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  1. If Carnival is blocking cabins to reduce capacity, they aren't doing a very good job of it. I have a cruise booked on the Pride Feb 2021 and every single cabin around mine is available for booking.
  2. The May 15 Horizon isn't on the website, but it IS back in my cruise manager!
  3. In addition to the May 1 cruise that was always available, the Horizon May 29 cruise popped back up, but not the rest of May, or the rest of the summer.
  4. Exactly. Time and time again, cruises disappeared from the site, people asked if their cruises were cancelled, and JH told everyone not to worry. Time and time again, those cruises were eventually cancelled. I imagine there will be an official announcement soon.
  5. When I talked to Carnival the other day after my Horizon cruise disappeared, the rep said that they were altering itineraries to shorter cruises. I don't know if that was specific to the Horizon, or across the board, but if it's becoming their general policy, those longer cruises may be gone for a while.
  6. I spoke with someone at Carnival who said that the Horizon itineraries are dancing May through Sept, but indicated that the May 15 itinerary would stay the same. The person said to call back in a week or two. I guess we'll know more when an official announcement is made.
  7. My May 15, 2021 Horizon cruise is gone from my manager - even when I try to add it back manually, it won't let me. May 1, 2021 is still on Carnival's website, but the rest of May is gone, and June, July, Aug, and Sept are blocked on the website. October onwards is available. Is there a "dancing of the ships" I haven't heard about?
  8. I work from home so I'm not worried about having to quarantine for 14 days after I get back. However, I am worried that if there is an outbreak on the ship, that they won't let passengers leave the ship (meaning, they quarantine the entire ship on the ship once it gets back to port). I can work from home, I can't work from the ship! You'll have to worry about the scenario that if there is an outbreak on the ship, and they quarantine the ship for 2-3 weeks, then let you leave, you have another 2 weeks of quarantine back at home. That's 5-6 weeks from work, if you include your actual week of vacation. I'm not sure any boss would be happy with an employee missing 5-6 weeks because of a vacation.
  9. The Fantasy, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Sensation, and Radiance are all grayed out for me on Carnival's website now. .
  10. The Fantasy, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Sensation, and Radiance are all grayed out for me.
  11. I knew that the Pride was headed to Curacao and when I heard about the Fantasy happenings in Curacao, my first thoughts were "Please don't let the Pride be getting the Fantasy treatment!"
  12. I have a feeling that cruises in Europe will start a lot earlier than cruises from the US. Europe (for the most part) seems to be doing a heck of a lot better with their infection numbers than the US. If Europe can start up cruises and not have entire ships come down with covid, that at least makes me hopeful that cruising can start back up in the US if we get our infection numbers down.
  13. Per a crew member in another social media group, they were signing off crew in St. Martin.
  14. OBC isn't determined by the length of the cruise booked, it's determined by the length of the cruise cancelled. I had a 5-day cruise in May that was cancelled. I'm rebooked on an 8 day for May 2021. We only received $300 in OBC for rebooking, not $600.
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