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  1. The deals can go quickly so its best to click on apply , you don't have to use it but you will have it to use before it expires .
  2. I check daily if I remember LOL but I just check now and these are up , I don't sail on those but many do on Princess Carnival, Princess, Holland America Line, Seabourn, Cunard
  3. The tips I have seen here, anyone know if they work on a Celebrity Cruise ?
  4. This is worded different than the Royal deal this says CASH BACK the Royal said STATEMENT CREDIT
  5. When you say email do you mean an email about the deals ? I never get one I check every few days online.
  6. I think both parties have to have their own accounts. Maybe the answer is somewhere here: YOU don't need a annual fee AMEX card this is what I use http://refer.amex.us/GEORgMqCnf?XLINK=MYCP
  7. Did the same but my deal was $200 off $500 On my account it has already shown up.
  8. If you have an AMEX that is offering this deal I wouldn't wait too long, as they tend to disappear If you do have one and are just thinking about it I would "ADD TO CARD" to lock in the deal you don't have to use it and if you do use it you have to before Dec 31st.
  9. As far as I know from past bookings , it doesn't matter as long as it shows the charge going to Royal Caribbean.
  10. Past deals , in my case has shown when your charge actually posts . In other words when it no longer is PENDING
  11. We double up with the DW card we got $400 on the $1000 charge.
  12. Looks like "results vary" My card is the AMEX Blue ( no yearly fees )
  13. Exactly , I and my TA very got a email that the cruise was canceled . Seen it on CC
  14. If I didn't see it on CC I wouldn't have known , until I received the Daily Planner cancellation letter to tell me my MTD was cancelled LOL My TA also has not heard a word.
  15. Never got any letter ( surprise , surprise ) neither did my TA
  16. i am in 6660 thought that might have been the slant .
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