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  1. Just do you know, what you get quoted will change depending on who you speak to many times. Ive called and been given one story and called the next day and someone else took hundreds of dollars off the quote. the one big problem with CAS is their “admin fees”. On Royal Caribbean you really just pay taxes and port fees. You can cruise in an inside cabin for $150. On NCL the casino charges booking fees of a couple hundred bucks minimum.
  2. This is why when people keep saying “have you booked a cruise” I say “nope”. Until the cruise line guarantees if one person tests positive I don’t have to sit in my room, I’ll take the land vacations I guess. If vaccinated, everyone else should be able to,go about their day.
  3. Oh please. It’s one of the best shows at sea. I dont understand how anyone can sit through burn the floor and yet someone thinks something like Priscilla is “bad”.
  4. Bermudas season ends the same week they are redeploying there...odd.
  5. Ok by me. Friends and I are looking to travel and Florida is the only state not pn the list I can’t see rewarding them with any tourist money right now. Bars and clubs continuously posting videos of hundreds of massless people dancing and packed in...all set.
  6. They’ve mostly all been flagged outside of the US to avoid our tax laws for decades...why should this be any different...
  7. Once you get that taken care of please also delete your account here....cause you won’t be cruising ever.on any line.
  8. I’m scheduled on an RCCL one that hasn’t been cancelled yet, but even if it goes,8 probably won’t. It was a casino comp so I’ll eat the $133.
  9. I’m sure it’s been posted somewhere else in CC world but I didn’t see it on the NCL board https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/future-of-cruising-coronavirus/index.html
  10. thanks! Youve added a lot to this conversation! Go back under your bridge.
  11. Afte ri sold last time it went to ten after the bankruptcy talk and I decided to stay out...whoops. Also sold my RCL at 48 two weeks ago and it’s at 73 today.
  12. I sold at $48.50. Third time I’ve sold since mid March $1000 profit each time. Happy to let the roller coaster continue...
  13. I know people view the crew S desperate for the money in many cases, but how many of them will decide not to re-up after this too? Especially not being paid for months while sitting on the ships.
  14. Sold all 3 major stocks yesterday and will buy back in when it hopefully tanks again...
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