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  1. Yes, the changing rooms for the gym. It is very pleasant. Probably the nicest sauna I’ve been in - and yes, definitely single sex.
  2. To pick up on what Glenndale said regarding the spa and sauna, I confirm that apart from the facilities in the spa (for which you need a pass which is around $35 for a day), there are great free saunas in the changing rooms. I really enjoyed the free sauna as it is very bright with a glass wall overlooking the sea - you can whale watch from your sauna bench!
  3. When we were visiting the UK a while ago my wife found the hat she wanted to wear to our son's wedding back home in Australia. On the advice of the shop assistant, she bought a postage box at the post office to protect the hat and was able to squeeze the box into her suitcase for the next 3 weeks, arriving home with no damage to the hat!
  4. They don't. I have had lunch on embarkation day when I've got on during a continuing voyage.
  5. It was a great experience. And I didn't even realise who I was talking to until about 5 minutes into the conversation when he asked me what I thought of the ship...
  6. I've noticed that the on line version of the breakfast menu seems to have been cut back from what I've experienced on my last 5 voyages. For example, I note that melon platter, eggs benedict, waffles and french toast are no longer on the Britannia menu, but they do appear on the Britannia Club menu. Is this a recent change or cutback? From my recollection Britannia and Britannia Club used to have the same menu at breakfast. And how am I to cope without several of my favourites? Eugene
  7. It's interesting that the list above is slightly different to what's shown on my voyage personaliser. I am doing Tokyo-Vancouver on QE, departing 5 May 2019. The list above shows 3 formal nights for that voyage; they are: 6 May Madam Butterfly Ball 9 May Black and White Ball 19 May Elizabeth Ball My VP has all of those but in addition shows 12 May Masquerade Ball Interestingly, 12 May is "Groundhog Day" where we cross the date line and thus have the day twice. So, according to the VP we have 4 or 5 formal nights (depending on whether we repeat the formal night on the repeat day) but according to the list we have only 3. Any thoughts on which one is more likely to be correct (and if the VP would we do it twice?) Eugene
  8. I don't know if it's always the case, but I'll throw in my own experience: I boarded QM2 in Sydney a few years ago and sailed the Sydney - Hong Kong leg of the world voyage. I arrived at the terminal quite a bit earlier than my allocated time and was waved straight through, moving from terminal to my cabin in less than 5 minutes. I then went straight to the Britannia dining room and it was open for lunch. I was swiftly seated at a shared table and enjoyed embarkation day lunch within 15 minutes of arriving at the terminal. And as an extra special bonus, when I chatted with my neighbour at the table I found I was seated next to none other than Stephen Payne, architect of the great ship!
  9. Queen Elizabeth will be in Fremantle on Monday 4 February 2019 and I'm planning to drop by to see her in port. The Port Authority website shows her departing at 22.00, which is rather later than I've seen any Cunard ships depart Fremantle in the past (but it's good for me as I'll have to get away from work and have dinner near the port). Usually they leave around 17.00 or 18.00. Does anyone - maybe even someone currently on board - have any other confirmation of departure time on that day?
  10. Not having a problem with mine... that's probably no help to you at all sorry!
  11. Anyone still having trouble? I can't log on to the voyage personaliser today - I get the message The personal details that you have entered are incorrect, please try again. They definitely are not incorrect, and worked fine yesterday...
  12. We’re on the 17 night Tokyo to Vancouver.
  13. I booked a voyage on QE departing in May 2019, and I made the booking way back in mid 2017. A couple of days ago I looked at the website and saw that the same class of stateroom is now on sale for $2700 per couple less. I rang Cunard to see if I could price match but - as per the terms and conditions - I was told no. Fair enough, they're the booking rules. So I cancelled my original booking, made a new one in the same category, lost my $1000 deposit on the old booking, lost my OBC on the old booking, and I'm still $1400 ahead. That's a bit of extra spending money on board! The only slightly frustrating part was my shore excursions. They can't be transferred to the new booking apparently, as they are booked on "separate systems". They are simply cancelled and I get a refund from Cunard, and I rebook the same excursions. I this day and age I'd have thought there was a simpler solution...
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