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  1. Dear Mikkelhansen -

    Bothering you for yet one more question about Cruise Planner.  In the past I would always be able to print out our schedule and leave it on our cabin desk to be sure of all times, etc.  I was not able to print the calendar out in the new format - pages just come out blank!  Is there something simple I am missing again about this.  I am embarrassed to ask - ha- but am asking. No pride here:)

  2. I thank you kindly for your rapid response - DUH!!!! How did I miss that?  All my purchased excursions are listed - so easy - how did I not see that - smooth sailing to you!!!  You ARE a cool cruiser - sometimes people get snarky if you ask a question on here - thank you for your kindness - most appreciated!!

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  3. I recently purchased shore excursions on the cruise planner.  There is an area where you can find purchase history.  What I could not find that I always liked on the old site was a cruise calendar - which listed every day of your cruise, and the times for all shore excursions booked.  Perhaps I am not looking at the right place to find this - I always liked to use this.  Any advice?  Am I missing a very easy link?  Any comments appreciated - thanks for your time!

  4. Hoping someone will be kind enough to post some pics and reports once on Apex.  Not sailing till March of next year - but always enjoy comments from those who are currently sailing.  I think we all miss our cruising and are hopeful to get back.  Thanks ahead of time:)

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  5. Does Luminae offer 3 staples as in MDR - such as steak, chicken, salmon - EVERY night besides the daily menu?  Sometimes a simple selection is desired - although choices are usually enough of a variety.  Thank you!  First time in Luminae on APEX !  Looking forward to it.

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  6. I remember there were also big sales on all cruise lines during Labor Day.  Are there any going on for Memorial Day - I have not really seen any unless I am not looking at the right places.  With cruising coming back  -  thought more would be done to attract more bookings?  Just asking -

  7. I have read that when cruising resumes - sailings will be a max. of 7 days or less.  What happens if you have a back to back scheduled?  Will you be forced to cancel one of them?  No one really knows at this point I guess.  And if limited capacity - will some be asked NOT to cruise is already booked? 

  8. We just did lift and shift from March 2021 to March of 2022.  I sure hope cruising is back to more normal schedules by then.  IF for some reason the cruise is canceled again - can we lift and shift a second time???  Just wondering - because pricing with lift and shift was MUCH better than just rebooking with the higher fares with the new ALL INCLUSIVE policy.  Thanks for your answers.  Appreciate your help.

  9. I recall there was a place on the Crown & Anchor page where you could select a "gift" for your cabin.  Choices included wine, chocolate covered strawberries, water, etc.  Gifts were more valuable as you climbed the ladder - ex. Diamond plus had more choices than Diamond.  I cannot find a place to select on the website - has this been discontinued??   If still an option, please tell me where to find it.  Thank you!

  10. We are booked on a back to back - Edge - March 2021 - If I understand the Lift and Shift policy - we could switch to Apex - for 2022 since Edge sailings at same time the next year are 9 and 10 day cruises.  Just making sure we can go from Edge to Apex?  Same class ship and cabin - and that would be same price and perks?  Of course, will back to backs be allowed since that would be a cruise longer than 7 days - perhaps by 2022 all will be ok.  Thanks for your responses.   Trying to work on dates since we must decide before November 30.  Thanks for any responses - appreciate your time.

  11. We have a back to back on Edge scheduled for March - hoping it will sail.  However, if it is the first sailing since the pandemic started, not sure if I feel safe enough to go -prefer to wait till next year.  My final payment is due December 7 - if WE decide to cancel can we get our total deposit back?  Or is that just lost?  I would hate to pay the full amount for the back to back - then if Celebrity cancels - it will take a long time to get funds and it is a large amount.  Maybe all will be fine - just checking if we would get the full deposit or if that would be lost if we cancel on our own?  Thank you for clarifying.

  12. I receive emails from Celebrity quite often.  Of course ads about making purchases for specialty restaurants, shore excursions, etc. for our booked 2 future cruises.  I read about Power Up on CC but NEVER received an email about them.  I am retired in mid sixties?  Wondering why I never got them.  I just wrote to Celebrity, and after about a week, I finally got an email and enjoyed looking up the ports to find the correct answers to the quiz.  I agree with a prior poster - have no desire to use FB or other social media.  This quiz was a way to learn and get a few more points.

  13. I know this is for suite guests only - just meant didn't take reservations? - as Blu did not take reservations when we sailed Aqua class.  We are booked for March - who knows if this will happen.  We had 2 cruises canceled this year - hope by 2021 things are better!  Thanks for your answers.



  14. If anyone has stayed in either of these sky suites - please send a picture of balcony if you have one.  Also, was there much noise being near the elevators and steps?  Any other comments - pro or con about these 2 cabin locations would be greatly appreciated.  Or any other pics - but prefer  balcony pics - thank you so much - appreciate your time.

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  15. I know in all prior years Labor Day was a pretty good sale day to grab some cruise bargains.   I wonder if that will be the case this year?  I wonder if Celebrity will offer a better sale than they have going now.  July 23 sale for Sky Suite price was substantially lower priced than the current sale.  I was hoping a better deal would be offered for Labor Day.  Just looking for opinions - I know we have no idea which way pricing will go.  I was hoping it would be a good sale to attract passengers and revenue for the future.  Sadly the current sale is not nearly as good as the one advertised in July.  Only time will tell.  Had I booked in July - we could have had an adjustment - looking at sailing for Spring 2021.

  16. If we decide to pay more to bump up to a higher level cabin AFTER final payment, is there any type of penalty?  Also, will restaurant reservations remain the same, or would you have to redo them?  Would it be same reservation number or a new one?  I am not talking about the bidding up process, but requesting a specific cabin number costing more than originally booked.  Thanks for your help!

  17. Thanks for the video - looks great - we are booked for a back to back in March - hope we are able to sail by then.  Thinking of upgrading to this type of suite - just a little above our budget, but have some time to save. Smooth sailing to all.

  18. Can anyone please verify that this Sky Suite has the bed FACING the balcony and has the mirror/window in the bathroom that opens to look out over the room onto balcony.  Different sites show different set ups for Sky Suites - some have bed on side and not facing balcony.  Just want to be sure to book the correct one.  Also, I read all S2 Sky Suites have the bed facing the balcony, yet some sites show the diagram of the bed on the side for S2 (which I think is an error).  If anyone has stayed in this exact suite OR any on Deck 10 forward - please provide pics.  Thanks for your help - smooth sailing to all of us whenever the opportunity allows us to do so again!

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