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  1. Good morning Rich! Thank you so much for always being here for us Daily-ites. I just keep wondering what you will be doing after the ships get moving again? Thank you to all who contribute to the Daily. I appreciate you. Good morning sisters Ann and Denise. Hoping for a quiet, relaxing weekend. Stay away from food processors!! And jeez Ann "A deep garnet" does not sound like a white wine.. Helen I am happy for the negative tests, but sad you didn't get your pup. The perfect one will come soon. Praying for @Mary229 sis, and to all those on Roy's care list. Cheers go
  2. Good morning my dear sisters Ann and Denise. I hope you are feeling better Deeni and David is spoiling you. Thank you Ann for the wine review, and concern. Ann, about 15 years ago I was carrying Christmas decorations up from the basement. I thought I had one more step to take at the top, but it was air.. fell backwards down the stairs. 18 months of physical therapy.. When we were moving into this new house in July I caught my foot on the top ramp of the UHaul and took a tumble down the ramp with my pots and pans. I haven't really healed since then. I have the results from the MRI o
  3. Best of the morning to you Rich. Thank you for the Daily. (Good morning Callie) Roy that is sweet of you to add Claudio to the cheers list. I'll have to tell him when I see him. And you are so thoughtful for remembering all the new additions to our CC family. Denise, hope you got some sleep last night sis, and I hope the champagne helped. We did a whatsapp call with my sister and 2 nieces in Poway, and they were well into their 2nd bottle of bubbly. Thank you sister Ann for the wine review. Bramble edged. Hmmm. Hope you both had a great Thanksgiving. Love you two!
  4. Paisley! So great to see you! That squirrel didn't last very long in the tree, did it? Our (now in Heaven) Mackenzie would lie next to her Christmas bags until Christmas Eve. She knew every one of her gifts. She would lick the outside of the bags she knew were treats. She LOVED lambies aka freeze dried lamb lungs. Hope your Gramma is feeling better. Give her a hug for us.
  5. So Claudio is going to pick up the appliances on the 7th and he's going to take them to the people's homes and hook them up. He said he will do it as a Secret Santa gift!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving Rich. Thank you for the Daily and your thoughtful note. Blessed Thanksgiving to all our posters. We have much to be thankful for! (Read and re-read Roy's post from Kazu) Thank you to all who contribute. To my 2 adorable sisters. Happy Turkey Day! Deeni I had you in my prayers last night. I hope you are feeling better this morning. Love to you and family. Ann I believe we have a white on your wine today? Well, our flagstone project and our blinds are complete. The appliances were already installed when we bought our house and I do not like 3
  7. @DeeniEncinitas oh no!! My sweet precious sister! My heart is with you! Poor baby girl. Wish I were with you to have a drink or 5 to ease the pain. From now on, you are NOT ALLOWED anything sharper than a crayon!!! Love you!!
  8. @richwmn Wow! What a great guy to take in the strays even if just for a snack. And Callie doesn't mind? Do you ever get unwelcome critters stopping by? That's amazing!
  9. @DeeniEncinitas Wishing you, David, Shawn and Paisley a wonderful, joyous, peaceful, healthy Thanksgiving. I love you dear friend!
  10. Beautiful morning to you Rich, Daily-ites, precious sisters Denise and Ann. Thank you Rich for the Daily. Ever faithful! Did Cassie help you this morning? (Is that her name??) When I was growing up my mom had a cafe called Cozy Corner in our little town of Algonquin. We used to play the jukebox all day long. Sometimes my mom would come from behind the counter and dance with one of the customers. I love anything chicken I think. I really love turkey, but Allen isn't crazy for it, I don't care for ham.. so tomorrow will be ribeyes, twice baked potatoes, sauteed spin
  11. @rafinmd That is a fancy schmancy mask you have on there! Very cute 😉
  12. Good morning Rich. Love the Daily this morning. Thank you. Good morning to our Daily-ites, my sweet sisters, Roy, summer, Ann, Hflor, thanks for contributions. Another gin cocktail and red wine this morning. I'll pass and stick to my Kris tonight. D.B. Cooper was quite the mystery man. I have read books on him, watched a mini series. I guess one could say he had a "unique talent". @Vict0riannHappy 58th anniversary to you and Pat! @rafinmdCongrats on 50 years of home ownership! Have no idea what's for din
  13. Good morning Rich, Daily-ites, sisters mine, and all who contribute. Thank you Rich for making a great start to my day! I would try the wine of the day. Thank you Ann. Thank you summer for the drink recipe. Not a gin liker. Roy thanks for prayer list. Will cheer to everyone on our celebrations list tonight. I would love to have scallops tonight, but I am making lamb shanks for me and since Allen isn't a lamb lover, I am making beef ribs for him. Maybe scallops tomorrow. Love espresso. Our on board quote was always "espresso before prosecco" except it was mimos
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