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  1. I'm guessing this is going to change at least once before the year is over. I keep hearing that the vaccine will be offered to age 10 and up this fall. My family is looking forward to getting on a cruise ship again, but I am happy to wait until my kids are vaccinated for their protection as well as others.
  2. My kids were about a year younger then your ages listed when they did their first Hawaii cruise. They loved it. Kids programing is excellent ( they will combine age groups if there are only a few kids). We also spent time in the pool in the afternoons. My kids actually asked if they had to get off the ship on port days because they loved the sea days.
  3. I will miss the stamps, but as they are supposedly going to digital delivery of all the flyers I hope they consider adding a digital stamp. I do digital scrapbook in and love to use the stamps as an element in my scrapbooking
  4. MSC is very generous with their status matching program. It's a cruise line that is run very differently than Princess and they have some beautiful ships. We enjoyed cruising on them more than we expected, but they are a very different cruise experience.
  5. the kids clubs are amazing for the younger kids, once they get to that tween stage it really depends on what your kids like to do. If they like to hang out with other kids, play games, do arts and crafts or play video games they will enjoy it.
  6. We've done it with our kids the last few years and love it! In addition to the activities already mentioned the kids club will have holiday themed crafts and activities with a carnival in the plaza with games and prizes. There will be lots of Christmas cookies, gingerbread decorating contest and for New Years eve the kids club will host a family dance/New Years party in one of the clubs. We are just sad we have to skip our Christmas cruise this year!
  7. It depends on the cruise- on our Christmas cruise on the Grand it took place in the lounge in an hours time total. I think it would have been way more fun over time, but it is still entertaining!
  8. At both the port and airport they have an information area- if you tell them where you are staying they will write it out in Chinese characters to give to the taxi drivers. You can also print those out in advance (the hotels can help with this to get back to the ports) We actually didn't have any problems in Shanghai at all! Also, the metro in Shanghai is very good for getting around
  9. There are many small boats in the waters around San Francisco. Also between the Golden Gate and the Farallons is a stretch of water known as the "potato patch". Even on your best weather day it is always rough there!
  10. In the US you can buy Christmas crackers at any party store or import store (World Market), but because they have just a tiny amount of gun powder in them (makes the popping sound when pulled) you can not bring them on a plane.
  11. I'm pretty sure they can do up to 12- If I had a group this large I might try working with corporate to set up a special dinner in advance!
  12. I tend to think of it as more of a fondue for one- amazing with the bread!
  13. when my 12 year old doesn't want to go to kids club he like lectures, movies and craft activities
  14. I was wondering also- not sure if this is a holiday cruise thing or a regular cruise thing? If so, it was not offered to us last year on our holiday cruise
  15. We have some friends we are trying to introduce to cruising and I thought a BVE would be a great way to show them around. I too had heard that the program had been cancelled so I called to confirm it a few weeks ago. Yes, I was told that it was cancelled but was also told that if enough people wrote letters and requested it that they might reinstate it.
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