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  1. We were booked for PRIMA 2025 leaving from NYC.  We just received an email saying due to redeployment of the various ships this cruise is CANCELLED - so disappointed.  We were told we would get our deposit back in full from that cruise and get a 10 per cent discount on our next NCL cruise due to their cancellation.  SO - we booked PRIMA out of NYC this December 2023 - we had to make full payment since cruise was so soon.  We asked for the 10 per cent discount promised - we were told that the FCC cannot be issued till later.  SO we paid in full and I hope that when we get the FCC we will get a refund!!!  We were told 10 percent discount on ANY cruise before December 2025 - so I just hope they make good and return the 10 per cent they promised.  They said the software would NOT issue FCC till later.  Yet we had to pay in full - has this ever happened to anyone else? It would not be fair to make us wait to use FCC on yet another cruise as we were promised 10 per cent off ANY cruise before December 2025. 

  2. We are booked for  March 2024 Panama Canal cruise on Beyond.  We sailed Beyond previously and had a wonderful experience and very much looking forward to this cruise.  I saw that Royal Caribbean cancelled Panama Canal cruises in February - supposedly because water levels are low and many ships are waiting to go through the canal.  I am NOT trying to start a rumor - just hoping that our Panama Canal cruise in March is still a GO!   It would be disappointing to not go through the canal, however, I would hope Celebrity would not totally cancel the cruise; instead add another island or 2 to visit.  Just crossing fingers that water levels get better till March.  I guess only time will tell.

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  3. We are currently booked on an infinite veranda Aqua Class - if we bid up - can we bid on SEVERAL categories - can we bid up on a sky suite; and aqua sky suite and a celebrity suite?  Or can you only bid on one category - hoping bidding on several could give one a better chance?

  4. I thank you for your speedy response - good to know - by the way we paid 43.99 - saw it online on cruise planner before we got the email announcement.  Also, to show how prices have increased - we had a cruise during pandemic that was cancelled - we had reservations for the BEACH CLUB and only paid $75.  I still think if you are paying big bucks for a suite - Beach Club should be included as there once was a special beach on Labadee with steaks on the menu (no Lobster) but no extra charge if booked in a suite.  But, as long as we pay  - they will keep these things up.  Recent cruisers will laugh - but many years ago when we started cruising there was NO SUCH ANIMAL as a specialty restaurant - ha - 

    Still a cruise lover here - despite the changes over the years  - still my favorite vacation!

  5. Royal Caribbean still has artist renderings of all the varied cabins and suites on the ICON of the Seas on their website.  Hoping that SOON they will release actual pics - to see the reality of the cabins.  We have appreciated the real pics (not renderings) of some of the public places that have been posted here on CC.  Sales are good - so I guess no real hurry for the actual cabin pics - but really look forward to seeing them eventually!

  6. We recently stayed at Intercontinental hotels in San Diego and Ft. Lauderdale.  We were pleased with the cleanliness and service at both.  Since we are now IHG members, we would like to book the Intercontinental in Miami for a future cruise.  What category room should we select for the best view of the ships in port?  Ocean or Bay View - we will be on ICON so hoping she will be easy to see - as larger than many.  If anyone has pics from their window that has a good view of the ships - share pic and/or room number please.  I thank anyone who is kind enough to reply.  Smooth sailing to all!!!

  7. IF I am correct I think the coupons were good only in the evening in the past - is it true that your free drink coupons can be spread out all day; not just before, during, and after dinner?  Thanks for your answer - appreciate it


    We have not sailed Royal for some time - been on Celebrity - and just wanted to clarify.

  8. Booked Beach Club during Pandemic on Oasis for $75 - we are now booked on ICON for August 2024 - cost is $302 ON SALE!!!  per person. I can't decide if we want to spend that much for the Beach Club.  Maybe price will come down.   We are paying high prices for booking a suite, wish this were included in suite fare.  In Labadee with suite we had a private beach and different buffet with steak, etc.  As long as people pay what they ask  - why should they reduce the price.  But, $75 to $302 per person is a bit much.

  9. Booking a cruise to Bermuda next year with Celebrity for the Broadway themed cruise.  We are selecting as we cruise Celebrity often.  The Broadway cruise uses various lines, NCL, Celebrity, Seabourne, etc.  Has anyone sailed on one of these before?  Just curious as to how much extra entertainment you got - and how you enjoyed the experience.  It looks good!!!  If anyone has sailed on one of these - would appreciate comments.  Great to have Broadway stars to entertain.

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  10. We usually make reservations for the MDR - if not going to a specialty restaurant.  Only frustration on Breakaway and Escape - line for dinner - same line for those with reservations and those without - seems it would be easy to break line in two - on left side reservations - right side - walk ups.  It would make things easier for all and less waiting for those with reservations in  line.  Just my opinion - never had more than a 10 or 15 minute wait - but then why make reservations?

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  11. We were able to get reservations for Million Dollar Quartet - but when we try Burn the Floor - it keeps saying error message - log out and try again .  Also for Syd Norman's Pour House - it says reservations 249 dollars each - that CAN'T be correct - hope glitches clear up.  Anyone else having problems - there should be no charge for the Pour House.  This is for the Getaway sailing March 18.

  12. We pre ordered a clam shell online for Great Stirrup Cay.  Are they all in one specific area on the island or scattered?  How do you claim one?  Can you go to any that are unoccupied?  Prior 2 cruises GSC was canceled due to high winds and not safe for tenders.  Hoping we finally get some beach time there this year.  Any information is appreciated.  Thanks - smooth sailing to all!

  13. We are traveling with a few other couples in March - sharing transportation to the pier from Pennsylvania.  We can only check in online next week - if all couples do not get the same check in time - will they at least allow us INSIDE the terminal to wait?  Reason I am asking - on another cruise line - I had a check in at 11:00 - 2 minutes later after my check in online my wife did hers and her earliest time then was 12:00.  Since we are married they allowed us BOTH in at 11:00 - not sure how NCL handles this.  Any advice if we do not all get the same check in time?   Anyone who has sailed out of NYC recently - tell us how your check in went.  Some saying less staff and longer waits than before covid??  Any comments appreciated - thank you!

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