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  1. The vaccine roll out is interesting. The groups eligible seem large in terms of how many are in each group. The over 70s are in 1b along with many people working in high risk areas. likewise with 1a. The website for booking has had its own issues, inaccurate details omitting some practices and adding others who are not part of the roll out. Our long term GP practice with multiple doctors has told us they were not taking part, to look elsewhere and have issued a medical summary. Some people are not computer literate and will need help to access bookings. Some
  2. Good. Lets hope things ramp up as soon as possible.
  3. Read today that some GPs were saying they had asked for 200 doses but were only going to get 50 doses a week. Seems strange if true. I know when annual Flu allocations occur distribution is an issue, some get more than others. Think the states are responsible for that roll out.
  4. Yes well documented. However it is a lovely way to travel when things go as to plan. Looking at the Murray cruise again at present. Someone mentioned a small boat cruise from Echuca, again priced to reflect the small number of people and cabins. Good to have options. Another issue is the fact that small boats with steep steps may be difficult to impossible for some people who may otherwise enjoy cruising which is a shame.
  5. Sounds interesting have done several river cruises. Will have a look. Re the lower level cabins, some like them especially on trips in winter with short days. River levels can be an issue high/low but ok as long as you are prepared for the possible changes or cancelled trips.
  6. Can understand the frustration about borders but doubt the minister for health and aged care will have any individual decision making power to change anything. Who knows given the current political scandals, there may be an early election and new rules? The vaccine roll out will need to ramp up. The photo ops are tiresome, especially if every plane or vehicle carrying vaccines or fridges is going to be photographed. Prefer to get our GP to give it but he said they have had no info about when or how it will be rolled out to them. Meanwhile we will holiday at home.
  7. Really hope Melbourne will be able to open soon. We recently had a short trip to Tasmania and luckily did not need to transit via Melbourne with direct flights. We had to get entry permits for Hobart and more to return home. Flights were packed in both directions and masks were required. It was beautiful to cruise on the Gordon river again the scenery in all of Tasmania is wonderful as is the food. Nice to have some normality. We spoke with a group who were going on a 10 day cruise in Tasmania on a small ship, all had to have Covid tests prior. Some had trav
  8. Think heard the health minister Hunt say today the date of October for all who want the vaccine to be completed has been revised to longer. Of course with new info from clinical trials globally that could change again and again. Break through Covid infections are possible after the vaccines, just as it happens following influenza vaccines. Eventually this will end no one knows when.
  9. I suppose we will know more about the vaccine roll out and effectiveness by this time next year? By then we may have different mutations of Covid19 and more proven vaccines on offer. No doubt this is a huge business opportunity for the drug companies and hopefully positive outcomes for the global population.
  10. Would have no problem having the vaccine from any health care person including a vet. Some doctors are reporting difficulties with accessing the mandatory on line training at present, hopefully it gets sorted out. Multi dose vials are less common these days because of potential cross infection or wastage. its like using a fountain pen to draw up ink.
  11. Given that viruses mutate we can only hope the recipe for want of a better word will need to change to suit? Goodness only knows when immunizations will be completed let alone begin so it will be along time before vaccines will be evaluated. Some trials have had only limited numbers. Only time will tell buts its the only option at present.
  12. It was good to see Tasmania having not been there for some time. Flights each way were packed. The Hobart area and its harbour and many boats of all kinds was a joy to see. The people we spoke with who were going on the cruise were very pleased to be travelling again albeit with enhanced safety measures. Some had travelled from WA. We did the cruise on the Gordon river with lunch, the weather was perfect. The Bruny island cruise is another good one probably others too. Others we met especially people who have enjoyed cruising lament the current situation bu
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