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  1. Someone has posted a bad review from the first voyage. I found it here>>> Silver Origin Cruise Ship: Review, Photos & Departure Ports on Cruise Critic. I don't think it is every great to go on the "first voyage" on a brand new ship, and especially during a pandemic. Someone posted more favorable comments on the Facebook Silversea Passengers Group. We are going in December. Hopefully they work out the kinks by then.
  2. Generally we prefer Oceania over Viking but we did do this itinerary on Viking and it was a great cruise. The one we went on is called Iceland's Majestic Landscape. We started in Bergen, Norway which is very charming. We visited the fjords with stops in Flam, Alesund, and Geiranger. On the way over to Iceland we stopped in the Faroe Islands. When we got to Iceland we had port stops in Seydisfjördur, Akureyri, ĺsafjördur, and finally Reykjavík. When we ended the cruise we stayed a few days in Reykjavik and did some private tours of the South Coast and Golden Circle. It was a spectacular cruise
  3. I looked on there too (yesterday) and could not tell if it was just docked. Thanks! This is very good news! Anxious to hear after some have sailed on the new ship.
  4. When I looked on the Silversea website a few weeks ago it showed the Galapagos sailings would be commencing in June. I think there were 2 or 3 dates listed for June. Now there is one....June 26. Does anyone know if the earlier cruises went ahead or were they cancelled? I wanted to know if the first cruise on the new Origin ship ever sailed or is June 26 the first one? We are going in December so anxious for feedback from anyone who might go sooner. The hotel where Silversea puts up their guests for the pre-cruise in Quito is the JW Marriott. Until recently it had been closed but it has since r
  5. Have cruised on both but prefer Regent over Silversea. We do not like the more formal dresscode on Silversea. It's good that there are options for those that do like it.
  6. We were supposed to go last December. The cruise of course was cancelled. We have rebooked for this December. Looking forward to it!
  7. I would take this switch. Would rather sail on the Explorer than the Mariner and itinerary is the same.
  8. We were booked on an Alaska cruise (9-1-2021) which was also cancelled on April 28. We were told we would get the refund (deposit and excursions we paid for) within 60 days. I checked with my TA yesterday since it's been around 30 days and she said it is taking the full 60 days since they cancelled so many cruises all at once and it takes time to process them.
  9. Yes, I was finally able to book extra night (we go in one day early) in Quito.
  10. Received an email from Celebrity that the Galapagos cruises will start on July 4. Celebrity and Silversea are owned by the same parent company. The Celebrity Flora and the Silversea Origin are identical builds but customized for each of the lines. I also read this past week that Linblad Expeditions is starting up their Galapagos cruises in June or July. So, Silversea can't be that far behind. We are booked on the Origin in December. The JW Marriott in Quito has not reopened yet and that is where Silversea and Celebrity put up their guests pre-cruise, so hopefully they will reopen soon or anoth
  11. As some others have stated you will need to wear the insulated muck boots on the landings, which go up to your knees. Some of the landings you are walking through mud, snow and penguin poop.They are difficult to to take off and on and when you get back on board you put the boots through a sort of car wash and they are sanitized because they will be full of penguin poop. They are stored in the area where you get ready to get off/on the ship so you don't take them back to your cabin. One pair of thick wool socks will keep your feet warm.
  12. I just received an email from Celebrity noting the start date for the Galapagos (Flora) on July 4, 2021. I hope that means the Silversea Origin cruises will also be going ahead. I wonder what they are doing about the JW Mariott being closed. Does anyone know if they are using a different hotel or when the JW Marriott is reopening?
  13. We have the Galapagos booked for December so have been following the hopefully soon "reopening" of Galapagos cruising. Also, the JW Marriott (used by Silversea for 2 nights pre-cruise) is closed and has been for some time, with no scheduled reopening date. Found out after we booked our air (going in a day early) and could not book the extra night at the hotel.
  14. I usually book hotels on my own....sometimes with the hotel directly. It's best to check rates booking directly, or with American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts (if you have a Platinum card) OR with a Virtuoso travel agent. That gives you an early check in, late check out, room upgrade (if available), $100 to spend at the hotel, and daily breakfast.
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