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  1. Not a planned tour. Just got on and rode until the end.
  2. We did a water taxi through a whole loop. It wasn’t a gondola but we saw incredible sights and it was worth it.
  3. We love NOLA. We sailed from there in 2019 and it was really nice. We are in the Detroit area so the flight is not bad.
  4. Thank you. We are in our early 60s so generally we can walk (maybe not after the cocktails). Love me some people watching on cruises. The Seascape had a huge percentage of Yacht Club people dressing up for 80s night. The one criticism of the Seascape Yacht club was that the nightly singer was very hit or miss. We are fine with going to other locations etc. We didn’t have a great butler on the seascape. She was okay but the room steward was excellent and among the best in 20+ cruises. We aren’t high maintenance but do love the ship within a ship and thought we would take the plunge and do the Haven.
  5. Thank you for the responses. I am going to go ahead and book. I will book outside the Haven. I would rather have the extra money.
  6. Hi All we are looking at the Haven Balcony that is not inside the courtyard. I know that means it is not in the Haven complex but you have access. For the $400 difference is it worth it to pay to be in the complex. i know the Haven menu doesn’t change. That is okay. i am interested in knowing - can you get seats by the pool? Dedicated bar? Do you get good service if you are not in the actual Haven complex? Is there nightly entertainment in the Haven? Can the concierge get you theater, specialty restaurants reservations? We sailed 2/24 on the MSC Seascape in an interior Yacht Club cabin. We loved it enough to book again for March 2025. We are considering this cruise because we would like to spend Thanksgiving in NOLA and then leave on the cruise on Sunday. Thank you for helping me make a decision!
  7. Hi Thinking about booking the Haven on the Getaway. Looking for feedback. We are experienced NCL cruisers but never in the Haven. We did do Yacht Club on MSC and loved it. we would be booking the 12/1/24 trip from NOLA. thank you!
  8. We are sapphire on NCL and have never done Haven. Just did MSC Seascape inside YC suite and our only complaint was lack of shade on the pool deck. Booked again for next year. 2 MSC cruises are less than 1 haven cruise.
  9. There are only 3 of us and we do 1 bag each so I think we will give this a try. I appreciate the help! Happy New Year!
  10. I love to sit on the deck and read. I can’t do sun but love to be in the warm air.
  11. Hi, Has anyone done this? It looks pretty straight forward to get at the airport but how close do you get to the Holiday Inn/Bayside Mall area. thank you for any advice.
  12. 12/3 took us 45 minutes to go through security.
  13. Last week on Regal I received a can anytime I ordered a coke.
  14. We paid for beer for my husband during the afternoon and drank water at Crown Grill
  15. We are on Regal Princess now and it was 6 pm before you could use your package. We were eating in the crown grill and the server came to tell us. Definitely more than an hour. Also, tomorrow’s Patter has a QR code to scan for your Texas tax payments.
  16. Yes, that would have been my plan but Delta flies non stop from Detroit. Husband is an anxious flyer and prefers non stop. i am going to look today at switching to a Saturday flight.
  17. Thank you for your response. I booked through Delta directly. I can change the flight without penalty and go down on Saturday night. Was trying to avoid the extra expense of a hotel.
  18. Hi, Booked on Regal Princess to leave 12/3. Have cruised many times but never from Galveston. Only booked last weekend so I have not done as much research as usual. We are booked on a Sunday flight from Detroit getting to Houston at 11:05. We bought the Princess transfer just figuring it is easier. After providing my flight info now have a message that our flight is coming in too late to guarantee getting to the port. I tried to call Princess but didn’t get any info. Has anyone had this? Do they just send the buses to the pier without you? In your opinion should we change to a Saturday flight? thank you for your advice.
  19. Hi, Is there an email or do you need to use the Stock Perks app? I can’t figure out how to apply on the Stock Perks app. Thank you for your assistance!
  20. Hi, is the Sanctuary suites only? If not can you buy passes and how do you do that? Thank you!
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