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  1. I wish Carnival was, but apparently they are not offering what other lines are.
  2. With the announcement that the land border is opening in November, and possibly the US changing its thinking on AZ and mixed vaccines, my husband will wait before he goes to get a third shot. It has been reported that the US might accept any WHO approved vaccines. Hopefully this is the decision that is made 🤞
  3. Thanks, just requested both mine and my husbands. Fingers crossed the US will accept the AZ vacc with the new announcement that the land border is opening.
  4. Is this what you see online when you access your vaccination records? Or is this a print out?
  5. Yes, I believe Manitoba is offering third doses. My husband is not thrilled about having to get another one, but will so he can travel if the US does not allow AZ vaccinated people into the US. I am just hoping that they wisen up and allow those who have the AZ vacc to enter.
  6. We are flying out of LAX and they do offer it. We should have enough time as we disembark Saturday and fly out Sunday.
  7. Hoping by next March they will be, as we will likely still need it to return to Canada.
  8. Just curious if anyone knows if Carnival is offering PCR testing onboard their ships for non US citizens who will require them to fly back home? I know some other cruise lines are. Thanks!
  9. I know, the prices here are crazy!
  10. The tests you had done at your local Shoppers, were they PCR tests? What was the cost to you to get the tests and results? I do know that PCR tests cannot be completed in Manitoba, only, Ontario, Alberta and BC. Which is really messing up our Hawaii trip in December. We are likely going to have to cancel that one. 😞
  11. Well, my husband has the the fully mixed vaccine, astrazenica and then Moderna, so right now we are SOL. But if the US finally does recognize him as being fully vaccinated, then our next concern is being able to get the testing done in time.
  12. Have any of you cruised since cruises started up again? We have a cruise booked for March 2022 out of Long Beach. Hoping third time is a charm. I am just concerned about testing required to enter the US and/or board the ship. Any insights or experiences you can provide would be much appreciated!
  13. Just curious if any Canadians have sailed since cruises have started back up again. We are booked in March on the Panorama, but are worried there may be hurdles in the way. Just hoping any fellow Canadians may have cruised and have some insight. We don't want to have to cancel yet again!
  14. That trip would be considered non essential travel and even if you were allowed to cross a 14 day quarantine would be required at a 'reported' location. https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/isolation#how-to-quarantine
  15. I like your thinking. We are the same. To us Carnival gives us the best bang for our buck!
  16. Being from Canada and the border being closed, we are hoping to travel December 2021 to Kona for 10 days(rebooked from December 2020) and then March 2021(rebooked twice from 2019 and 2020) board the Panorama?? In the meantime we will spend all of our free time at our cottage at the lake.
  17. Our next scheduled cruise is March of 2022. Original cruise was booked for March 2020 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Rebooked for March 2021 and now 2022. Celebrating two years late, but still going to be a celebration!! 🤞
  18. We made the same decision. First cruise was booked for March 2020 and then rebooked the same cruise for March 2021. Decided to cancel outright and get our money back. Then with the new promo for the Cheers package we rebooked the same cruise for March 2022. Lost the $600 OBO but gained the Cheers package and the cruise was about $300 cheaper. Just hoping by March 2022, cruises will be sailing safely.🤞
  19. Good luck! I hope it all works out for you. We just decided we wanted our money refunded and will book a cruise sometime in the future when all is safe again. Also, I am very limited to travel dates as I am a teacher so it was just the best decision for us. It was tough to give up that $600.00 OBC 😬
  20. We cancelled our March 28, 2021 cruise on Panorama just last week just a few days prior to final payment date. We were refunded the full amount no cancellation fee charged against us.
  21. Nothing on NCL website as of yet to indicate this to be true.
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