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  1. Uh oh !!! I may be "voted off the island " for several responses I made on the removal of gratuities.. If so, will post when I can be with you again.
  2. Good morning Dailyites from a 59 degree, misty, rainy morning. @GTVCRUISER A beautiful rainbow over San Diego! Thank you. Happy Birthday to @Haljo1935 Happy Anniversary @JazzyV for 1 lovely year of your prayers, cares, and celebrations lists! And thank you to all our contributors that make a difference! Oh gosh, our prayer lists have sure grown. I'm hoping someone moves to the celebration list soon. @ger_77 So happy to hear good news on Maurice. I hope things keep moving along! Last night the Mardi Gras party was wonderful. Our friends made all kinds of dishes. Crawfish, shrimp, crab, boudin, gumbo, sausages, jambalaya, dirty rice..the lust marches on. They did remove the baby from the King cake so there was no choking hazard. We drew numbers to see who hosts next year. Whew, it wasn't me! And who's ready for SUPER BOWL!! And, the puppy bowl! Commercials? Don't forget half time! Have a great weekend. Call a friend! Sending love and blessings!
  3. I have a severe garlic allergy. Our staff from the beginning of our cruise gave me a dining menu Daily that I could choose my dinner and chef ensured there was no garlic. That said, I had a night where there was garlic in my dinner and I was very sick. Luckily I carry meds. Problem is, I can't taste garlic, so unaware it's in my food. I depend on staff to ensure my safety. Only happened 1 time in 50+ days.
  4. Acclaimed Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s First Restaurant at Sea Opens Aboard Holland America Line’s Nieuw Amsterdam The new nightly specialty venue “Morimoto By Sea” welcomed dinner guests for the first time Seattle, Wash., Dec. 22, 2023 — Morimoto By Sea, Holland America Line’s newest specialty restaurant, officially opened its doors aboard Nieuw Amsterdam Dec. 21. Morimoto By Sea is the first stand-alone restaurant at sea by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, who also serves as the cruise line’s Fresh Fish Ambassador, which is part of the brand’s global fresh fish program. Chef Morimoto was present for opening night, along with Holland America Line executives and Nieuw Amsterdam guests. During the opening celebration, Chef Morimoto conducted a traditional sake barrel ceremony where he cracked open the barrel and shared the sake with opening-night attendees for a toast. “We recently transformed space on Nieuw Amsterdam into a beautiful Morimoto By Sea restaurant, and we are thrilled to be here to officially open the dining experience for our guests,” said Michael Stendebach, vice president of food, beverage and rooms division at Holland America Line. “Adding Morimoto By Sea both as a stand-alone venue and a pop-up is another way we continue to elevate our culinary offerings, and we are honored to have Chef Morimoto on board to celebrate the launch.” The Morimoto By Sea restaurant on Nieuw Amsterdam is part of Holland America Line’s global fresh fish program, which also includes a Morimoto By Sea pop-up experience once per cruise on the fleet’s other 10 ships in either Pinnacle Grill or Tamarind. The dishes served at Morimoto By Sea — and seafood offerings across Holland America Line’s fleet — are sourced from a global network of 60 ports to serve 80 types of fresh fish on board. Morimoto By Sea on Nieuw Amsterdam can be found adjacent to the Tamarind restaurant on the Observation Deck. Guests dining at Morimoto By Sea, which is open nightly, enjoy a multi-course meal highlighting the cuisine of Chef Morimoto and the cruise line’s fresh fish program. The menu also includes a selection of beef, chicken, vegetarian and vegan options, and a sushi menu for additional purchase. “I am always excited to open a new restaurant, and this grand opening is very special because it is my first restaurant on a cruise ship,” said Chef Morimoto. “I’ve cooked on land, on television, and now on the oceans. I look forward to Holland America Line guests experiencing my dishes.” In addition to cuisine, the restaurant features Chef Morimoto’s exclusive alcoholic beverages, including Morimoto Dream Brut Rosé and Morimoto Junmai Daiginjo Sake, that complement the dishes on the menu. For its opening night, Morimoto By Sea was fully booked, with guests indulging in a selection of dishes including Hamachi Tacos, Ishiyaki Buri Bop, Japanese Vegetable Curry, Slow Cooked Alaskan King Salmon and White Chocolate Lime Ganache. A full menu can be found on Holland America Line’s website. Guests can make Morimoto By Sea reservations on Holland America Line’s Navigator App or on board. The restaurant carries a cover charge of $55 per person, plus an additional 18% gratuity. For more information about Holland America Line, consult a travel advisor, call 1-877-SAIL HAL (877-724-5425) or visit hollandamerica.com. Photos are available here.
  5. Allen's appointment went well at the dermatologist. He was given 2 injections of Dupixent and doctor thinks his break outs will settle down in a week! He took 6 biopsies. Back in 2 weeks to do a full body scan.
  6. Good morning Dailyites, Not much time this morning as I'm helping DH get ready for a doctor appt. Sandi I'm saying special prayers for you, your granddaughter, daughter, brother, and friends. These situations wear us down, so please take care of yourself. I hope your DGD seeks more help. Fear is just as physical as it is mental! Continued prayers for all of our dear Daily-ites and family. Sending you love and blessings!
  7. Lenda, tell the bartender you want a fresh squeezed lemon drop, no lemon "mix". Your DH should have 4 squeezed lemons. I also order mine on the rocks if by the pools. They are addicting!
  8. I totally disagree with this post. We've sailed Rotterdam for months and months in the last 3 years. Became 5 star on this last cruise. The crew deserve every dime they get, plus the extra tips cruisers give them. That said, just because you seem to have had 9 days of misery, don't forget about the crew behind the scenes. If you actually did get "food poisoning " in Pinnacle Grill, there would have been an investigation as to where you got it and what was eaten. They don't mess around with food poisoning. We sailed Nov-Dec-Jan (51 days) and never experienced poor bar service, and MDR servers were the best. Sorry you posted this. I just can't believe it, and can't believe people who would take tips away from our valuable crew, don't care that you give tips to people you feel deserve it by what you see.
  9. Good morning Dailyites from a 59 going to 74 degree day. Goodness, our prayers going out to so many this morning. Sandi, I had not heard about the marine's being found. RIP. Update on our friend Ron. He has something found on an imaging in his throat area. He is scheduled for a hospital MRI tomorrow (after 2 cancellations) where he will go under anesthesia. He now has a bad cough and wheezing and his leg pain is unbearable. Thank you for continuing prayers. Today is Christmas Day for my girls game night group. We finally found a date we can all attend. We have a ton of food being prepared and won't need to cook tomorrow with all the expected left overs. I got some really fun gifts on the various islands we visited in Nov-Dec-Jan. I told the girls they got gifts with no possibility of returns. Wishing you all a happy, peaceful, healthy, blessed day!
  10. Well, this post took, so let's try again on a shorter version. I love ballet and especially Baryshnikov. I'm passing on the squash (again) I agree with Gerry, I think there's sponsorship on the squash growers. When you come to the acorn squash cut in half and filled with butter and brown sugar, I'll take it! We were just in St. Thomas in Dec and Jan. One of my favorites. I feel bad for our cruisers having rough seas in Hawaiian islands. Our Lido bar server friend on Zuiderdam said he was seasick for 2 days. Anyone currently onboard, please stop in Lido bar and tell Bobby that Joy and Allen send bear hugs. We had a nice evening at neighbors sitting around their firepit with a nightcap. Oliver was such a good boy. Sat on my lap the whole evening. The other dog invites were very respectful too. This morning I see some new birds on the feeders. They are a soft yellow and don't mind the cardinals eating next to them. Today will be a few loads of laundry, Oliver walk, to the market getting ready for our 2023 Christmas party here tomorrow night, and lunch downtown. Wishing you all prayers and blessings today, especially those who are really in need of them. God bless you.
  11. Good morning Dailyites. CC is acting up. I cannot "like" posts, or even post! This is a test..
  12. Still love the lamb chops and the wok lobster, bok choy. Tom kah kai soup. Bartender made a great lemon drop martini.
  13. Good morning Dailyites from a 39 degree morning warming to 69. No complaints. Reading about our fellow cruisers on rocky seas and missing ports. Prayers go out to them. Prayers for our ever growing prayer list, Sandi's brother, and my own prayers. What's with the nasty colds hanging around? Prayers go out to King Charles and his family. I hope Catherine's recovery from abdominal surgery is healing. I am a Toby Keith fan. Loved dancing to his music and hoping there's an artist out there that will do a great tribute to him. Yesterday I took my friend to hospital for a breast biopsy. Should hear back in 3 to 5 days. @seagarsmoker I wish you a great start to your new job. We had the gutters cleaned yesterday. First time since we moved in nearly 4 years ago. The gutters had more sand and dirt than leaves. He said he'd see us in another 4 years. We are just starting February and I already have spring fever overload. I want to bring all our patio stuff out and even thought about plants as I passed by the nursery yesterday. Perhaps I need an intervention. Pass on the food and wine. Graham booking another cruise! Hmm, wonder where? Wishing you a blessed day.
  14. We were on Rotterdam for 51 days Nov-Dec-Jan 2024 I brought 2 buckets of Kentucky fried chicken onboard several times during our cruise for favorite crew members (they love KFC!) Also, my favorites in Canelletto (Moko and Anggeta) I brought them Carmel corn. And I found a vendor selling boiled peanuts in ziplocks I got for my DH. I was surprised as I had forgotten to finish my bottle of water and security sent me through.
  15. Good morning Dailyites Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday. Lifting prayers for a very long list of friends, family and my personal prayer book. Any updates on Baby Murphy? Graham, I'm sorry to hear Julia has passed. @Sharon in AZ Sharon the thread was closed already when I saw the question on Oliver. His mom was chihuahua and dad was yorkie. He was born Aug 9th, 2022 and spent his 1st 10 months in a tiny cage with his mother and 3 siblings. A sad story.. Facebook or Meta? I have not used in years and I canceled the account about 7 years ago. Yeah, I've known a few jerks. Homemade soup day: Yesterday was my garage clean day. I put the shelving racks together and arranged everything on them. Then blew out a zillion dead crickets and swept up. I was pretty tired, but happy that chore is complete! Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday. Call a friend. Be kind. Smile!
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