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  1. I found the Hammer Museum very interesting. Not much else to see in town but it is unspoiled by all the chain souvenir stores What I highly recommend is a flightseeing trip with Paul from Mountain Flying over Glacier Bay. Spectacular
  2. Not a float plane but in Skagway I highly recommend a flight over Glacier Bay with Paul from Mountain Flying Service. He is based down in Haines but does flights from there and Skagway. Spectacular scenery, I've flown with him several times.
  3. DougH

    hubbard glacier

    To me there is no such thing as too much glaciers :)
  4. DougH

    hubbard glacier

    If you are stopping in Juneau and have enough time you would like the all day tour to Tracy Arm with Adventure Bound. They get very close to the face of the Sawyer Glacier and the tour cost is around $150pp. A much better value to me
  5. Not sure if you are visiting other ports but I've flown out of Skagway (he is based in Haines) with Paul from Mountain Flying Service. On one flight we landed in a pass high above Glacier Bay that was spectacular. Highly recommended and a very decent price with a long flight time
  6. DougH

    5 Glacier flightseeing

    Are you stopping in Skagway or Haines? I've flown with Paul from Mountain Flying Service over Glacier Bay several times and he is fantastic. He is based in Haines but has flights out of either town. He is probably cheaper than thru the cruise line with more time in the air. He has several options, go for the longest you can afford and enjoy
  7. The driver I had was the local ambulance driver normally. He was the oldest and slowest but we magically were always the first at any stopping point. The younger drivers would speed past us only to be stopped by gates or which route to take. Our guy knew how many gates were coming up so he never had to get out to open any. If the lead cars got stuck everyone would get out and discuss how to get around. We would sit patiently until they decided but most of the time he got tired of waiting and just drove around the obstacle on a route no one else seemed to see. LOL
  8. After 75+ cruise the best shore excursion I've been on was Volunteer Point with Patrick Watts. The penguins are amazing, fantastic day and he was 1/2 the cost of the Princess excursion. Get to Volunteer Point any way you can, I would have been happy even with the higher prices. I can't recommend highly enough :)
  9. As everyone at work says about my travels, "When I grow up I want to be you" We are always so jealous of your long trips :)
  10. I agree, I never get tired of looking. So different each time but so many people just see a pile of ice.
  11. Or another visit, and another and another and...…………….
  12. I prefer to do a back to back on Princess. 2 stops in each port allows lots of time for multiple excursions. Northbound you are usually in port long enough to do the all day Adventure Bound tour to Tracy Arm from Juneau, 2nd week you can explore the area. Heading North you stop in Glacier Bay and College Fjord, South stops in both Hubbard and Glacier Bay. Lots cheaper than the tours also usually
  13. Hi I'm Corals friend and did a similar cruise in 2009 on the Star Princess, I'm booked on this one also. I felt that even just the drive by was spectacular Our lecturer was a gentleman named Bernard Stonehouse who has since passed. His lectures were very popular. Book as many penguin excursions as you can, Volunteer Point in the Falklands is my all time favorite excursion after 75+ cruises. I spent several days in Buenos Aires prior to the cruise and can recommend this city as well worth your time. I loved this trip so much the next year I booked a cruise from Santiago around the horn up to Ft Lauderdale, this ended up being the infamous "Earthquake cruise" where nobody could get to the ship. I missed the first 8-9 days but caught up with the Star Princess in BA for the last 22 days of the cruise
  14. Yes on the train sit on the left side going up the mountain from Skagway, right side headed back down. On the bus do the opposite, tight going up left going down. Enjoy your trip, the longer the train ride the better. Best option if you can is the Lake Bennett option
  15. My preference is late May to Mid June for the long daylight hours and generally drier conditions. I've done 25+ trips with the majority in this time frame, to me the 2nd and 3rd weeks in June are the perfect time.
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