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  1. I can’t speak for everyone, but I miss Jan. She had her critics, but she always seemed to try and keep us informed. Since she was promoted upstairs, information about Princess is all but non existent. Seems like every cruise line exec has been updating their cruising community, but there has been hardly anything from Princess.
  2. I rechecked, the Civitavecchia schedule was current as of today. I also checked several schedules for Athens. No Enchanted Princess listed at Athens in July, 2021. I just had a Viking cruise for July cancelled 2 days ago. I am getting tired of all this rescheduling, especially the air, which in Europe is in a constant state of flux. As for Rome, We have been there many times and robbed twice. Not really anxious to return, but we just want to sail. Here’s hoping! The CDC has made sailing from the US impossible. Their aim is health safety. Just like the FAA, the way to make flying totally safe i
  3. I just checked the port schedule for Civitavecchia this morning. 4/9/2021. It shows Enchanted Princess scheduled in port on July 3, 10, and 17, 2021. Where is the information that it’s been switched to Athens?. We are booked on all three of these cruises. Rome is not my favorite port because it’s so difficult to get to the port. I would prefer Athens, but it does not look like this is true.
  4. Of more concern is not the ship sailing, but will we be able to get to where it sails from. Most European countries have banned US travelers to the end of June at least. Then there is the CDC controlling departures.
  5. Hong Kong used to be inexpensive, but not anymore. With the cost of shipping be sure to compare prices. I used to always get my glasses in HK, but here is cheaper now. But you can still get the really thin lens there that are not available here because of safety regs.
  6. I agree that testing will never be 100%, but it’s the best we have at present. Just like everything else in our life at present, you either adapt to the new situation or just stay home until it’s over. It is what it is. If you don’t like masks, or “bubble” excursions or what ever, then just stay home until it is over. one note in this announcement that no one has commented on: Tor said Viking hopes to start cruising in April. Not said, but probably in Europe. We have cruise on Viking Jupiter in July, so I hope he is right.
  7. Actually, cruises to nowhere used to be very popular. They were usually called casino, or gambling cruises.. until someone protested that they were technically illegal to maritime laws and that ended them.
  8. I was on the phone yesterday with a Princess rep concerning a cruise we are considering. Just in conversation, she mentioned that she was upset because she just that morning received notice that her inaugural cruise on Enchanted in June had been cancelled. We have one in October that is now in question.
  9. On the Princess website notifications, it states Royal Princess will depart on its next voyage on March 14,2020. That was as of yesterday, the 10th
  10. I would be careful of booking any asian cruises for a while, regardless of your concerns about coronavirus. I just heard from my friends who arrived in Singapore for a Thailand/Vietnam cruise on Royal Caribbean. They found out yesterday that their cruise was cancelled, now must find a way back home to the east coast on their own. Bummer.
  11. Something is wrong. Muster stations are assigned as to cabin location. If your spouse is in the same cabin, it should be the same. Talk to customer service
  12. You should be aware that the Arizona Memorial has been closed for over a year with no schedule to reopen. They may let you go by on a boat, but the landing dock is closed for reconstruction. The Missouri is open, as is the Arizona museum building. It’s an easy local bus ride there from Aloha Tower, but a long walk from the bus stop.
  13. I have only done it once, but as I remember all you have to scan is the barcode at the bottom of the passport. The program then downloads the entire passport to the system. Just like at immigration. Have to do it again soon for a spring cruise.
  14. My advise would be book it as two cruises. One: Ft Lauderdale to Copenhagen. Two: Copenhagen round trip to St Petersburg. Fly home from Copenhagen. The return from St Petersburg will require a Russian visa. We are going through that now for a river cruise and it’s a bit of a hassle. Of course, if you want more than the two days in St. Petersburg the cruise gives you, then you have no choice but to get the visa.
  15. If you are talking about a deluxe balcony, they have a sofa bed as the third bed. Some of them will accommodate a 4th person. That bed pulls down from the ceiling crosswise behind the balcony door. You would have to stoop under the bed to go out the balcony door. The steward will retract it back into the ceiling in the morning, so it’s only a problem when the room is configured for sleeping. The same for the sofa bed, it’s returned to a sofa in the morning
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