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  1. I called today and finally got my 60K points back on my card account from an Alaska cruise on the Sun that we cancelled back in April before final payment. When I called late in May they told me to call back after June 1 as they still weren't able to access the portal because they were working remotely. I guess things are finally back to normal!
  2. I just called our PCC today and canceled our cruise on the Sun for August 2020 (before final payment on 4/15) and then called World Points to request that our 60k points for a double meta upgrade be re-applied to our account. I was also told that due to their working from home they couldn't process my request right now but to call back in 3-4 weeks. So I will just wait and call back. Not planning to re-book a cruise anytime soon.
  3. We are also on the 12 day on the Sun on August 13-25. Have you joined the roll call? We've been to Alaska twice, once on Princess and in 2018 on the Jewel. We love it. We chose the Sun because we like smaller ships. We are in our 60s but active. This looks like a great itinerary. We use the NCL credit card so we were able to use points for a free upgrade from inside to balcony. Did the same on the Jewel. We consider a balcony a must in Alaska and really for all of our cruises. Can't wait for August!
  4. hawk1972

    Sakway, Alaska

    The road is fine. We drove it in a rented Chevy Malibu.
  5. Just that it had an Alaska theme. We had rented bikes there and ridden around the city. Bought it at the shop where we got the bikes. It will always remind me of that trip.
  6. Ulus are good. Make good gifts. My favorites are a small totem pole from Ketchikan and a cycling jersey from Sitka.
  7. We've been to Alaska twice and returning in August 2020. This time I'm planning to bring a real (paper) map of Alaska so I can follow our travels. I know the ship has maps in the lobby and there are maps on your phone, but I still like the real thing so I can try to identify islands, mountains, etc. And I second the suggestion of good binoculars.
  8. hawk1972


    Thanks for the recommendation of the Upper Dewey Lake hike. My wife and I may try it. We love to hike. We rented bikes and rode to Dyea last summer.
  9. Glacier Wind Charters for whale watching in ISP. We went with them in 2018 and plan to go again next summer. Small boats and personal service.
  10. Not to be picky, but it's Tlingit. We did whale watching with Glacier Wind tours in 2018 and will probably use them again next summer.
  11. That's why I always get the travel insurance. I wish you good health in the future.
  12. We were in Skagway in May 2018 and all the train rides were cancelled that day due to a problem on the tracks. We had planned to rent bikes anyway. We rented a car from Avis in 2009 and shared it with a couple we met onboard and had a nice drive to the Yukon. May try the train next summer.
  13. Sorry. I wasn't clear. We went whale watching with Glacier Wind but it was booked in advance. I just meant that there are excursions available besides what ISP offers.
  14. I believe it's because ISP is a native-owned area so the excursions there are operated by the Huna Totem Corp., including the huge zip line. You can go into town and find whale watching, etc.
  15. We were in Sitka on June 1, 2018 on NCL Jewel. We are active older adults so we rented bicycles and explored that way. There is a bike shop across the street from the visitor center that rents bikes for reasonable rates. We rode out to the historical park and Fortress of the Bear. There is a bike path for much of the way out there. We also stopped and took a short hike on the way back.
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