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  1. I have purchased One Way air for transatlantics many times in the past and got great prices. I am striking out this year. At first I was looking for something prior to 10/22 on Apex from BCN then we added a cruise from VCE on 10/10 and economy starts well over $1200 from MCI on both of them. (Premmium is MUCH higher) I've tried several dates and both bookings as well as all classes of service. I've also tried making it Open Jaw though we usually just fly SW home from FLL. Think I'll table this for a bit. If all else fails, I'll have to call and see if they can do better.
  2. Will disembark in Vancouver and want to store bags for a few hours. Any favorite companies? I'm checking CDS and West Coast Sightseeing so far. Visiting Gastown and Stanley Park. Other nearby suggestions? Is it easy to get to Capilano Bridge? I need to work on that. Probably Skytrain to YVR and then use airport shuttle to the hotel near airport??? I remember taking a bus to Stanley and then using their shuttle to tour. I think the bus was free but don't remember which one. Thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated.
  3. Thank you so much 138East. I remember taking some train to Hoboken from Times Square and then the Light Rail to Bayonne and then a taxi to ship. That was several years ago and could mostly have changed plus I'll be in a different area to start. Your suggestions are very helpful.
  4. Flying in to LGA and staying near Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan. What are the best options to get to Cape Liberty from the hotel? Open to ferry, trains, shuttle or Uber.
  5. We didn't experience that. Ours still worked. There is a control for it.
  6. We loved our IV room. On Apex we've booked an SV but will definitely do an IV again. It does seem that a large majority of the "haters" haven't actually sailed in one. Many people are shocked they can't sit outside on a French Balcony on a river cruise. Just an example of why you need to research what you are booking.
  7. Mercedes left 2 or 3 weeks ago. I don't think her replacement has been named yet. (Per info from RC)
  8. Just the incredible number of Loyalty guests will make changes necessary. When half the ship is "special" it is inevitable that no one will really feel that way. I don't know the answer for this and I sure haven't seen anyone on these boards come up with one. When we were recently on Celebrity they took our card in the Club and we could only get 3 drinks - period. Either in the Club or in a bar. I expect that Royal will start enforcing the same in the lounges.
  9. Does anyone know who will be CD on Mariner in April?
  10. I can't compare but I will tell you that Mike is one of my two favorites in 50+ cruises. Wish he was going to be on our Symphony cruise.
  11. Thanks so much. That's about what I thought. I was hoping it wouldn't be any earlier. We are picking up a car in Miami and returning the next day before boarding Edge. I don't want to go over to the 2nd day of rental. Should work - we'll just be early to Port Everglades.
  12. What do think is the latest we can get off Symphony? I'm usually wanting off fairly early but this time we need to pick up our rental car a bit later. I'd rather stay on board until the last group is called.
  13. Have any of you actually had your hair cut on a Celebrity ship? I would think most do that before sailing so it's hard to know how well they do with cuts. Especially short hair. Would love to hear about your experience.
  14. The ad is for a whole cruise in AC, not just Blu.
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