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  1. LOL Canada basically has the same tipping standards as the US. Most restaurants now have tipping suggestions on the bill. 15 % is...., 18% is.... 20% is....., etc. The main difference though is that we have a minimum wage that applies to all jobs, in restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. Minimum wage here in Manitoba is $11.65/hr. Where I believe in most US cities restaurant staff are paid quite poorly, so they heavily rely on their tips.
  2. If you mean this is not the case in the US, that the tip is based on a % of the bill. In Canada it is the same. I just do not agree with that. I do not believe the server deserves a larger tip because I spent more on my meal.
  3. Agreed! A tip should not be related to the cost/amount of the bill. If i spend $100.00 for dinner or $50.00 for dinner has no relevance to the service I received. I don't believe you are entitled to a larger tip because I chose to spend more on my food.
  4. Exactly! How much I do or do not tip is no one else's business. Tipping is most often a choice and seldom mandatory.
  5. We generally avoid the elegant nights. When on holidays we enjoy dressing casual and comfortable and not having to get all dressed up. But I love that the option is there for those who enjoy it!
  6. If it speeds up check in then I am all for it!
  7. I have not sailed on any of those ships, but.... Love sailing out of Tampa and like those ports Have sailed out of FL, but I don't like those ports I also like the NOLA ports. So for me Magic would be out.
  8. We have vaccinated ourselves with Twinrix to prevent Hepatitis A & B.
  9. I am all for giving kids some freedom while on vacation with limits and rules in place. It is the kids that have free run of the ship, cause chaos on the stairs and elevators and simply piss off other passengers with their poor behavior.
  10. I am just wondering why you were given 4 bracelets if there were only two guests listed in the room?? Not your fault, but I am just curious. As a cruiser who is looking forward to my upcoming cruise in the Havana area, I sure don't want people who did not pay the premium price to be allowed in the area(prior to 7pm). Not trying to sound snobby, but we decided to pay the extra to avoid the crowded lido deck pools and hot tubs and to be able to enjoy the Havana area where it is way less crowded.
  11. We have sailed out of Long beach - loved it! Galveston - hated the travel from Houston to Galveston Tampa - loved it! Fort Lauderdale - Loved it! Port Canaveral - Don't like the travel from Orlando New York - loved it, but hated that when we sailed it was December and took a whole day to get to warmer weather. Southampton - Loved that we were in a different area of the world and taking the train was kind of exciting from London.
  12. This is one of the main reasons why we opted for the more expensive Havana area on our Mexican Riviera cruise in March....too many kids in the hot tubs....yuck!!
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