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  1. From the ports you mention, you can probably rent a scooter in Vancouver and drop it off in LA. We were on a Hawaii cruise in May from Honolulu to Vancouver and rented a scooter in Honolulu and dropped it off in Vancouver. But if you have your own scooter, you probably won't need to rent one. Your question asks if you can take a scooter ON the plane. You can't take it on board but most airlines allow you to take it to the door of the plane and then they will stow it for you. If you need assistance ON the plane, the airline has special wheelchairs to get you down the aisle. Check your airline's website and let them know you are bringing a mobility device. Is yours a travel scooter?
  2. Have you considered a cruise that embarks in Rome and disembarks in Barcelona? Or the other way around?
  3. Sorry, don't have information about the Sun specifically, but here is what NCL says about accessibility on their ships. Maybe someone who has been on the Sun can chime in. https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising
  4. Have you contacted Royal's Access Department? (866) 592-7225 They will definitely need to know about her sight impairment. Ask what they suggest about the muster station. Also, waiters will read the dining menus upon request. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/hearing-visual-disabilties
  5. Wow. We have been on the Equinox several times, always in an Aqua room and they have always been excellent. We do get an accessible stateroom so they are always in the same general location. But before we needed an accessible stateroom, our Aqua rooms were always great. When sailing on a ship we are not familiar with, I always check the deck plan, below, above and what's on the same deck as our room before making a decision about which room to select. If you have a guaranty stateroom, you will get what they choose for you.
  6. We were in Barcelona in October and the hotel had adapters to loan. So if you're staying in a hotel, you might check to see if they have one you can borrow. I suspect the adapters they have to loan out are from former tenants who left them in their rooms when they checked out :)
  7. We were in Honolulu in April with 2 adults and a folding transport chair. We used a cab from the airport to the pier. And a cab can take you to your hotel, etc. Tell them you need a cab that can accommodate your equipment.
  8. We had J&R take us from the airport to our hotel, from the hotel to the pier and from the pier back to the airport. That might have been why we paid 70e between the pier and the airport. Either that or they raised their prices (this was as last October).
  9. It was 70E. But we had a van (holds up to 7 people). It is less for their Mercedes E Class vehicle.
  10. Celebrity does. For both the accessible restrooms and staterooms (you push a button for the restrooms to open the door and use your room key for your own room and the door opens automatically). At least that's the way it is on the Equinox and Eclipse (for Aqua staterooms). As a matter of fact, most doors on these ships in the common areas had automatic doors. You could contact the cruise line(s) you are thinking about and talk to their Access Department about your specific cruise line or ship. We're on Royal Caribbean Sept 1 so I'll be on the lookout for automatic doors since we haven't been on Royal for a while.
  11. We haven't been on the Grandeur, but you will need to advise RCCL that you are bringing a mobility device. About the shore excursions, it it too far away from your cruise for these to be posted. When it gets closer, they have a form you can complete regarding availability of accessible tours that can accommodate a scooter. Here is their link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/mobility-disabilities (note accessible shore excursions under Related Links) PS: I don't know what kind of a scooter you have, but you might consider an accessible stateroom if there are any available just so you don't have to break down your scooter (or remove the armrests) and also so you will have extra room to park the scooter. It's really nice to be able to just drive a scooter into your stateroom, have room to turn it around, etc.
  12. Based on what it says on the Princess website for accessible staterooms for your sailing, the only ones available are suites, specifically as of today, stateroom R617. That does not mean that there are none in other categories, just that they aren't showing up on their website as available. An accessible guarantee room means you will get an accessible room, but you will not know where it is located on the ship until they assign it to you. But in any event, if you are going to rent (or buy) a scooter or power chair, you will need an accessible room in order to get it through the stateroom door and to store it in the room (they cannot be stored in the hall). Plan B might be if you have a scooter/chair and no accessible room is available, you might contact the Princess access department and ask what they recommend for people bringing a scooter/chair who do not have an accessible room. Their contact information is accessofficeprincess@princesscruises.com Princess will need to know in any event if you are bringing a scooter/power chair. You might consider trying out both a scooter and power chair to see what fits your needs best. If you have a physical therapist they may be able to help you decide. For someone with mobility issues, the ships are huge and the docks are often very long. Not to mention being able to get around once in port. (You will not be able to take a scooter/power chair on the tender at tender ports.) Having a scooter/chair may make the difference between being able to get off at a port or staying on the ship. By the way, accessible staterooms are usually booked very quickly so if you are considering one, you might want to reserve it while one is still available.
  13. If you want to use cash, you can choose to insert your Sea Pass card if you want to accumulate points. Do you have any onboard credit from Celebrity? We have always used our OBC (from Celebrity) to play in the casino. You have to go to the casino cashier and ask for an amount from your OBC to be transferred over to your Sea Pass card and then you insert the card into your machine and can play whatever was transferred to your card (you will use a PIN to access the funds on your Sea Pass card). If you transfer, say, $20 from your OBC to your Sea Pass card, you have to actually play the $20 on your machine(s) before you can cash out for actual cash.
  14. We were on the Equinox in March and the only mention of tea was on one of the days at sea. It was called Elegant Tea and only for Elite and above.
  15. I have never seen anything about beach wheelchairs at Grand Turk. You might post this question on the Grand Turk board. Plan B might be to hang out at beautiful Margaritaville. This is one wheelchair person's take on it: https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2014/08/04/grand-turk-cruise-center-reviews/
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