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  1. No it is not open 24 hours. The crew have the use of the fitness centre in the evening from, I think, 8.00 p.m..
  2. Why the dress code would be relaxed because of Covid is beyond me. Jeans are jeans no matter what the cost or how you dress them up. Does Covid make it easier to pack jeans than a pair of smart chinos? Hopefully Covid will be behind us before too long and the dress code will return to normal. 😁
  3. Your final sentence said it all. If fun and escapism is what you want then perhaps Viking is not for you. I think the Viking crew are amazing and much better than more upscale cruise lines. The cruise director on Venus was full of her own importance when we sailed in May/June. I would avoid sailing with her again unless the itinerary was ideal for me. That said, Viking is the cruise line for me and I can’t wait to get back on board again.
  4. When you board visit the Restaurant Desk next to Passenger Services. If you tell the crew member what you simply can not eat then the chefs will do all they can to alter any troublesome dish(es) for you. If you have notified Viking of any specific allergies the dishes will be altered automatically for you at the Chef’s Table.
  5. The USA is currently on the UK’s Amber List. This means that US residents, who are fully vaccinated, must have a Covid test before flying to the UK and a Day 2 test after their arrival. They do not need to quarantine. The following is copied from the UK Government website: Entry to USA It is not possible for most British nationals to enter the USA if they have been in the UK, Ireland, Schengen zone, Iran, Brazil, China, South Africa or India within the previous 14 days.
  6. Thank you for pointing this out to me and others. I will end my input to the discussion.
  7. The USA currently refuses entry to UK and EU citizens and, my point stands, that this matter needs to be resolved. From an economic point of view it is not something that should go on for any longer than necessary. The USA has carried out its own studies on the AZ vaccine and this should allow them to make a decision on its validity. I don’t believe in tit-for-tat but why should US residents be allowed to travel in the UK and the EU with no reciprocity on offer?
  8. I am not concerned about whether or not the AZ vaccine is used or not in the USA. My point is that millions of people in Europe and around the world have received the vaccine and they are not permitted to travel to the USA. How will this be overcome and when?
  9. I would hope that any decision to allow travel from one country to another is based on scientific data and not simply a political move. Here in the UK Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have been used but until the USA approves the AZ vaccine it is unlikely that UK residents will be able to enter the States. In the meantime there seems to be no problem with Americans coming to the UK. I know President Biden has other things to worry about at the moment but surely the CDC and FDA need to approve AZ without delay.
  10. Having sailed on Viking Venus in May I truly believe Viking are trying to get things right. However what they do need is the support of passengers. UK passengers are not perfect but I suspect they are far more compliant than Americans. Whatever your nationality do the right thing and safeguard the crew and fellow passengers.
  11. Lol Don’t get me started on baseball caps being worn in the dining room.
  12. Cruise lines each have their own dress policy. If wearing jeans or attending a formal evening is important to you then choose an appropriate cruise line. I would suggest that the majority of passengers who cruise with Viking are happy with the no jeans evening policy in their restaurants. I, for one, would have to think again if jeans were acceptable in the evening. I consider jeans as workwear no matter how much you pay for them or tag them with the ‘dress jeans’ label. As for the ‘dang well right’ comment - I am both scornful and laughing at the same time. Keep up the good work Viking. We love your ships, your crew, your standards - and the majority of your passengers.
  13. Were these people challenged by fellow passengers and Viking crew?
  14. Viking do have a policy on the wearing of masks. However that policy could change between booking a cruise and boarding the ship. What Viking should not be doing is allowing passengers to flaunt the current policy once on board.
  15. What happens in your state and country is the responsibility of your law enforcement officers and politicians. It is disappointing if you have not received the support you need.
  16. It’s not easy but we all have a part to play. It can’t solely be left to cabin or ship crew. If we’re not willing to speak up then perhaps we should stay at home.
  17. Airlines need to enforce the rules on wearing masks and fellow passengers need to call out the offenders. On our UK cruise in late May, passengers did wear masks as directed by Viking and, if you got up from a dining table without wearing a mask, the waiters would gently remind you to put on your mask. They even had a supply of spare masks on their person. It’s up to us all to call out the selfish individuals ensuring that we are all able to cruise as safely as possible.
  18. We sailed on the Venus on 29 May. I wore a jacket 2 or 3 times but that was personal choice and not necessary. I would say about 15% of men wore a jacket. Nearly everyone looked smart in the evening.
  19. I agree. I am in Scotland and cold water lobster are the best. They are bigger, have more meat on them and they are slightly sweeter. That said, I don’t understand the fascination with lobster.
  20. Here in the UK, as in the USA, we are all very fortunate to have adequate supplies of the vaccine. We board the Viking Venus later this week for a UK cruise. However, I am sure many Viking crew members from poorer parts of the world will have suffered greatly from the pandemic. Some may have died and many will have lost family members. A booster is being talked about and yet many countries are struggling to get supplies for a first dose. The USA has not yet approved the AstraZeneca vaccine and yet it is stockpiling millions of doses. Forgive my rant. Going on a cruise is a privilege especially as the world is still in the middle of the pandemic.
  21. I am in Scotland and had no proof of my full vaccination status. I contacted my GP and the kind staff E-mailed me a copy of my medical record showing all the vaccinations I’ve ever had.
  22. We don’t have the NHS app in Scotland and Patient Access only allows us to make appointments and obtain repeat prescriptions. There is no link to our medical records. The vaccination record will be held by our GP. I was hoping that Viking would confirm whether evidence is definitely required or not before I tackled our GP practice.
  23. We are on the 29 May sailing. I have had both injections but have no proof of vaccination. I spoke to Viking last week and they assured me that boarding would not be denied. I suspect that we will have to sign a health survey form until there is a recognised vaccine passport for all four nations of the UK.
  24. Yes it was me. I get my second vaccination on 4 May but once again will have no evidence to show Viking. Friends phoned the cruise line and they said they are still determining what evidence of vaccination, if any, will be required. With only a month to go I doubt if the UK or Scottish governments will come up with a working Covid travel passport . Viking I’m sure will take everything into consideration.
  25. We were on the Sky in March 2020 when COVID struck. We will be on the Venus on 29 May and I am hoping that we will find that a few of the Sky crew have moved to the new ship.
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