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  1. We used Rome Cabs and they were excellent. romecabs.com
  2. You might want to contact Cunard and ask. They would be able to contact the excursion company to verify what type of vehicle(s) would be used. Have you advised Cunard you will be bringing a wheelchair? They have a form to complete. https://www.cunard.com/en-us/the-cunard-experience/accessibility/
  3. When we were in Barcelona last fall, we used J&G Elegance Cars. This was from the airport to our hotel, our hotel to the pier and then back to the airport. We were let off/picked up basically right in front of everything. Excellent service and highly recommended. It will cost a little more than a taxi but you can get the correct size vehicle to accommodate you. There's a certain amount of calmness knowing your ride(s) is taken care of. http://www.jgelegancecars.co.uk/en/
  4. When we were in Barcelona last October, the airport was a disaster. We were at the airport in plenty of time but the airline clerks (AirCanada) did not start helping people until exactly 2 hours prior to take-off. There were people all over the place and what were once lines turned into a mass of bodies. We got through fine but I wonder about those people who were at the back of the mass. The other airlines looked just as packed with people, too. And there are several check-points to go through before you get to the gate so this takes time, too. Our plane left at 11:45 am and we had an 8 pick-up at the cruise ship pier (J&G Elegance Cars).
  5. Having rented from both companies numerous times, we have always gotten very new scooters in great shape.
  6. Disney Cruise Line (in partnership with Accessible Travel Solutions) has announced 46 new accessible shore excursions in 39 ports around the world. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/port-adventures/new-port-adventures-accessible-travel-solutions/
  7. While we have never had a problem with any of the scooters we have rented, it is my understanding that you go to Guest Services on the ship and they will contact the rental vendor for assistance to troubleshoot the problem or the equipment will be swapped out for another scooter (if available). Per Special Needs at Sea, they have backup scooters on many ships. I suspect Scootaround has a similar procedure. What is Zoom? This is from Special Needs at Sea's website: If sailing on a cruise ship and you need to contact us for any reason, we ask that you please go to Guest Services onboard. A member of the Guest Service staff will place a complimentary call for you and put you in direct contact with us. When not open for normal business hours, we do have an emergency line, so you are always able to get a hold of one of our representatives.
  8. We used Johnny Cab from the HNL airport to the pier in April and the cost was $23.32. This was for 2 adults, a suitcase and a wheelchair. (Looks like their price went up a little.) This is direct from their website: Honolulu Pier Transportation between Airport and Honolulu Pier. 1 - 2 passengers - $25 $6 each additional passenger
  9. We were on the Eclipse in May and they would only let us in our room once they announced the rooms were ready. We had a porter outside the cruise terminal take our larger piece of luggage (which is actually a carry-on-size) and it was delivered outside our room that afternoon. We kept a couple of small pieces of luggage with us but they were very manageable. I would rather have a porter take our luggage and deliver to our room later in the day than to find out once on the ship that we could not put the luggage in the room before it's ready.
  10. First of all, go to your cruise line's access section on their website (a search for "wheelchair" will often find the page) and see which vendor(s) is authorized by your cruise line (non-authorized vendors are typically not allowed to board the ship with your scooter). The most common vendors are Scootaround and Special Needs at Sea. With that information, go to each company's website and price your equipment. We have rented a scooter from both companies and they are both good but sometimes one is less expensive than the other, depending on your itinerary. Do you have an accessible stateroom? You cannot leave a scooter in the hallway outside your room. If not, check with your cruise line's Access Department and inquire what the policy is for people who have scooters that cannot get them in their room. In any event, your cruise line will want to know that you are bringing mobility equipment and they will probably have a form for you to complete.
  11. I triple this suggestion. Take all your documentation. On more than one occasion our OBCs have not been correct and I had to show them our documentation and they corrected it right away. You do not want to have to correct errors once you get home after the cruise....
  12. We were on the Eclipse last May, but it was from Hawaii to Vancouver BC. It was a wonderful trip and we especially liked the days at sea, but we like those anyway. Attached is an example of what was happening on one of the days at sea.
  13. Check with your cruise line to see what rental companies they allow. I know at least one cruise line only allows one major mobility rental company (if you rent) on board. The two main ones are https://www.specialneedsatsea.com and Scootaround.com . You can even look at their websites to see what they offer. They offer great scooters and yes they have backrests. There are lots of people on cruises who have scooters. Some people have their own and many rent them. If you rent them from one of the two mentioned companies above, your scooter will be waiting for you in your stateroom and you leave it there on your final day when you leave the cruise. Check with your cruise line about accessible excursions via their Access Dept, as that department will sometimes have accessible excursions that are not listed in the main excursion booklet. In my opinion, a cruise is one of the best vacations for someone in a wheelchair or a scooter. You will be booking your next cruise before you're off the ship! Note: if your itinerary has tender ports, you cannot take a scooter aboard the tender. .
  14. We were on the Epic last October and docked in Livorno. We hired Papilion Service and we only wanted a half day tour. We went to Lucca and Pisa and thereafter had a tour of Livorno. The owner of Papilion, Robert, was our driver and he actually lives in Livorno and knows every nook and cranny. He was a great tour guide everywhere we went. He could definitely give you a tour of Livorno. They are highly rated on TripAdvisor. https://www.papillonservice.com/
  15. You might check the website thisiscozumel.com They have an accessible tour: https://thisiscozumel.com/tours/packagedetails/cozumel-wheelchair-accessible-tours and someone reported on that tour in tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g150809-d2471675-r191184040-This_Is_Cozumel-Cozumel_Yucatan_Peninsula.html And this place has accessible taxi tours: https://cozumeltoursbycab.com/island-tour-with-limited-mobility/ What cruise line are you going to be on? Have you checked with them to see what accessible tours they are offering for your cruise? They often have accessible tours that are not offered with their regular listing of tours. In any event, you will need to notify your cruise line that you are bringing a scooter. Your cruise line's Access Department is who to contact regarding this. And depending on what type of scooter will be involved, you may need an accessible room.
  16. Definitely advise Royal. Call their Access Department at (866) 592-7225, or send an e-mail to special_needs@rccl.com Here are a couple of links to get you started: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2060876-travelling-with-children-with-aspergers/ and https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/autism-friendly-ships
  17. We have never used Uber but will be using it next month with the transport chair. We plan on ordering a larger vehicle just to play it safe. So if you order a little larger Uber car you should be fine. If you have the walker too the worst case scenario would be you'd have to hold it on your lap. But they can probably put it in the passenger front seat. You should be fine. Just order a larger Uber to cover all the bases.
  18. Depending on where you're catching your ride, if it's from an airport you might check the taxi prices vs Uber. At some airports the prices are very similar and the taxis are all lined up waiting. Any many airports have fixed taxi rates from the pier to the airport or vice versa. There usually is someone in charge of the taxis and they wave the next one in line to come forward. If you need a larger taxi, they can find one of those in line for you, too.
  19. It is my understanding both can be gate checked at no charge. https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/wheelchairs-and-other-assistive-devices Uber lets you choose what type of vehicle and availability depends on where you are. You can go to their website and see what they offer for your destination. Check this link: https://www.uber.com/global/en/ My husband also has a NOVA transfer chair and we typically use a taxi. It fits into quite small trunks (taking the foot rests off) and the walker can be in the car.
  20. I believe airlines are covered by the Air Carrier Access Act. Compliance is required by all US airlines and flights to and from the US by foreign airlines. https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer/passengers-disabilities
  21. It sounds like you're taking your ECV on the cruise. Are you planning on taking the ECV on tours? We have been on ship tours that are wheelchair/scooter accessible, meaning they use a vehicle with a lift to get the equipment onto the bus (which has never been a big tour bus, only a smaller bus) but you do have to get to where the transportation is parked. Does your ECV break down so it could be stowed beneath one of the large tour buses? One of the accessible ship tours we took was in St Maarten (Celebrity) and my husband drove his scooter to the waiting lift bus and the scooter was lifted into the bus. There was a lady on this same excursion who was confined to a wheelchair and could not transfer so she sat in her wheelchair as they used the lift to get her onto the bus. People got to where the tour bus was waiting using their own mobility equipment. In May we were in Hilo on a ship tour (Celebrity) and the tour company came specifically for us using a van with a lift for my husband's scooter. Everyone else on this tour was in another non-accessible van. So, depending on what your ship offers for tours, you may or may not be able to take an ECV with you on tours. And you will have to get from the ship to where the tour transportation is parked. And definitely speak to the Access Department of your cruise line. You might need an accessible stateroom for the ECV. They can also direct you to their accessible tours department; however, if it is too far in advance of your cruise, they will not have much information on what will actually be available for tours on your cruise. (We have been sent shore excursion booklets by the cruise lines that are specifically for people who need accessible tours. And there are sometimes tours in the accessible tour booklets that are not on the regular list of tours being offered by the ship.) If you have a wheelchair (or can rent one for the cruise) you will have more tours to choose from because the wheelchair can be folded up.
  22. From the ports you mention, you can probably rent a scooter in Vancouver and drop it off in LA. We were on a Hawaii cruise in May from Honolulu to Vancouver and rented a scooter in Honolulu and dropped it off in Vancouver. But if you have your own scooter, you probably won't need to rent one. Your question asks if you can take a scooter ON the plane. You can't take it on board but most airlines allow you to take it to the door of the plane and then they will stow it for you. If you need assistance ON the plane, the airline has special wheelchairs to get you down the aisle. Check your airline's website and let them know you are bringing a mobility device. Is yours a travel scooter?
  23. Have you considered a cruise that embarks in Rome and disembarks in Barcelona? Or the other way around?
  24. Sorry, don't have information about the Sun specifically, but here is what NCL says about accessibility on their ships. Maybe someone who has been on the Sun can chime in. https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising
  25. Have you contacted Royal's Access Department? (866) 592-7225 They will definitely need to know about her sight impairment. Ask what they suggest about the muster station. Also, waiters will read the dining menus upon request. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/hearing-visual-disabilties
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