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  1. We were on NCL Bliss in 2018 and they had the best hard rock cover band I ever had the pleasure to listen to ( on a cruise or not). They are a group called SIGLO.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for those posting pictures and video as it showcases how comprehensive the "amplification" work is.
  3. Very much enjoyed Saturday Night Fever on the Liberty.
  4. The Soller train is a great experience. However, many stores in Soller are closed on Sundays or at least they were when we were there a few years ago. Check that out.
  5. We used www.autosvilar.com to arrange a private customized tour of Barcelona when we were there for a day on a cruise we took a few years ago. They were very accommodating and the price was reasonable for our group of 8 people. Juan who is the owner was the one who took us out and we could not of asked for a better host and guide.
  6. I probably prefer RCL overall but we have been on a couple of NCL cruises and would not hesitate to book with NCL again if the itinerary was what we wanted. We were on NCL Bliss last year to Alaska and had one of our best cruises ever. It is an outstanding ship.
  7. I noticed with the Explorer Med cruise that the 1 cruising day happens early in the cruise where as Allure's 1 cruising day happens the day before you depart the ship. Its a very minor consideration but that would help influence my decision to take the Allure. I like having the last day to relax a little. All the ports look great on either cruise, no wrong decision to choose either Rome or Barcelona as your start. Happy Cruising!
  8. We booked a Refundable deposit trip for next year. When I booked this, the RCL rep told me that just prior to the final payment date, I can call and change the trip from refundable to the non-refundable rate. She gave me the impression that the non-refundable rate would be the one that existed when I booked, not the one at the time when switching. If that is the case, it would save me around $500 that was paid extra for the refundable rate. I have to admit, I am skeptical that this is true even after having the rep re-tell me this as why would not everybody just get the refundable rate and change to NRR just prior to final payment?
  9. Starting in 2021, Americans and Canadians will need a visa which can be purchased online. I think I first heard about it from a Canadian news show but this is an article I found concerning it. https://www.worldtravelguide.net/features/feature/travelling-to-europe-without-a-visa/
  10. Going on a B2B with Allure next year as well. If a cruise has a drink card , it seems to become available mid cruise in most cases. Just wondering if a drink card is purchased mid cruise, is it only applicable for the rest of that cruise? Or if there are drinks still available with the card, can it be used on the 2nd leg of the B2B?
  11. I enjoyed Kinky Boots as well and its debuting on NCL Encore when its launched later this year.
  12. We are doing a B2B on the Allure next summer. Had not considered doing that until our Indy 14 day cruise was cancelled for next year. Doing the B2B was about the same price (not including the credit from the cancellation) for the 14 day Indy when we first booked. Part of the consideration not to do a cruise on the Allure was that the itinerary next year is very port intensive and maybe we would not have enough time to enjoy what this ship can offer. But with 14 days, we should be able to do that as well as spend more time in the ports, especially Rome. Never have done a B2B so a new cruise experience!
  13. Going to Barcelona next year for a cruise and considering to buy a form topper there but never considered a space bag.
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