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  1. So sorry to see her go as she was my favorite. Was supposed to sail on her in May 2020 for a Coastal followed by Alaska. I was lucky enough to sail on the 50th Anniversary cruise with the entire Love Boat cast, this one one of my favorite cruises.
  2. Unless the price is great I would avoid. I hate the shorter days as you miss not being able to see lots lots of scenery in the longer summer days. Also possibility of rain is much higher and many shops will be closed for the season. I f this is your only trip to Alaska I would look at much earlier months. My sweet spot is mid June for the longest days
  3. It was listed in the patter and held on only the last sea day. It was all the way aft and they had the section blocked off until 12 noon.
  4. Just got home from a cruise to Mexico on the Royal Princess and they tried something new with the Pub Lunch I've never seen before. This time it was set up in a section of the Lido Buffet instead of being served in the Crown Grill. You served yourself and I got my food fast, same menu as I've seen on other ships but buffet style. I was on the Sky TA in November and never got into the Pub Lunch after several tries as the line was so long whether you arrived early or late. I think this was a great idea and hope they continue
  5. Try booking with Paul from Mountain Flying Service. He is based down in Haines but also does flights from Skagway. I've gone with him several times and he does an excellent job with lots of time in the air.
  6. Memories of being out on deck at dusk and watching the sky and mountains turn orange and purple. Never gets old
  7. Princes does a longer Alaska route in the past about every 2-3 years that is 12-14 days and on one of the smaller ships. This year it is on the Pacific Princess and I have not seen it listed for next year. It stops in more and smaller ports than the regular 7 day trips. I've done this several times in the past and am doing it this year on the Pacific. I've sailed Alaska almost 30 times over the years and can say my favorites were the small ship cruises. HAL also has a 14 day cruise I believe on one of their mid size ships. If I had to pick my idea Alaska cruise it would be two wee
  8. Actually the best by far is the small Pacific Princess. This year she is doing a 12 day route with 3 more ports than the usual 7 day cruise with better port times. Downside is she is RT Vancouver so no interior Alaska before or after. Small size means no lines anywhere, you are closer to water level for viewing and lots of good viewing areas. Princess only seems to do this longer route every 3 years or so and I try to do it every chance I have. My second choice is the Coral for the same reasons most have said already
  9. When the Grand was launched she was the largest ship in the world. What do you consider middle sized? The Sun/Dawn/Sea/Ocean ships or maybe the HAL Statendam/Masdam ships?
  10. As everyone says layering is the key. I'm usually in a t shirt, flannel shirt, sweatshirt then a light jacket and adjust as to how cold it is. Gloves are nice so is a hat. Personally I like a scarf for when I'm out on deck to wrap around my neck to stay warm from the wind. I'd avoid a big bulky jacket as it takes a hug amount of space
  11. Tracy Arm is a 3-4 hour small boat ride from Juneau and is an all day trip. No way to do both on the same day. Your ship sails too early to take teh Adventure Bound tour and I'm not sure what other options there are
  12. Wander around the ship, its great to have many different views. I've found that as soon as the Captain turns the ship to leave everyone heads inside. Find a spot on the aft deck and you might have it to yourself. Some of the best scenery on your trip is the first couple of hours after leaving Whittier. Most people are inside and you will have the deck to yourself. Not sure when in Aug you sail but I love being outside for the long twliight hours
  13. I love the soft serve ice cream. Tr my trick, I bring along a box of waffle cones instead of the little ones Princess has. Sure get some envious looks. 🙂
  14. Have they added a soft ice cream bar like on the other ships or is still just ice cream in the afternoon buffet?
  15. If everything goes well you will be OK but the slighest delay along the way will cause real problems. I'm assuming from Seattle you are heading to Alaska with a first port of Ketchikan. If you miss the ship for any reason you will not be able to join the ship as you would be then traveling from one US port (ketchikan) to a final destination in Seattle. This is not allowed by US law so you would potentially miss your entire cruise. I would suggest flying in a day early and taking another vacation day, and finding someone to watch the kids one more night
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