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  1. I am now at Day 107 since I put in a claim for airfares home when Princess cancelled my cruise halfway through. Because it is a reimbursement of flights I have actually taken, I cannot put in a credit card dispute. Quick to assure us they would pay the cost of new flights home, but very slow to actually pay up.
  2. Next cruise - with a company other than Princess. After 90 days fed up with their false promises and platitudes.
  3. I put in my claim on 27 February for reimbursement of flights home from Singapore to Brisbane when our cruise on Sapphire Princess was cancelled halfway through. I have rung the call centre a couple of times now and finally found out last week after being given the run around that it was still "in the pile to be looked at". This is extremely poor from Princess to not even have started processing it when next week will be the 90 day mark. It is even more disappointing when you find out that other people on the same cruise living in the US and UK have had their claims paid. Platitudes o
  4. Well down here in Australia I am waiting for a reimbursement from the end of February. Princess cancels our cruise halfway through and gives us a letter saying that they will refund the cost of new flights home. Sure they will - they just didn't say when! I rang last week and was told they haven't even started looking at my claim yet. They said they will "pick it out of the pile" and start on it. In other words they'll pretend to do something about it. I am a long time Princess cruiser but this is really turning me off ever cruising with them again.
  5. Are you for real? It is not their money. The service hasn't been provided so they have no right to treat it as their money. Do you work for one of the cruise lines by any chance?
  6. I'm pleased for you klfrodo that you feel that way but some of us, who I add have been waiting from February, are starting to get annoyed at the lack of communication and transparency over the refund process. They say they are doing them in the order received but I call b...***** on this as I know others on later cruises have received their money. If they haven't processed all of February's yet, god help those on March, April and later date cruises. I am seriously starting to wonder if I will ever get my money!
  7. I rang again today about my insurance reimbursement and it looks like Princess Australia haven't even started looking at February claims yet. Not good enough when others on the same cruise have been paid out. After insisting on getting an answer as to when it was likely to happen, they put me on hold and came back awhile later saying "they will pick it out of the pile and look at it today". In other words, since you won't be fobbed off, we better pretend to do something about it.
  8. We had our Sapphire Princess cruise cancelled mid-February halfway through and had to book new flights home. A letter we received from Princess stated they would reimburse passengers for the extra costs in changing/re-booking flights to get home. We put in our insurance claim on 27 February and emailed it off to Princess Australia (as we were required to do) and received acknowledgement of it. I rang Princess at the beginning of May to see how it was progressing and couldn't get a straight answer from them. I have read they are doing things in the order received so would have expected t
  9. My claim is direct with Princess for new flights I had to book home when they cancelled my cruise half-way through. They promised reimbursement in a letter I received on board the last day. As the flights home were taken we cannot contact the credit card company for refund as the service was provided.
  10. I was on the 21 night Sapphire Princess cruise which left Singapore on 2 February but was cut short on 13 February. We all received a letter saying we would be reimbursed for changed flight costs home. It is now over 2 1/2 months (late February) since I have submitted my claim and I am yet to hear anything about the progress of this. I have called Princess twice and just get the run around as to what is happening. I realise they have a lot on their plate but this was the first cruise cancelled out of Singapore and relatively early in the run of cancellations that have since followed.
  11. Our cruise also ended on 13th Feb (Sapphire Princess). We are in Australia and received our cheque for refundable OBC mid March. Seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to what order they do things in.
  12. I have just finished watching Season 6 of The Cruise on You Tube. There are 6 episodes about the Majestic Princess on her first visit to Australia and NZ. There are 5 previous seasons based on Princess ships to varying destinations.
  13. I got off Sapphire Princess on 13 February and received a cheque for my refund of OBC mid March so roughly about 4 weeks. I also put in a claim for amended airfares home on 27 February and have not heard anything about that. They say they are doing them in date order but some people on our cruise who put their claim in on 13 March have had it approved. Realise they have lots of refunds to do but February cruises would be close to the beginning of the queue so had expected something by now.
  14. Bupa in QLD is not alllowing visitors either. And when they do start again I have to get a flu injection or I cannot see my own mother.
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