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  1. Rich is coming? I didn't see his name. How fun!!
  2. Good morning Dailyites. Thank you Rich for the Daily and all who contribute. Happy Birthday to Summer slope and Sandi's DMIL. Praying Camilla gets home soon. Ann I hope you are feeling better. Linda prayers for the huge fires in Oregon.. I am starting to worry about our Denise. Hoping she's not lost in the wilderness. @DeeniEncinitas where are you??? Wishing all our gorgeous granny's a lovely day. Going to be mid nineties for the next 10 days at least. I would like to see a few raindrops mixed in. I booked our 4th and final Maui week
  3. Good morning Dailyites. Thank you Rich for the Fleet report. I can't wait to see our ships sailing with happy hammock loving passengers! Love the meal suggestion. I need to decide what dinner will look like tonight. Healing prayers to those in need of them. Cheers and blessings!
  4. Good morning Rich and Daily-ites. To all posters, thank you for bringing morning joy. Deb I love scallops and will save your recipe. The wine sounds good as well. I love the long skinny hot dogs that snap when you bite into them. Remember those? Last night we met friends for an early dinner. Sitting on our patio later, friends started stopping by and the last count was 11. Love our neighborhood! The guys kept Alexa busy exchanging silly songs. This afternoon is Mahjongg class. Allen put in a request for Salisbury steak for dinner. I do not have any of the in
  5. Good morning. Rich thanks for the Daily. Roy hope all goes well with jabs and doctor visit. Ann I hope your primary has good news on your knee. Last night had one heck of a storm. The rain blew the whole way across our patio. Today is an easy one. Just a half hour stretch zone for Allen. I've already booked airline, hotel, dinners, laundry, water, etc for the upcoming cruise, although while doing so still felt... uneasy? Anyone else feel this way?Looking forward to pictures of the Rotterdam from CC'rs. Lots of ice cream treats this week. Never
  6. @kazu Jacqui I saw this as well. Could it be Club Orange??
  7. Thank you for volunteering to be the keeper of wines while Ann was away having her Iceland adventure. You did great!
  8. Oh Ann! I'm so sorry about your mishap. I'm glad you are one tough sister and pulled on through. Prayers for your doctor visit today!!I'm happy you are home. I missed you. I miss my other sis too. Hope @DeeniEncinitasDenise had a fabulous birthday and wilderness adventure. Good morning Rich. Thank you for today's fleet report. I love steamed clams and the wine today is something I would love to try. Thanks Deb for the recipe. Roy I hope things go ok at endodontist. You sure have been put through the wringer of late. Love everyone's pictures, tha
  9. Hi Jacqui. Allen and Joy Sellers, Seasick Sailor. Thank you for your valuable time away from the garden! Rotterdam - 12-Dec-21 - 21 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer/Wayfarer
  10. Happy sunny Sunday! Thank you Rich for our Daily. I will give all my caviar to Jacqui, and welcome all bloody Mary's y'all do not want. Sandi Happy Anniversary! We decided to look at cruises last night and booked the Rotterdam 21 Day SC Seafarer/Wayfarer on Dec 12th. We had several thousand cruise credits, and we won't be seeing my sister and girls for Christmas so figured why not. I read about the fully vaccinated requirement. Hope every little bit helps! Will be putzing in the gardens this morning and a market run.. I FORGOT THE WINE!!
  11. Good morning Dailyites. Thank you kindly Rich for our Daily. Roy a special shout out to you for being the keeper of prayers and cheers. I believe we had Yellow Pig day last year on July 17th. Otherwise I would not know where else I picked up that piece of knowledge. After Mahjongg last night, we took some friends to dinner on Elvis. What a beautiful evening! We saw 5 fawns along the way. Graham, I wonder if you and your sweet wife were able to eat a smidgen of those gigantic pizza's? They looked delicious. Jacqui I'm glad you were spared the s
  12. It is unclear why the day was called Yellow Pig Day or what a yellow pig has to do with the number 17, though legend has it that it is in reference to David Kelly's collection of yellow pigs. The mascot of the holiday, the yellow pig, has 17 toes, 17 eyelashes, and 17 teeth. A Number With Special Properties 17 is a prime number that has significance in mathematics. It is the sum of the first four prime numbers - 2, 3, 5, and 7. A prime number is a number that can only be divided by 1 and by itself. Several studies have shown that when people are asked to choose a number between 1 and
  13. Good morning Dailyites. Thanks Rich for being so ever faithful to our touch of happiness in the morning. Yesterday had my rock chip fixed on the windshield. The glass guy said he filled it the best he could but it was half dollar sized and sometimes they can run. Will see.. I love sauteed spinach, but raw.. not so much. I buy a huge bag of it just for the two of us, which really isn't much when its cooked. I love snakes when they are 100 yards or further away from me. A hiker in our club stepped on a baby rattlesnake but it just slithered away
  14. Thank you for our Daily Rich. Good morning Daily-ites. A beautiful morning here in Georgetown. We had a lovely dinner last night at our favorite Asian restaurant. Then on to a country concert. The band members were from Germany and Australia and were very funny and good players and singers. There really is a cow day?? Our friends decided they would like to join us in Maui next year, so we booked last night. We may add on if we can finagle some more timeshare points. Today I have to run downtown and get a chip in our windshield fixed. It happened
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