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  1. I would at least check with NCL to see what accessible tours they will be offering, although they might not have all their tours lined up yet. Note that ships tender at most of the islands. Here's their contact info: https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising#ship-transfers When we were in Hawaii a couple of years ago (on Celebrity) we took an accessible helicopter tour. My husband is the one with the wheelchair and he was not interested at all in the helicopter tour. I knew it was accessible and that we had never done a helicopter tour before so I finally convinced him to do it. He said that the helicopter tour was by far one of the most memorable tours he's ever been on. They even did a fly by right over our ship at the end. We booked through the cruise line and the helicopter company was Blue Hawaiian. https://www.bluehawaiian.com/en They actually came to the ship and picked us up, took us to the airport where the helicopter was located, and took us back to the ship afterwards - all in an accessible van. The helicopters are equipped with a lift that will lift the wheelchair person on to the helicopter. Here's an example of a helicopter lift (although not in Hawaii): Per Blue Hawaiian: "All of our bases are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Each base also has a custom built chair lift to assist passengers into the helicopter safely and comfortably. Our chair lifts are able to accommodate passengers up to 250 lbs." This was definitely the most expensive tour we have ever taken, but well worth it.
  2. Here are Royal Caribbean's documentation requirements for US citizens. We have never showed our driver's licenses to anyone except at a couple of ports where the port authorities requested it (so be sure to take your driver's license or passport if you get off at ports just in case they ask). https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/united-states-citizen-travel-documentation Also, here are Royal's Covid requirements: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center
  3. We were on AA last month in 1st and we were served alcohol. They aren't serving it before takeoff though. https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/experience/travel-experience.jsp#foodanddrinkservice
  4. Do all the Princess ships have laundry facilities where you can do your own? We'll be on the Sky Princess in February.
  5. We stayed at the Hotel Praktik Rambla, Rambla de Catalunya 27. Save Great location and lots of restaurants within a few feet. Here is a link from tripadvisor.com where people are commenting about the accessibility (and accessible bathroom). One comment has a photo of the accessible bathroom. We considered some of the H10 hotels also but chose the Praktik Rambla. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g187497-d1482943-Reviews-Hotel_Praktik_Rambla-Barcelona_Catalonia.html Also check HOTEL CONTINENTAL BARCELONA 138, La Rambla. They have accessible rooms.
  6. You mean one to rent while you're on your cruise (on the ship)? The two companies mentioned frequently are specialneedsatsea.com and scootaround.com. They will deliver it to your stateroom so it is there when you board and will pick it up from the ship on the last day. Check with your cruise line to see what mobility companies they allow on the your (to deliver and pick up the equipment). You will also need to let your cruise line know you will be using a mobility device. Are you on Carnival? Their Access Dept will want you to complete a questionnaire ahead of time. Do you have an accessible room? Your equipment needs to fit through the door and inside your room. More information here: https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs/wheelchair-users
  7. We were on the Equinox August 8 and they did not have a Naughty Room, it was a Naughty Table. When we disembarked, the Naughty Table was right there and everyone's Naughty Items were in bags with their names on them.
  8. When we were on the Equinox last month my husband and I both received a call (different days) saying our Tracelets were not working and to go to Guest Services for a replacement, which we did. I overheard a lady later on in the cruise say that hers stopped working and she never exchanged it. So I don't know if anyone's worked the whole cruise.
  9. I would check with both scootaround.com and specialneedsatsea.com. I know that I have seen on one of these websites that they will drop off the device and pick it up at different locations. You will probably have to call these companies. Also, double-check with your cruise line to verify which of these companies they allow on board their ships to pick up the mobility equipment. You can find this information on the cruise line's website by searching for the special needs section. Some cruise lines will only allow one of these companies on board. You may find that renting a rollator is more expensive than buying one.
  10. There are many who say not to laminate your Covid card because any additional boosters you may receive cannot be added. Here is one article that mentions this: https://www.nbcnews.com/shopping/wellness/vaccine-card-holders-covid-n1278122
  11. This was exactly where we got our Rapid Test (CovidClinic.org); however, it was the one in Vancouver, Washington (Portland, Oregon across the river has a couple of them, too). Ours in Vancouver, WA is in a shopping mall parking lot. We had an appointment and there were only about 5 cars in line. We received our results within a half hour. We drove by the same covid clinic just this week and there were about 30 cars in line. Everything is done outside under tents and you stay in your vehicle.
  12. We were on the Equinox August 8. It was very quick to get off the ship and you do meet in the Retreat Lounge. We missed luggage valet, too. I asked about it and was told it would be back. Hope it's back for our November cruise on the Reflection!
  13. Keep checking. On the Equinox Aug 8 and originally the earliest check-in slot was 12:30. Checked a few days later and 11:30am was open so went with it. Check both the app and your on-line account when looking for times.
  14. We were on the Aug 8 sailing of the Equinox and there were tons of cabs right outside the terminal. I don't know the terminal number though.
  15. Look here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/mobility-disabilities
  16. Contact Royal's access dept. They will need to know about any mobility issues in any event. You will no doubt need an accessibile stateroom.
  17. We just booked a cruise for Aug 2022 while on the Equinox last week. There are definitely additional perks for booking while on board, especially the deposit of $200 ($100 pp). The cruise consultant asked if I wanted the booking transferred to my current TA, which I did. (At least he asked because I've had them automatically transfer it to my TA without asking.) Any perks I received for booking on-board are in addition to those from my TA.
  18. We were on the Equinox Aug 8-15 and used all our OBC playing video poker in the casino. We used to have to go to the cashier and have them transfer however much OBC we wanted to our cards but you don't have to do this any more. You just let the machine know you are playing (tap your seapass card) and add $ from your OBC to your machine whenever you want (there are little cards at the cashier that instruct you how to transfer the OBC). We played in $20 increments and once we had played $20 (which was deducted from the OBC) we cashed in and reloaded another $20 from OBC. I think we had about $400 OBC from Celebrity and we cashed in $700.
  19. We were on the Equinox August 8 and the arts and crafts were every day at 10:45am, listed on the Daily Planner under "Celebrity Activities/Shows". They took place on the 14th Floor.
  20. We were on the Equinox Aug 8 and the suite passengers were ushered into a large room with coffee and snacks. In this large room they did some final paperwork for passengers and then you got to leave for the ship. We were in this room 10 minutes max.
  21. I'm looking at this test (via the link provided) and it says the price is $69.99. Am I missing something about the price being $35?
  22. Our Aug 8 cruise on the Equinox was changed from an 8 day to a 7 day cruise earlier this year. We were given $100 OBC and the cruise price was reduced. Or we could have chosen 125% future cruise credit or a 100% refund. If they change the number of days on your cruise, they will notify you of options.
  23. We just got off the Equinox and attached is what was open on embarkation day.
  24. We take our packaged slippers home and donate them.
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