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  1. Ask Scootaround if the 21" includes the arm rests. We've rented from both Scootaround and Special Needs at Sea (check pricing on both websites) and they both have had the same equipment. The scooter we've rented has been the Pride GoGo Sport. (Many mobility stores with scooters carry the Pride line and will have this same scooter available for a test drive.) The balcony accessible staterooms have a ramp allowing a scooter to be driven out on the balcony and have enough room to allow the scooter to turn around to get back inside.
  2. Correct. The package only makes sense if you think you would be buying more than $43 a day pp in drinks (which wouldn't take many to add up to $43).
  3. What cruise line will you be on? Every cruise line has information on their website about tendering and what is required for a passenger to be able to tender. Most allow folding wheelchairs so it seems a folding scooter might be allowed, but check with your cruise line's Access Department to confirm this. (You will need to contact your cruise line's Access Department in any event because they will want to know you are bringing a scooter.) An example from Royal Caribbean's website is here: "In order to safely board most tenders, guests must be able to take steps and use a
  4. Most of the people who had their cruises cancelled this year will be rebooking cruises for 2021-2 so there will be a lot of bookings by those people. A lot of cruise lines have refundable deposits right now so you won't lose your deposit if you have to cancel. And lots of Black Friday sales going on now.
  5. I believe the two companies mentioned will deliver to your hotel. You will have to get the scooter from the hotel to the port so look into transportation companies that have a van with a lift. Ask the scooter companies if they can pick up the scooter from your ship after your cruise. You are not booking too early for the timeframe you're looking at to get an accessible stateroom.
  6. Are you thinking of renting a scooter to have waiting in your stateroom when you board? If so, the two main companies that deliver to your stateroom are Scootaround.com and SpecialNeedsatSea.com. With the majority of the cruise lines, other rental companies are not authorized to board the ship to deliver a passenger's rental scooter. If you are thinking of picking up a rental scooter prior to boarding the ship, you can rent elsewhere but you will have to get the scooter to the ship and also get it returned to the rental company. If you need a scooter for a hea
  7. I just checked the cruise planner for our April sailing on the Empress and the drink and Internet prices were the same as we paid last July. But for us they were a good deal when we bought them and a good deal now. Deluxe beverage package $46 pp per day and $9.49 per day (1 device) for Voom Internet. I frequently check the beverage and Internet pricing from the time of booking until sailing, as it changes often.
  8. We were on a Celebrity cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver. The ports were Kailua, Lahaina and Hilo. Hilo was the only stop that did not require using a tender. My husband uses a mobility scooter so Hilo was our best/only option for getting off. Our highlight in Hilo was a helicopter ride from Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours. https://www.bluehawaiian.com/en/ They have an automatic chair lift for people with mobility issues who could not otherwise board the helicopter. This worked out perfect for getting my husband on and off the helicopter. They even came to the port
  9. We encountered this on the Equinox. Very unfriendly for anyone with mobility issues or using a wheelchair/scooter/walker.....
  10. Here is an article regarding this: https://wheelchairtravel.org/american-airlines-policy-prohibits-power-wheelchairs-regional-jets/
  11. I would check with Royal's Access Department. They will want to know you are bringing a scooter and you probably will have to complete a form. Accessibility Department 866-592-7225, or your travel agent but you will get first-hand information if you are the one asking Royal the questions. Also check with Royal regarding the extension cord, which I believe they will provide for a mobility/medical device, which should be waiting in your room when you board. And regarding items you cannot bring on board, check here (so be sure to ask Royal if they will provide one for your sco
  12. We used RomeCabs, romecabs.com, and they were great. We used them from the airport to our hotel, from the hotel to Civitavecchia, and from Civitavecchia back to the Rome airport. You can choose a larger vehicle (see their website) if you think you need some extra room. I would contact them and tell them what you need. It's definitely peace of mind to have your ride waiting for you when you have accessibility equipment. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
  13. There is some information in these articles: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news-headlines/buenos-aires-cruise-terminal-becomes-more-user-friendly https://curbfreewithcorylee.com/2020/06/27/wheelchair-accessible-buenos-aires-argentina/ And a bit older article here: https://wheelchairjimmy.com/south-america-wheelchair-accessible-transportation/
  14. I think the driving classes for these huge mobility scooters would probably be at the Dept of Motor Vehicles. haha I have never seen one of the huge ones for rent so I am thinking the people who have these actually use them at home, too (but maybe not IN the home...). So they should have experience driving them. It's probably just too crowded on a cruise for these drivers to maneuver their equipment like they are used to doing at home.
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