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  1. I’m in the same position booked an aft S1 for the 6th August sailing and can’t find any info on port revolutionised S1s any help appreciated
  2. Be interesting to see who gets “top cruisers “ on a UK only cruise? Don’t know of any UK zeniths so someone might get a nice surprise
  3. Also - if anyone would be so kind - how are they handling VAT as it should be charged on all services including drinks etc as it’s a Uk only cruise
  4. Just noticed that all the cruises from Southampton up to the 14th August sailing have now been removed from their website and can no longer be booked. Might be one of their many web problems but if not it looks like they have reached capacity (whatever that is). I see MSC got into problems by overbooking and would guess Celebrity want to avoid that. Looked the other day and there was a LOT of availability in all but suites so there is no way they are sold out!
  5. No sense in this at all. Millenium is fully staffed and ready to go I can, however, see them leaving summit in Alaska/Asia for some time. Swop the ships for the winter season makes some sense
  6. I’ll second that. Well done. Some clarity in difficult times is appreciated
  7. I think it’s only a matter of time until there are some more July cancellations. Europe cruises are clearly at risk and the majority of celebrity customers are from the US or UK Both countries are still advising against travel to Italy so I don’t think celebrity will get the numbers to make it viable long term I think both infinity and constellation will leave the fleet. 4 new e class for the loss of 2 m class is still a substantial increase in capacity just a view. Time will tell
  8. Sadly I think the infinity cruise is toast. But happy to take a credit against my Panama Canal cruise next spring. If both infinity and silhouette sail I’ll have to decide which one to keep!! First world problems
  9. Plan B I’m booked on the 26th July infinity from Venice AND 6th August Silhouette from Southampton (UK residents only). Have no intention of doing both just keeping option open.
  10. Not heard this but it makes some sense in the rapidly changing would of covid !!. Could it come from the Alaska changes!! The theory is that since the Alaska bill has now passed and the season is likely to take place celebrity needs to move quickly to restart and get some cash in. As a mainly US line, sales are still strong and likely to be stronger then any other area given that it's now a totally US trip. The problem for celebrity is which ships to use. The original ships are Solstice (Anchored in Far East), Eclipse (also in the Far East) and Millenniu
  11. Uk site back up!! IT ?? Or changes in the offing. Time will tell
  12. ALL July Cruises showing "SOLD OUT" online! Web site problem or is July being pulled?
  13. I tend to agree. But only for equinox, eclipse, solstice, reflection, summit and infinity. The others have a good chance of going
  14. I’ve had the app for some time and use it for repeat prescriptions etc. Interestingly it already shows that I have had the first jab in my records. So in effect it’s already up and running although the info is a little hard to find. Think this is in fact just an update to make the info a bit clearer
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