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  1. Does anyone know if it's worth getting/possible to get both tests? The rapid test in case the PCR turnaround time takes too long, but also the PCR test in case the rapid test comes back a false positive?
  2. Thanks for the warning. I have celiac disease. Just another thing to worry about now. *sigh*
  3. On my mac, I can change the font size on each website (and it only applies to that website; if I go to a different website, the font size is back to normal). Try Command + + (command key and the plus key at the same time) to make the font larger.
  4. I'm sure official, written guidance will come out shortly. I'm vaccinated, so I was only half listening 🙂
  5. Just Florida and Texas? It seemed like it was any cruise, including those beginning in Sept and Oct like the Pride out of Maryland.
  6. John Heald just announced Pride beginning Sept 12.
  7. Thanks, I finally found it under a drop down menu that was located in the far upper right corner.
  8. All, have the dining time selection and bed set up selection options disappeared from the cruise manager? I have searched everywhere in the cruise manager and cannot find it. I used to be able to see what dining time I had and edit how the beds were set up. Where'd it go?
  9. Will they ask for proof beyond a card? Probably not. I also did a mass vax site will be closed in the next week or so, but the medical center that ran it has my vaccine information in my account, which is also linked/shared to my PCP, which is a different medical provider. I've also been told that the state health department has the information (it's how they ran the 'get a vaccine, win the lottery' program here). Either way, if I get there with my vax card and they say, proof please, there's at least two official websites I can access to show proof, even if the places are closed on a weekend.
  10. It really depends on when the ship gets into port and starts debarking. Once enough people have debarked, retrieved their luggage, and left, then they open the parking lot up. What I usually do is the morning of, keep my eye on the ship tracker. I'll plan my arrival for two to three hours after the ship arrives into port. Of course, any planning could be rendered moot if they're still doing staggered check-in at the time of your cruise.
  11. I'm on the October 10th sailing. Keeping my fingers crossed that sailing starts back up in September!
  12. Maybe they were developing protocols and having the crew practice social distancing tendering 🙂
  13. So happy to see this!!! But it will only let me watch five seconds at a time! 😢
  14. Yes, I had this happen, but it was only having to deal with 4 cruises that were cancelled. I was missing money, same as you. I think we had the same Carnival customer service rep. It was after a round of cancellations that I called and I knew they were probably stressed so I was sure to be as pleasant as possible. But the person I got was quite condescending right off the bat and I eventually called her out on it. I'd kept records of everything and had had no money whatsoever refunded from any of them. It basically came down to me walking her through each and every cruise and payment and total paid for the cruise and then where did all that money/credit applied to the next cruise go. It took forever but she eventually found the missing money and applied it. Of course that cruise was cancelled. Lesson learned, I took the refund that time lol.
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