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  1. On 8/13/2020 at 2:45 PM, commodoredave said: I’m not sure why I finally got paid. It could have been my regular stream of sarcastic and irreverent posts that parodied Crystal’s inept management that they simply got tired of seeing. Perhaps the Crystal Faithful donated their own money towards my refund just to shut me up. Or maybe it was just my boyish good looks and charm that Crystal couldn’t resist! Whatever it was, I now have my refund. commodoredave, We are both pleased and jealous that you have received your refund. We suspect that as our Cruise Critic name ‘comas’ is alphabetically close to yours, Crystal have mistakenly refunded our money to you!! 😂😂 Since we are now about 17 days short of a 6 month wait for a full refund for two back to back cruises last May, a few more days, weeks or whatever won’t make much difference to our displeasure and disbelief in the way we have been treated.
  2. Hi SusieQft, you have kindly added us on Line 54 of your spreadsheet. Could I point out that the original sail date should be 5/31/20. You are doing a wonderful job and we are looking forward to seeing a number in column ‘F’ on both our cruises (see line 63) very soon!! Ann & Paul.
  3. Hi, we were booked on Serenity 31st May, also cancelled on 2nd April. Also booked for the previous cruise too! No refund yet for us either!!
  4. Hi, we too are in the UK and in a similar situation. We used a TA to book our cruise including flights and transfers with Crystal, bearing in mind we were booking a package and would be covered by ATOL. The deposit was paid with MasterCard and final payment with a Visa debit card in January for a 22nd May sailing. Both accounts show our TA as the payee, therefore the dispute is with them and not Crystal. We had a ‘wobble’ a couple of days ago when the refunds were in jeopardy and thought it was time to ‘act’. Rang MasterCard for advice, who pointed out the dispute was with our long time TA. They suggested we gave the TA till the end of the month to secure our refund. I drafted an email to our TA, who the next day left a message, explaining how they had been contacting Crystal a lot, by email and ‘phone. Pleased we hadn’t sent that email in haste. Re-worded email to TA to thank them for their efforts. A return email assured us they had us covered in any case. We feel relieved, but now it’s the 135th day since we requested a full refund and hoping, following the better news from Crystal, that our money will soon be returned. Good luck with your endeavours. Ann.
  5. We are now on our 80th. day since requesting a full refund through our TA on 9th. April, 2020 for a fully paid cruise cancelled by Crystal. Sail date 22nd. May, 2020. We have NOT received an email from Tom Wolber or any communication from our TA either. Also not impressed with knowing we have a further 40 days before we may be anywhere near a refund. Trying to be patient and understanding, but we all have our limits.
  6. https://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/travel-insurance-covid-19-medical-cover-cruise-holidays I received this email today . Those of you commenting on this post may find it interesting.
  7. Sail date ~ 22nd. May, 2020 Crystal cancelled ~ 3rd. April, 2020 Requested 100% refund ~ 9th. April, 2020 No refund received ~ now 53 days after request.
  8. Hope this link to QM2 webcam works https://www.*****/cruise-ship-webcams/cunard-cruise-line/queen-mary-2/
  9. https://www.crystalcruises.com/guidebook/before-you-sail-fares-deposits-payments-cancellations Hi, the above link may help. Also The Citizens Advice Bureau online could be worth checking.
  10. **Please note there are 30 days in April.** Ann
  11. Hi, happy cruising, This is a subject we had hinted at to each other and are so pleased you have started this topic. We believe left over On Board Credit is allocated to crew, but other than that we can’t be of much help. I’m certain you will get a big response and there will be those who are better placed to suggest a way forward.. We’ll keep following your post and will be keen to contribute. Ann & Paul.
  12. Now that is a First World problem 😂😂 I feel more cheerful now. As a Brit, I understand your feeling about the chocolates in the black box. Always my favourites until they meddled with the fillings. My go to flavour is always coffee cream.
  13. My sympathies are with the wonderful crew including those who work behind the scenes on board. Also those in admin, who must be frantic dealing with this unprecedented situation. It must be extremely difficult for the whole Crystal ‘family’. We will be back on board as soon as the time is right.
  14. Yes. 😟 Hopefully the ship’s position and local time will show on the Bridge Cam in future.
  15. Hi, Just a couple of thoughts. Could it be that the TA who recommended the specific insurance, did not give best advice? You mention that you trusted the TA. Are TA’s in the US bound by any regulations?
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