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  1. I agree. Love that itinerary. Roatan has one of the best beaches in the world, fun and excellent bar hopping, amazing restaurants, some of the best snorkeling in the world right from the beach, Friendliest and phenomenal people, and world class zip lines. Throw in Sloths and monkeys too. I can't get enough. Cruise to there three times in a row - that is how much I loved it. We also spend a week there for a land vacation. Belize is great too if you do it right - amazing islands and snorkeling.
  2. Looks like a lot more people will be getting the vaccine now with more and more companies making it mandatory to get them. That should help cruising in a big way unless a variant comes along that makes these current vaccine irrelevant. Let's just hope for the best so islands / ports can open back up to cruisers like they were pre-pandemic. Some changes will be with us forever - for better or worse.
  3. Yep. They will make some money off of the alcohol and casino from me probably.
  4. It is an amazing deal. Never seen anything like it. Says for vaccinated only. For September -- would be a great way to get back to cruising.
  5. I hear ya. It is crazy. We are ready to go though. Might go for a 4 day cruise for $39.
  6. The good news out of all of this -- I have never seen cruise fare so low before in my life. Fully vaccinated can take a 5 day cruise for around $120 in a balcony. Tempting. lol
  7. Better to get a cabin on Deck 17 and just use the Serenity Deck. That place is massive.
  8. To check card eligibility: https://online.citi.com/US/ag/merchantoffers I believe it is only the Prestige and Dividend cards right now. Have not heard of others yet. I tried some of mine and nothing.
  9. We have been buying our gift cards from Citi for years now. $100 gift cards for $90. $500 for $450. $1000 for $900. It's been great. Glad to see them doing this as well. Can save a lot of money with this deal plus the gift cards through their CitiDeals.
  10. Loving these pictures. Booking Celebration right now and debating between two Extended Balconies vs two Cove Balconies together with the partition open. Love Coves.
  11. Love this. Thank you for taking time out of R&R to post all of this.
  12. He didn't do the extended balcony. Only forward and aft for extended.
  13. Of all my cruises, I never once checked the channels for anything. Good to know though and thanks for sharing. I do watch sports in the bars on the ship so maybe that is why they do that. So people spend money in the bars and casino.
  14. I understand that. I do not know where the OP is from but you are correct.
  15. I get an antigen test at CVS every couple of weeks. No cost to me ever and I always have the results back within 30 minutes and the documentation I need. This is in Texas.
  16. As Scottie stated - they just want to cover their bases and let people know that antigen is not approved for all travel and places. For cruises, it is.
  17. I didn't think you could schedule those that much in advance. We schedule the same day without issue. Interesting.
  18. No, no more lockdowns. UK opened up completely during the highest point of the Delta variant surge there. After the opened up, cases dropped.
  19. Definitely would NOT be permitted. They want documentation from a testing site. At-Home does not provide that secure documentation. CVS Antigen tests -- results back within 30 minutes in our experience. Didn't cost us a thing. Documentation was sent right away.
  20. That is a tough one but -- I would say yes. My only hesitation is that it will be flu season.
  21. Exactly. We should have learned this by now. Looks like NYC learned and following what UK did.
  22. Got ours at CVS. Same place we got our vaccines. This was in Houston, TX. Antigen Rapid Test. It even says no cost on their website with insurance or federal program for uninsured. I guess they put my father-in-law down as federal program uninsured. I don't believe CVS cares because the government pays them for every test. Again, got the results back quickly (20-30 minutes) and the documents we needed to travel. Uploaded the documents to the airlines and the airline approved it within a few hours. I imagine there are other places that do the same but we have been very happy with CVS through all of this. https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing/?icid=coronavirus-lp-nav-general-testing
  23. You can move it without penalties. We did that. Just had to pay the fare difference. We moved our cruise recently from November to June 2022. Two cabins. Our $1200 OBC carried over.
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