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  1. On some cruises the concert in Vienna is an optional paid excursion. Ask the cruise director if a ride on the bus to the concert can be done without attending the concert. Basically you are free to do as you please time permitting. Public transport is easy in Vienna so you could do that or use a taxi into town to/from the ship. If you can organise extra days pre/post in Vienna it is a wonderful city beautiful gardens, markets and a trip into the hills scenic and worthwhile.
  2. Wonderful review and pictures. Great weather too, enjoying travelling with your report.
  3. We have a attended a couple in Vienna with AMA/APT in the Liechtenstein city palace, beautiful building. On both occasions it was Nov/Dec so cool weather. People wore jackets/coats but these were handed into the cloakroom prior to the concert. Before the performance we were given drinks in another room. Yes you can dress up or not as others have said. Other venues may be used and have heard it can be hot and crowded so dress for comfort. Enjoy your trip we love vienna.
  4. We also always make sure we have travel insurance. Unfortunately the cost rises with age but essential to have it. This case has highlighted that even a little alcohol may mean a fall/injury and claim would not be covered? More info and research may be required to clarify. The product these people purchased is often sold by travel agents in Australia and is comprehensive and not cheap. Worthless it seems in this case.
  5. Very unfortunate. We also have done many river cruises some with included alcohol, some pay as you go and our experience differed to yours, thankfully. Each to their own. 6 glasses of wine at dinner? Hope it was a good vintage!
  6. Its not clear about the level of intoxication and it could be if an injury occurs a zero blood alcohol level is mandatory to have a claim accepted? Prescription medication may have also contributed we will never know. We have seen people have falls on river cruises but they may have not been alcohol related. Agree people need to be responsible about their consumption and potential accidents. The staff can and do not serve people visibly inebriated in public areas but some may have access to their own supplies.
  7. It was reported his wife was told by the insurance company the claim would be valid, but following toxicology results the claim would be refused. Difficult position for anyone to find themselves who thought insurance would cover them. Fortunately he received excellent care in Austria and they were well supported by the cruise line off ship by all reports. https://www.newsweek.com/cruise-ship-seven-seas-explorer-woman-dies-marguerite-hayward-1447514 Another case was reported a few days ago involving an elderly couple off loaded from a cruise ship, albeit unclear if insurance covered their medical treatment on the ship and repatriation.
  8. https://www.*****.com/f/ujf89k-bring-grandpa-home More info here.
  9. Yes. From what is reported elsewhere this couple are in their late 70s and hard working well respected in their local community. It was their 1st overseas trip apart from a short NZ cruise. They did the right thing in terms of getting a premium travel insurance product, not cheap for older people. Nevertheless the fine print does state if drug or alcohol is involved the insurance is not valid. Unclear what level of alcohol would negate the claim. Very sad for them. So far $40000 raised on go fund me but the costs are rising. Warning for others perhaps?
  10. https://www.9news.com.au/national/australia-when-should-you-buy-travel-insurance-europe-nsw-news/f975cf93-a0d1-48d1-95c3-415f2c15bc18?ocid=Social-9News Very sad story for a couple from Australia with top travel insurance but claim for in excess of $40000 and climbing declined. He had an unwitnessed fall on the ship sustained multiple injuries. In hospital in Austria for a month. Excellent support from the cruise company but insurance will not pay because blood results suggest he was drinking alcohol with dinner. His son has set up a go fund me page.
  11. https://www.vikingrivercruises.com.au/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html Interesting thread. On Vikings website it states a cargo ship damaged the lock? Hope the cruise interruptions are resolved soon for all parties.
  12. Thank you for your detailed review and good to read it was a mainly positive experience. It is wonderful that we have so many choices with travel and cruising. We have been fortunate to cruise with Oceania and enjoyed the experience. We thought the food, service and staff to be very good. Agree about the land travel too but that can be part of the trip, with pre/post stays. We do not like being herded so we enjoy independent travel at our own pace, but sometimes its nice to just relax and allow others to cater to our needs. We thought Oceania did that well. Thanks again.
  13. In Australia that piece of clothing is known as a singlet/vest. Dark blue ones are popular with shearers and truck drivers. Definitely not appropriate for dining in a restaurant, perhaps ok if dining alone at home? Very hot weather in Europe at present hope all are comfortably dressed and well hydrated.
  14. Curious when do you travel? Agree speak to your travel agent for an explanation.
  15. Love train travel in Europe and agree about being practical and realistic with packing and transport. Not sure if this is others opinion but when in Europe especially in cooler weather many of the locals and some visitors dress quite elegantly? Perhaps its the climate as well as culture but we enjoy window shopping too and looking at the wonderful clothing displays. Mind you some of the prices are eye watering but still a joy to look at. We have seen all manner of dress on board and to each there own. Some seem to find the interior areas too warm and we have seen shorts/t shirts in all seasons in the dining areas. The promotional material for cruises often shows cliental that are far from the actual people on board but that's advertising. Nevertheless enjoy cruising.
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