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  1. One of the issues at the Adelaide oval was reported to be public transport and queuing that compromised social distancing. Difficult situation. All want things to return to pre covid for many reasons.
  2. Agree about the noncompliant people putting everyone at risk. Other people are being burdened by all the chaos and making sacrifices. Annoying to hear about people who are meant to be in isolation but are in fact not. Same with mandatory testing some are not showing up. Police have to remind them. They test positive and we hear they have lived with family members working in agedcare, resulting in 2 places having to shut down. Same with schools. Why do some think the rules do not apply to them? Fines may be applied but may never be paid?
  3. Not looking very promising at present. Reading about 2 cruises with covid. 1 was an artic cruise, the other was in the pacific, a Ponant i think. Frustrating reading about imported cases here too. Some from Victoria. A few have self isolated at home with 7 family members, police had to go and remind 1to get tested, positive and some of the family, quarantined. Another went to 2 schools, both had to be closed. The qld case direct flight Kabaul to Sydney then to qld. Apparently exempt from isolation. Positive, some doubt he was a consular employee as stated. Meanwhile Melbourne is locked down with restrictions. 2 planes expected from India into Adelaide. Hopefully they are all checked and protocol followed. Large crowd at the football tonight reported. When will this ever end? ,
  4. grim story and conditions by the sounds of that report for the crew.
  5. Spoke with someone who went to the footy on monday night and wore a mask. She said it was a very cold night but the mask seemed to make her hot and uncomfortable. Her son had a mask with a valve that let the hot air/breath out and it was more comfortable. God knows. Also read that the masks with the valves are not ideal as covid can escape thru the valve? Health minister said on radio they were checking the waste treatment works for evidence of covid community transmission. It must be excreted via feaces or urine? Mind boggling how that sort of potential transmission person to person will be managed. Masks will not be the whole story. Gloves. Hand washing. Take extra care using public toilets.
  6. Grim if no cruising for years. Reading about the spanish flu pandemic, it ended after think a couple of years? Unclear how it ended opinions differ. People will still want to travel and cruising, unpack once was attractive. surely something will be resolved? Cannot live without risk. Dreadful reading and hearing daily about the poor souls in so called lockdown in aged care. Still getting infected and dying. Isolated some are not eating and cannot understand and feel abandoned. Do hope we all hear better news soon. The daily lectures from authorities about how to behave are tiresome. Annoying when many of us are doing our best and we read of blunders that should not happen by others. Take care
  7. Sorry to hear about the cancelled cruise. Many are having the same difficulties even with short bus or train trips booked last year. Main issue is the locked borders of states and the possibility of who will be next. Just reading about CMV cruise line in administration, potentially thousands of customers and staff. Will look at the ordering on line masks. Have worn the surgical ones often a poor fit and an odd smell, plus not meant for more than a few hours. Happy mixed cloth ones look ok. we will all have to do what we can. Take care all.
  8. Heard there was a crowd of 18000 at the Adelaide oval tonight, hope no covid transmission. Also there will be a 2 week trial of random people being tested at pharmacy shops, selected by the staff if the customer reports covid symptoms. Not sure what happens if a positive case is found, customers and staff potentially exposed and shop closed for deep cleaning? They are not going to disclose the shops so no one will know if a particular place is one of the testing places. A sampling exercise. Tried to buy some masks wit no luck. May have to use whatever we can find. Strange world we live in at present with constant changes. Take care.
  9. https://www.cruisediary.de/mit-der-a-rosa-alva-auf-dem-douro/ Reading the river cruise forum this was being discussed. Beautiful pictures of the douro area and cruise experience. Think this was the 3rd cruise only 31 people but its a start. Lots of details. Unfortunately we cannot leave to get to the cruise just yet. Thought it might be of interest.
  10. Around March when the Australian govt announced major restrictions, 6 months was the duration given. That time frame now looks unrealistic? No one was permitted to leave the country, with some exemptions. Other countries have not made that decision? Thousands have since flooded back in and more expected, albeit in smaller batches. This state of no travel out of the country looks to be permanent now until a vaccine? This means many are locked in and will never have the opportunity to leave, if the vaccine takes years. Future cruise credits will be useless. People will be compelled to limit their spending in this country. With all the border restrictions and sudden changes, planning holidays is difficult. Trapped in a hot zone would be challenging and no one would want to live with uncertainty forever. Can anyone see any end to this?
  11. Sunny day. pruned the roses and divided iris had too many to replant so gave them to others to plant. Remembering happy times in normandy viewing the lovely thatched cottages with iris on top, apparently they assist with keeping the thatch dry. Pretty place in spring, cooler in autumn. visited a cognac place and ate beautiful apple tart, Thinking about masks. Hard to get early in the pandemic. Looked at making some but not skilled with sewing. probably end up buying some or making do somehow. Reading about a woman fined for feeding her horse in victoria, now rescinded thank goodness.
  12. Agree that would be totally unacceptable. https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/apt Many complaints here. We have travelled with APT and their product is good when its good, a lot depends on the cruise director and other issues. Subpar so called premium trip to NZ. Coach was 3 groups blended so it was crowded. Some hotels did not have aircon in all rooms, it was hot in the north. Competitor coach company often reached the hotel first and got the better rooms. One hotel had dirty cups in the room from previous occupants and room was generally not clean. The scenery was lovely and others on the trip were good company. Apart from a couple of sisters who insisted daily on the front seats, and had loud verbal fights with the driver who ruled everything, including the pretty coach director. We were compensated a bit. Info about new offerings. https://www.travelweekly.com.au/article/wholesaler-wrap-apts-new-way-to-experience-oz-g-adventures-launches-physically-distanced-trips-more/ There are some class actions but they take a long time. ACCC advice? Expert advice? Media? Good luck with it all.
  13. Spoke with a couple we know who have booked a couple of local trips. 1 to kangaroo island taking their car, and a 3 day cruise on Murray Princess. They survived the last cruise on the ruby princess. Got to make the best of life. This latest escalation in covid cases may delay a return to overseas travel in the foreseeable future.
  14. yes we will try and have enough available in case of no notice involuntary detention. strange times.
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