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  1. I believe it’s a 50$ cancellation and just tell the agent to move the child in with the aunt. Of course the room that has three will now have two so hopefully there won’t be a huge price difference since there are less people in the first room. Do you think they would want a cabin for 4 if available? It will work out don’t get frustrated.
  2. Loving your review first of all!!! The young man with the Carnival name tag I must have missed that you know him because I kept saying man this guy really likes this family lol . With the pizza delivery is that considered a pan pizza is there more than one type of crust?
  3. Since the cabin is paid off have the step daughter be a no show then once on the ship move the uncle to the cabin where your 16 yr old would be and put your 16yr in the cabin with you. That gives the uncle his own room
  4. I was looking at sailing out of Fort Lauderdale in December. Good super saver rates but was concerned that the room might not be in a good location. Have you ever received the best room you ever had in that catergory or a room you were not expecting?
  5. This may have been said but haven’t read the entire post don’t over pack didn’t wear 1/3 of the stuff I took with me.
  6. This happened to us we paid a good amount on my aunt and uncles crusie but he had to have surgery so we canceled before final payment and was refunded everything except for deposit it was early saver.
  7. We are leaving from Charleston for the first time since the Sunshine will be there December 14, 2019. It is only a 4 hours drive for us nice break before Christmas!!
  8. My vote is for the Victory. Sailed the year when they refurbished the staterooms love the blue. Size is nice food was good in the dining room. I have been on the paradise class ships but so far Victory size is my favorite.
  9. At least the itinerary for the week before Christmas is to places I haven’t been. Grand Turk amber cove and San Juan.
  10. Yes I always book early saver.
  11. Wow not many ocean views. This is going to be neat
  12. I wonder how likely will it be to book the current promotion at 50pp deposit or am I reaching?
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