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  1. We have no cruises booked with any cruise lines. We have received all our deposits back from cruise lines (thanks to the credit card companies) and other tour companies (National Geographic). From the airlines, we received credits which we have now used and even received vouchers from the travel insurance companies for future use. So it seems like we came out of this fairly good.. At the moment we have no plans to book any cruises as the uncertainty is just too great, but we have been traveling to places that allow US citizens to go to. Luckily we haven't even had to quarantine. If
  2. I want to thank those people who suggested that we file a claim with our credit card company. Every time we spoke with Crystal, all we got was excuses and delays. Within three days of filing our dispute with Capital One, we received our money. Thank you.
  3. We just made a reservation in Key Largo to go snook fishing. This will be Ellie's first time fishing
  4. WOW. Beach Tunes, Thank you so much for your detailed suggestions. I truly appreciate it.
  5. Thank you both. Has anyone done a Crystal fishing trip excursions. Your thoughts? Alternatively, I am considering doing one before we leave on the cruise. Normally I prefer fishing in the back country rather than deep sea fishing and the bone fishing and snook fishing in the Florida Keys is a special treat.
  6. Ellie and I are on the holiday cruise in the Caribbean. We haven't been there in more than a dozen years. We were wondering if anyone had any can't miss places to go, see, or do there. Our ports include; Turks and Caicos St. Maarten Antigua St. Lucia Barbados Tortola Thank you.
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