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  1. Yes, I agree - these emails were probably set up to be sent out on October 1 as a reminder.  I got the same email this morning.  Likewise, on Bermuda site there is a sentence at the very top saying NO TESTING needed if entering Bermuda via cruise after Oct. 25.  So, I paid $40 each for my wife and I and even though the top of the website indicates no testing AFTER Oct. 25 our receipt reminds us that a test IS needed 2 days before we embark.  So, I hope Celebrity sends another email saying not needed AND hoping that when we get a Travel Authorization approved it also states NO TEST after Oct. 25.  I think all of this is just timing - but one can get frustrated.  Funny, that those of us on CC research and fine our answers before we find out from Celebrity.  HOPING Celebrity removes the testing requirement on their website.  As soon as they do, surely someone on CC will alert us all.  Wishing us all smooth sailing on the BEYOND on October 26.

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  2. When we were on APEX in March - one man came down in a nice dress shirt and shorts - nicer shorts, but shorts none the less.  The girl checking people in told him sorry, he had to go change into long pants - which he did and returned shortly thereafter.  I guess it depends on who is managing check in at Blu?  Or could vary by ship?? Which it should not.

  3. We are booked on Beyond for an Aqua Class Sky Suite - this class allows us all suite privileges (Retreat, Luminae, Blu, and thermal suite, etc).  This is a new suite class for the Edge class ships - When we printed our luggage tags - it only says Aqua Class - no where does it indicate Suite class - I assume we can go in the Suite check in line at port as our documents say Suite - luggage tags do not.  This class includes Aqua Class AND retreat privileges.  


    Also, boarding in Bayonne, Cape Liberty.  Do they have a separate line for check in for suite guests as done in Fort Lauderdale?


    Thanks for your answers and smooth sailing to all!

  4. I just completed check in on the app for our October Beyond cruise.  It was swift and easy to do.  HOWEVER, they do NOT mention the Travel Authorization needed to pay $40 each and be approved by the govt. of Bermuda.   From reading posts on Cruise Critic and reading about Bermuda protocols from the Celebrity website, I was aware of this process.  If this is not done, one cannot board the ship.  AND a covid test is needed - NO WHERE on check in does it mention this.  It says on check in if vaccinated do not need a test to board.  THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR THIS CRUISE. You would think this information would be provided in the check in process.  What about people who have NOT read about the travel authorization on Cruise Critic or the Celebrity Website.  I just feel badly for people that do not know - that is why I am posting this.  It should be included on the app. check in process.  

  5. Thank you for the speedy reply - I just don't like row 1 if in first class - no front storage under seat usually.  As long as they keep us in first class - Celebrity Air was about $200 less expensive for us than booking on our own.  We only have one flight - it is a repositioning cruise - leave from Cape Liberty - have a ride there and just need to fly back to Philadelphia.

  6. I am using Celebrity Air for the first time for our BEYOND cruise in October.  Celebrity gave the price for air and the flight time.  But, seat assignments are not shown.  I was told monies for air will be collected along with FINAL payment of cruise.  Will Celebrity assign seats or do we have some choice in the matter?  We DID book first class.  Thanks for your advice to anyone who has used Celebrity Air - 

  7. I received an email announcing this.  I wanted to look into a possible post cruise stay in Ft. Lauderdale - somewhere ON the beach.  When I did a search on their website it says to log into your cruise for a list of hotels.  I have done that but do NOT see any place for a link to hotels in Ft. Lauderdale.  I must be doing something wrong or not seeing a link?  Please advise - thanks for any help you can offer!

  8. We are cruising APEX in March.  I downloaded the app;  I was able to input passport information;  vaccination card and all check in information for both myself and my wife.  NOW - if my wife downloads the Celebrity app on her phone - will all the information for her show up on the app or will she have to reinput everything again for her to use the phone for lights; thermostat, etc???  Just curious how this works - if anyone knows - please advise.  Maybe I should have just made her input her check in information on her phone.  If anyone knows how this works I would appreciate a post.  Smooth sailing to all -and thanks ahead of time for your help.  Many kind people help each other out on these boards:)

  9. We have a b2b scheduled for March on Apex.  We have completed ALL information for our first week of sailing on the app.  The second cruise has not yet shown up to input our information.  Will the app be able to duplicate everything we put in for week one of the b2b or will we have to complete everything from scratch again?  Thanks for any advice or input.  The second leg is not yet eligible to input - I assume that email will come soon.  

  10. From what I understand there are not seating times in Laminae - you just go when you are ready to dine?  Then someone mentioned they DO ask for reservations during covid?  What has been your experience if you sailed recently?


    Thanks for any information - appreciate your time.

  11. I have booked several shore excursions months ago for our APEX cruise.  Friends coming with us wanted to purchase the same excursions to join us.  When I went to my cruise planner to find my purchase history to send to my friends, the history link was no longer there.  I called customer service and they sent my receipts to me.  The rep said others called with the same concern.  She had no idea why we no longer could find our history, and also the purchased excursions were no longer on my calendar.  Is anyone else having this same issue?  Or is this a temporary website glitch?  The rep assured me our excursions were paid and confirmed.

  12. I called earlier today to verify.  The customer service rep told me the price is billed to ONE person only but covers TWO people - thus the COUPLES PASS.  I questioned about the check in time - she said select anytime for embarkation day.  I said does that mean we must come that same time every day?  She said no - just select a time and you can come anytime you wish during the 7 day cruise.  I also told her it did not make sense for a time on embarkation day as usually the spa is having tours the entire afternoon to entice people to sign up for things.  I guess I will take her at her word and hope we CAN go anytime during the 7 days.  If that is true - that is a good price for a couple for the entire voyage.  Perhaps someone else would like to call to verify if you get the same answer.  Thank you all - and smooth sailing:)_

  13. OK it seems the $199 IS for 2 people - a couple.  However,  scheduling for a 15 minute period does NOT make sense - especially on embarkation day when the spa is usually not open - usually tours on embarkation day.  OR must you pick a time and is that your time each day for the entire cruise?  I think we should just call customer service and ask - however, when I do that I usually get a different answer if I call 2 times.  Sometimes they just are not clear.  Is there a concierge number we can call if we are in a suite?? We might get clarification then.  And before we get an answer, the price could change.  My wife has had 2 back surgeries and the stone thermal chairs always make her back feel better - one of the highlights for her when we cruise - if anyone gets clarification I am sure you will share.  I will try to call tomorrow.  Thank you for anyone helping with this.

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