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  1. Good morning. No internet this morning so using my 4G. Gosh Roy, our prayer list is really growing. Prayers for everyone on the list. I have no clue as to who will show on our renovation. We still need trim, paint, barn door hung and a missing shower hose installed, and deep cleaning. Thank you Rich for our Daily. Hoping your fleet report starts having more ships with passengers. Blessings, Cheers, and Prayers
  2. Correct. Our beverage pkg does not include HMC. Yes, you can bring on water
  3. @StLouisCruisers I noticed the same. It was fun while it lasted. 😉
  4. A large cargo ship piled high with containers anchored about 5 miles offshore from Victoria, British Columbia, caught fire Saturday and around 6 p.m., Canadian authorities advised the crew to abandon ship. The Victoria-based lifeboat Cape Calvert and a couple of firefighting tugs were standing by near the stricken ship, the Zim Kingston, to assess the unfolding situation and monitor the safety of the crew. The fire was caused by a combustible chemical powder spilling from containers that were damaged in a storm Friday as the ship, arriving from South Korea, approached the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. At that time, about 40 of the ship’s containers tumbled into the Pacific Ocean in rough seas. According to a navigation warning sent to all ships in the area, a 1-mile exclusion zone was in effect around the container ship in the vicinity of Constance Bank “due to danger of falling containers.” “The ship is on fire and expelling toxic gas. Two fallen containers are floating in the vicinity of the vessel,” the warning said.
  5. I was reading about the cargo ship off Victoria that lost containers in the storm. What a mess. And dangerous cargo to boot.
  6. Good morning Rich and fellow Daily-ites. Blessed Sunday! Today is our 30th wedding anniversary. This guy is still my moon and stars. I loved my mother in law. She was only with me for 8 years but we had a great friendship. This morning I got a HAL notice for a time check in, but I can't pull up my docs yet. Luggage tags yes, docs not yet. We just had pork last night, and I'm sure I've had today's wine. I used to like bologna as a kid. Haven't had it in years. Prayers to all on Roy's list (thank you) Wishing all a happy day filled with Blessings, Cheers and Joy.
  7. I want to talk about booking for Maui next year. 5 weeks beg 7-14. There seems to be many places still closed. Our Westin points don't get us very far on our closed venues. Thinking about moving along. Where ??
  8. Oh goodness. Hope my sweet husband has Prosecco available. Better hit the market tomorrow!
  9. Welcome aboard the Daily! You'll love it here. As @kazu mentions, each of Rich's posts are separate, posts every morning just like clock work! Some of us have been around for years, so this is the happening place! See you later.
  10. Good morning Dailyites. Thank you Rich and thanks to all contributors. I recall we had this discussion on Barcelona last year. We were in Barcelona for several days prior to sailing on NCL Gem. Allen was robbed in the marketplace the night before. Luckily I had his passport. Unluckily he had several hundred euro in his wallet. I'm not a salmon lover ,specially now Debbie saying to cook it properly or you can get tape worms? 🤯 Welcome aboard @LCruiser17. Welcome home @aliaschief Last night was fun. Listened to a band called Bitterroot then to dinner. A beautiful evening out on the shaded lawn. Tonight I'm making tenderloin, mashed potatoes and green beans. No salmon in sight! Prayers, Cheers and Blessings
  11. I just returned from getting my Moderna booster. Our market literally just got the ok when I came in. I was there less than 10 minutes.
  12. Finally get to sit down for a few minutes. One heck of a busy morning. Thank you Rich for our Daily. Good morning Dailyite family. Thank you to all contributors. Yesterday the sheetrock guys came. Today is paint, touch ups and barn door installation. Someone is due today to remove all the paper, plastics, and cleaners are due after that. Our glass will be another 10 days because it's sitting on a cargo ship.. Happy Birthday @bdrcole. Wishing you a great day! I am not a corned beef fan. It goes in line with: This evening we're meeting friends at a concert here in Sun City, then out for dinner, and no, it won't be corned beef hash! Blessings, Cheers and of course lots of Prayers!!
  13. @Quartzsite Cruiser Lenda thank you for reaching out to so many Daily-ites! I'm so sorry to hear of another passing today. It makes my heart heavy for those who grieve. Joy
  14. My sister lives in San Diego. Golfs and plays tennis and pickleball. She's had 11 basal cells removed from hands and face. She wears tons of sunscreen every day. Graham is very fair skinned, so no surprise his beach days in the Sun are limited. Prayers!!
  15. I believe if one has a beverage package, everyone in the same cabin needs one too.
  16. @ger_77 I'm so sorry to hear of your friends passing.
  17. Rich thank you for our Daily. I love waking to a cup of coffee and reading what our Daily family is doing for the day. Sending prayers to all on Roy's list. Also prayers for Roy with a nodule needing radiation and to Graham for the basal cell. Graham, Allen has had 3 MOHS surgeries, one just 17 days ago on his ear and will have another taken off his shoulder next week. Please keep us apprised. Blessings to all.
  18. Goodness I'm sorry. I downloaded my HAL facts when I booked our 5 week cruise on Rotterdam beg. Dec 12th this year. Did not see the new requirements. I'm sorry I gave the wrong information!
  19. I have given post cards to front desk directly. They charge our account for whatever country postage we're in. It does take time to arrive. On a holiday trip with Viking a few years ago, we left on Thanksgiving day for a 3 week cruise, I wrote Christmas cards on board and took the stack to front desk. I think the next stop was Cuba?? Anyway, most friends and family received their cards in February. I often wonder where those cards were mailed from. Should have asked!
  20. Alright... it's time to ask our best pal @Copper10-8 HELP John!!
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