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  1. The cost went up from $79 to $104 in one day on my March ‘21 cruise. The number of tickets available is limited and I’ve seen it sell out quickly so if you’re interested, buy it now. You can always cancel. No suites area on CocoaCay.
  2. If it only took 30 days, consider yourself very lucky. I just received my March 28th FCC last week and am hoping I get my May 10th by July 1st. Not even thinking of a date for my July cruise.
  3. Michael Bailey already announced that the Windjammer won’t be a buffet when they reopen. It’ll be some type of restaurant.
  4. If you check on the Royal site, it states that there is. If you were in a room without one, I would check with Guest Services.
  5. There is a fridge in every room. It just doesn’t get extremely cold but it’s fine for my husbands insulin.
  6. I read on Facebook that they’re going to make an announcement either today or tomorrow morning that all Alaskan and Canadian cruises will be canceled for 2020 and that all other cruises will be postponed until August 1. I believe this is exactly what the other cruiselines already published.
  7. I’m scheduled to sail on Ovation to Alaska in September but I’m guessing it’ll be canceled. I know that at the very least, I’ll sail on her from Japan on a transpacific Cruise next May. Can’t wait to see her!
  8. I’m just waiting for FCC from my March 28th cruise. I’ll wait for that one before I start complaining about my May 10th one. Grrrr!!
  9. As a Diamond Plus, I’m pretty loyal to RCL. I’m also Signature in Club Royale which comes with perks. That being said, I just booked B2B Princess cruises for Sept ‘21 from Rome, ending up in Barcelona. We’re booked on Explorer in October but obviously we’re not sure we’ll sail. They weren’t offering a cruise to the same ports in 2021 but Princess was. We’ll see what happens.
  10. Where did I say it was a reliable source? I was just stating what I heard. You are by far the most negative person on here! That’s why so many block you. I am so sick of people beating you up on CC for stating what you heard. That’s why so many have stopped visiting here.
  11. No reason to believe me. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll be in Rome in October.
  12. Yes but the Italian Dept of Tourism claims that’s not true. I read it on Facebook yesterday but am having a hard time finding it. However, if you go to www.the-sun.com, you’ll see an article on their plans to open in 2020. If I find the original posting, I’ll update this thread.
  13. And Italy announced yesterday that they’re going to start allowing EU tourism with international to start soon.
  14. If Royal says it’s safe to cruise, I’ll cruise. They tend to be overly cautious and will continue to do so to avoid lawsuits.
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