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  1. I have to agree with you there. We were on Serenity for a week in October and definitely were not served Vegetable skewers. I would have loved those. As we now have 16 days booked in May/June next year on Serenity we’ll be anticipating a visit to Churrascaria to sample them. Thank you Kathie for your delightful account and photo’s of your travels with Timmy. Am I correct in saying you and your husband are ‘Snowbirds’? Ann. (Another Brit).
  2. Roy, good to know you are on the mend. Hopefully no one missed the Lisbon departure. Can’t imagine how awful that would be. Ann.
  3. “My muster station is again in the casino and there appeared to be a few people who did not make the ship in time. Difficult when the next stop is 8 days away. One of those parties appears to be (not be?) in the cabin next to mine.” Roy, thank you for keeping us up to date with your escapades. As always I am enjoying reading about your days on board and ashore. Have you any further news of the passengers ‘who did not make the ship in time’ ? I understand the difficulties following your knee injury as at the start of a Serenity cruise I missed an unexpected step, resulting in an ankle injury. Not a break, but very inconvenient for the duration of our cruise. The bruising was colourful ! Take care, Ann.
  4. Hi Noggins, thoroughly enjoying your posts and those of the other contributors too. We were on Serenity recently, a B1 room, and agree the tissues are temperamental. My biggest moan was the wall phone in the bathroom. I constantly managed to knock the handset off. The solution was to put a rubber band around the handset and back plate. A rubber band is also useful when wound round a bottle screw top, making easier opening!! By the way, if you are interested in F1, Lewis Hamilton has won his 6th World Title following the race in Austin, Texas earlier today. Continue to enjoy your cruise. Ann.
  5. Oh wow, I have 20 points. Will that cover a 12 night cruise for 2? 😂 Thoroughly enjoying your report Kathie, as we recently spent 7 nights on Serenity, from Barcelona to Rome. Am also following Roy (rafinmd) currently on Crystal Bach and soon to be joining Serenity in Barcelona. You are doing a great job posting your reports and photo’s, which many of us appreciate. I hope you both continue to enjoy your vacation. Ann.
  6. Oh definitely Coffee Buzz Buzz and Salted Caramel. Ann.
  7. For those in the U.K. this link shows options to select grid or list and then date, departure port, duration or price (shown in GBP) can be selected. https://www.crystalcruises.co.uk/voyage-finder
  8. Thank you Anne. Indeed, yes I cook mostly gluten free for everyone. GF oats for a fruit crumble, Cranachan or flapjack are a boon. Keith’s post has reminded me of Whiskey Cappuccino, which I’m sure is GF and next May I will remember to ask for that! The mini desserts in Market Place @ lunch time and in The Bistro @ dinner time are clearly labelled GF, therefore I greedily place three on a plate! Pavlova is definitely a favourite with so many and should make a comeback. Those pictures are evidence enough! Ann.
  9. Just had a week on Serenity and I would love to have a greater Gluten Free choice. Tends to be ice cream or Crême Brûlée. When ‘Tastes’ was on board, there was a very nice Pavlova dessert on offer. Maybe something similar could be introduced. Ann.
  10. Hi Michele, We have just spent one week on Crystal Serenity, arriving home on the 10th October. I can relate to all of the above comments. I was diagnosed as having Coeliac disease last July at the age of 73, which was a blow. We had two weeks booked on Serenity in the following September, therefore I felt concerned having previously eaten anything I fancied! My TA advised Crystal and a note was made on my profile. As has been mentioned it is important to double check if in doubt. The only bread is ready sliced, available during breakfast at the omelette station and separately toasted as previously mentioned. Just along from the amazing display of baked items there are open trays, side by side, of cereal. Some are gluten free, BUT there is a risk of cross contamination! I have pointed this out both last year and on a feedback facility on-line during this last cruise. Check the yogurts too. All the cooked items appeared to be GF. I breakfasted mainly on fresh fruit. Lunchtime in Marketplace suited me with hot dishes including rice and plenty of salads. There was a good selection of GF dressings and chilled Mini desserts. Silk was tricky for me. Study the menu before you go and have a chat with a server. My husband had checked for me (I get tired of discussing GF) and he was assured dishes could be adjusted, but I actually was only able to order shrimp rice, white fish and the vegetables, which was 100% spinach - I dislike spinach a lot!! Hurriedly a beef dish was produced. I chose Ice cream for dessert. All ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s) is GF bar the cookie one. The cones are not GF. We dined in Churrascaria twice, thinking we might enjoy it more the second time. There is plenty of GF meat and giant prawns. Also an extensive self serve salad bar. A quite different experience, which we are still not sure about. We dined in Waterside four times and in three different areas, but all the wait staff were aware of the GF problem. Some more than others as twice I was offered bread, but they are on ‘auto’ pilot. Again, do double check which I did frequently. The Bistro label GF items pretty well, but there was only one baked GF item out of about 10. There is also cheese, sliced ham, tomato, cucumber, pickles, fruit and more. Beware of salami and pâté, which may contain gluten. There are individual packs of GF crackers, but you need to request those. The selection varies according to the time of day, but a handy stop off if you are peckish! We did not Dine in Prego or Umi Uma. By the way, the Tortilla crisps and one other regular crisp at the Trident Grill are GF. Quite handy as a snack with a drink at any time, but do check. Also, I believe you can pre-order GF afternoon tea. As you will be on Symphony I guess you will find differences, but I wish you a wonderful cruise wherever you are. We are back on Serenity next May. Ann.
  11. Thank you fyree39 for responding. At least it is not just us. We have the links to Serenity and Symphony saved to Favourites and decided to delete the Serenity link, re-load and Save again. This did not work ! Too trivial to contemplate further. Ann
  12. Earlier today we were discussing Live Views. We each have an iPad 2. and for some time now cannot access the Panoramic option. But this works fine on an iPhone 8. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you, Ann & Paul.
  13. Hi neilridd, we are in England too and only a few days before our final payment in June we found ourselves in a position where our cruise had to be cancelled. Our travel agent phoned Crystal in London to ascertain our options. We were advised the deposit on our booked cruise could be used towards a future cruise. The only penalty was an admin fee of £50.00 each. We booked a cruise to be taken next May. Hope this clarifies the situation for you. Ann
  14. Hi Cruise-y For us, the Crystal formula is spot on. We have been Crystalised as the saying goes. We recently pondered a Seabourn cruise, but knew we would be wishing we were with Crystal. So in October we will be boarding Serenity for 7 days. Not really the itinerary or duration we prefer, but a small sacrifice to be on our favourite ship. There have been changes, mainly with the restaurants, since our cruise last September and therefore we are anticipating an even better experience. The Bistro is a great draw if you fancy a coffee with a small or large snack. Open from early until late. We love the entertainment. Such professional performances with superb shows. At sail-away there is always Louis Armstrong’s rendition of What a Wonderful World, when you know whilst sipping champagne you are aboard Crystal. Nothing to beat that feeling! The crew are amazing. Happy, friendly, accommodating and always there. The best. Wishing you a wonderful Crystal cruise should you take the decision to book. Ann & Paul.
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