've had no interest in Edge class ships but you are making me curious at the very least which is a good thing. I've never tried a solo cruise, am also interested in that first. How long in advance did you have to book to snag one of the single cabins? How many do they have in total? Did you book through a TA or directly with Celebrity? Would you share a ballpark of what you paid for a week on the Edge? Thanks again.
  7. Tropical Fish Biz, I hope you post after your cruise. I lost my husband in August of 2017 and we enjoyed several cruises together. Have been on two cruises since then, but have gone with a girlfriend. I moved from Chicago to Florida in July of 2019 so I am also in a good location to snap up some last minute deals since airfares are no longer a factor. Have thought about taking the "solo" plunge but just haven't gotten there yet.
  8. We were on the 11/30/19 Equinox sailing and enjoyed beautiful, delicious rare prime rib in the MDR on night one. I was amazed that I was able to get rare since it was 9:00PM when we ordered. After six straight cruises in Aqua/Blu class we booked a "standard" balcony and I'll never book Aqua again. The food and service in the MDR were terrific!
  9. Food is so subjective but I will say I did my first verandah/MDR after 6 straight cruises in Aqua/Blu. I'll never book Aqua again. I thought the food was far superior in the MDR. Service was great as well. It was nice to enjoy a simple meal of rare prime rib rather than having most items"gussied" up with pea and celery purée.
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