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  1. I can’t wait for the late comers to muster still with their drinks in their hand. Looking at us like we were only playing red rover. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  2. Didn’t go back and read all the post but did someone say fish and chips?
  3. Yeah it is in a strange location my dh wouldn’t care as long as they have one. Everyone is wanting to see a glimpse of the interior
  4. Hopefully Mardi Gras December 12/2020. If not I’ll rebook for July 17/2021
  5. Yeap she said they did they had single serve butter but not salt and pepper. I would think now they would have some but it would have to be in plastic silverware.
  6. I miss a dessert they had called bitter and blanc it was so good.
  7. My daughter was on the last sunshine sailing before the shut down they had hand sanitizer stations everywhere servers were at the buffet and there were single serving of condiments in the dining room and if you needed salt and pepper the servers did it for you. There were also people serving the ice cream. That’s all I could remember she said.
  8. Not yet I will see how everything goes late fall before I do. I am ready to get back cruising but if I can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing so I will reschedule for next summer.
  9. I hope they are sailing by then i would love to be on a ship by July 2021
  10. Already posted but I can add no fantasy class ships to small for me now.
  11. Sounds good!! Now on to port plans
  12. I plan activities for port stops. Some I play by ear Nassau I go with the flow walk around nothing special or the last time we went we got the 30$ hop on hop off bus that was fun. Cozumel nachi Cocom.
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