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  1. Where are you seeing availability in BC? The $60 test looks like Ontario only
  2. From O'Sheehans/Local - the open face roast beef and turkey sandwiches from La Cucina - The Beef carpaccio
  3. You have to look under your booking / explore and plan/ then dining. When you click on the restaurant there is a menu there to download- this is only for specialty restaurants
  4. The new menus are all on NCL's site
  5. There is a place at YVR that is $130, they say results in 5 minutes. Hate paying so much knowing its $20 in Alberta and Ontario.
  6. The thing that concerns me, is the line above which still reads: "Mixed vaccination protocol will not be accepted (i.e. Pfizer + Moderna or AstraZeneca + Pfizer, etc)."
  7. This is the best news! I was just about to cancel my Bliss cruise in November with final payment due in a couple days
  8. Hopefully BC follows soon... Just over a week until my final payment date. Otherwise i may book a Carnival cruise, they are ok with Pfizer/Moderna mix
  9. I have the Pfizer/Moderna mix. I have an NCL cruise booked for November. Only 2 weeks left until final payment, hoping for a miracle- either BC allowing a 3rd dose or an announcement the US border will reopen Sept 21st so i can get a dose of J and J. I also have a deposit for an all inclusive in Cancun for the same dates as a backup-which seems the most likely outcome. My next cruise booking is in March, hopefully things are sorted by then
  10. MSC has just issued an update to their policies, mixed vaccines are not allowed.
  11. " If two doses of different mRNA COVID-19 vaccine products are administered in these situations (or inadvertently), no additional doses of either product are recommended at this time. Such persons are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 ≥2 weeks after receipt of the second dose of an mRNA vaccine." This is from from CDC's website. I had the Pfizer/Moderna mix
  12. I was just thinking today, that once the Canadian/US land border reopens, those of us with mixed vaccines could cross and get vaccinated with the one dose Johnson and Johnson. So long as its 2 weeks before the cruise. Am i missing any details, would this work for those of us close to the border?
  13. I was also one of the unlucky Canadians with mixed doses. At the end of June there were 1.1 million of us
  14. Yes, my last cruise in Nov '19 was on Meraviglia, and hopefully my next one this November. Never noticed the Valiant Lady for '23 was released, have it on hold now while i consider.
  15. I really thought this one was going to happen, and i had just booked a flight home from Barcelona. At least they will refund my deposit. I found a replacement cruise on MSC Meraviglia - Orlando to Barcelona in April
  16. Looks like even with the Premium Extra package, no champagne is available. Upgrading from my included easy package to easy plus is $16 /day is reasonable for what you get. $44 a day to premium extra is not worth it for me. Happy i upgraded to premium plus on my last cruise, i got my monies worth from that one.
  17. On Encore they've taken away Spice H2O and replaced it with the laser tag. Only 20% of the upper deck is "Free" to lounge. Forcing everyone to pay $210 for a Vibe pass to be able to find an outdoor place to sit
  18. I have the November 7th sailing booked from LA, im pretty concerned, Encore is a downgrade for warm weather cruises.
  19. During the day yes, but can be lively in the evenings
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