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  1. Thank you, this is what I was hoping and how I read it, but it is good to have confirmation
  2. Thunderstorm at Sea | Last Day of our Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog #familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  3. Ultimate Playground | Fun Day at Sea | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog#familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  4. Roatan, Honduras | Sloth Hugs | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog #familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  5. Costa Maya Canceled | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog #familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  6. Cozumel | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog #familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  7. Fun Day at Sea | Teppanyaki | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog #familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  8. Embarkation | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog #familycruise January 20-27, 2024
  9. Cruise Travel Day | Phoenix to Houston Hobby #familycruise | Carnival Jubilee Cruise Vlog
  10. Carnival Jubilee Cabin Tour | 14506 | 5 Person Excel Aft Suite | 👀 Check Out This Balcony #FunShip
  11. Considering Excel rooms already have access to the area, I don’t understand where the justification would be for the advertised price. OP, the same for our coming Jubilee cruise. Maybe 3 or 4 booked, but a bunch still available. Like others have said, Carnival will sell it for less if they have to, but for anyone needing it before the cruise will pay more. Seems to be the same experience with spa treatments, you are more likely to find a deal with a spa treatment onboard rather than pre-cruise. This seems to be counterintuitive since things like Cheers package are discontinued before the cruise.
  12. The times we have checked in with the intention of using the BC it just has you select it as an option. You will not need to upload a digital copy.
  13. How large is your group? It looks like Carnival has a dedicated phone number for group bookings where there are at least 8 staterooms and at least 16 people.
  14. Crocs were allowed on Radiance ropes course last week. I specifically told my kids to pack sneakers because I thought crocs were a no go, but sure enough, my kids proved me wrong lol
  15. Doing this my kids on our upcoming cruise. They have found ducks on several of their cruises and they are very excited to get to hide them!
  16. Today I join the dance, 9 days to the Radiance. Got my dancin’ shoes on
  17. If you are looking for the booking summary, the initial reservation email has similar information to some of what use to be part of that print. But yes, no more from the cruise documents in your “manager” section (as was already stated)
  18. Miami Vice (at this point it is more nostalgic than anything else) DW loves her Blue Margaritas (with sugar on the rim)
  19. In June we had lunch at Bonsai Teppanyaki Restaurant aboard the Carnival Panorama. Here is my meal and restaurant review. One special focus I concentrate on is how they accommodate shell fish allergies. Thanks for watching
  20. Here is a link to a tour of the lounge (not my video) The lounge is a cool concept. Video games, movies, and board games. Space to lounge and space to eat. I do not specifically remember seeing fountain drinks, but they definitely had coffee 🙂 We booked an interior Family Harbor room on our December Panorama cruiseand also had access to the lounge. Just wanted to suggest this category of room as another viable option that has access.
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