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  1. No Carnival does not have anything close to the Haven. The NCL Haven experience includes exclusive areas including Lounge/Bar, Restaurant, and Pool area. There is a shared butler who brings snacks daily. All pay per view movies on the TV are included. There is a designated seating area in the main showroom (although it is off to the side). We tried the Haven on an upgrade offer a couple of years ago. We especially liked the private restaurant. The food quality and service were amazing. The only drawback for us was we felt it was not worth the additional expense and deci
  2. We are reading this in our Charleston hotel room. Boarding the Sunshine tomorrow Mar 7. I guess we are taking the unexpected OBC and going to enjoy the cruise!!!.
  3. The plan is to drive across the George Washington Bridge and head down to park at the pier for a NCL Escape cruise. It will be a weekday around 10:00. Is there anything we should be aware of? Traffic? getting into the parking garage? We hope it will be a smooth process and not be stuck in lines for hours. First time driving into New York City.
  4. When getting off the cruise ship at the dockyard, are there vendors there selling tours? This is our first time in Bermuda and are looking for a tour of the island for a few hours. Any idea what the rates are for a typical overview tour? Any suggestions We are not looking to book in advance. Thanks
  5. We will be on the Conquest in a few weeks and are debating purchasing the Value plan $10.25/day instead of the Premium plan $14.88/day. Is there a major difference in internet speed between the two plans? Is it worth the extra $37 for an 8 day cruise? I need a plan to use for a few reports through my company VPN as well as checking e-mails. We are thinking of also buying the Social plan $4/day for my wife to use on Facebook. Does that also work for e-mails or will she have to piggyback off my plan to check e-mails (couple of times a day).
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