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  1. If they're going to sail in August they'd know it by now... someone on CC said it takes 88 days to provision a cruise ship (from placing the orders to delivery on embarkation day). 88 days from today is August 17th. My guess is no, X will not resume cruising in August.
  2. You've got it right. PH and RS are offered it first (only offered if they have a linked reservation... so family or friends traveling together). There is no requirement that the linked reservation be paid for by the suite guests. $59 per day, per person... must buy for the entire length of the cruise. The suite guest may pay or the passenger in the linked reservation may pay. This fee/program allows the nonsuite guest to dine in Luminae, enjoy the Retreat Lounge/sundeck, etc. It's very limited and ONLY offered to suite guests IF they have a linked reservation. The program is very new... so new that when I brought it to my travel agent's attention she had never heard of it. When she talked to her X rep the rep wanted to know how she had "found out about it" because it hadn't be released to TAs yet. Whether this will still be an option once the ships start sailing again, who knows. The shore side concierge will call you to offer it IF you meet the criteria. That's what we were told. We jumped the gun by calling them first. LOL
  3. A quote from the Gov's update this afternoon... "The day before yesterday, 252 people died – in one day alone – in Massachusetts, from the virus – A state only fifteen miles from our southernmost town. I will do everything in my power to make sure that this deadly and untreatable virus does not hop a plane, a bus, a truck or a train, an SUV or an RV… and land here and take over our state as it has taken hold in others."
  4. I agree. Our two southern most counties are the hardest hit... Portland is a 6.5 hour drive from Philly, 5.5 from Newark, 5 from NYC, and just 2 hours from Boston, so we are going to stay closed until those areas are under control. If we open up our beaches, state parks, lodging, restaurants and bars we are going to be inundated with people trying to escape their sick cities. Maine is doing great, it's our neighbors to the south that are the issue. Our Canadian neighbors have closed the border (thank you).
  5. I watch the daily updates on tv with the Gov and state CDC director. When the Gov was explaining her reopening plan/schedule she said the 3 phases (1-May, 2-June, 3-July/August) will all mandate anyone visiting Maine to complete a 14 day self quarantine. During the Q&A session that followed a reporter asked about cruise ships. Her response was that it would be impossible to accept cruise ships until phase 4 (no projected date for this), when the mandated quarantine period would be lifted. So, although it was not specifically stated in any published document, she was clear that cruise ships would not be coming into Maine ports until after the 14 day mandate is gone. She wouldn't discuss a possible time frame for phase 4... and admitted that it could be "quite a while" before it happened. Maine won't be open for tourism this summer.
  6. Self cancelled 5/2/20 cruise on 3/10/20. Chose to do this for 25% refund, 75% FCC. Refunds posted this billing cycle for port fees, taxes and 25% refund (also a purchase that was a gift was refunded this cycle). FCC has not been issued yet. For everyone counting days until their refunds are "due" according to X... 30 or 45... remember, those are business days. So 30 days is really 6 weeks, not one month. 45 days is 9 weeks.
  7. " Looking at the 8/2/20 and the 8/16/20 bookings, both cruises have over 400 vacant cabins." Are these out of Boston? Where are they scheduled to cruise to?
  8. The Governor said yesterday that the state will not accept cruise ships through August... and possibly beyond. Makes sense when you consider anyone entering Maine has to self quarantine for 14 days (also in effect through August). Day visitors, like cruisers, wouldn't be able to get off the ship.
  9. "We are booked on the 9/11 cruise out of Boston,..." FYI, as of yesterday Maine ports are closed through August. She will reassess further closures when the time comes. Seriously doubt your 9/11 cruise will head north out of Boston, IF it sails. Our mandatory 14 day self quarantine was extended through the end of August, as well, for anyone crossing into Maine. Lodging continues to be closed to all but essential workers. State parks on the coast are staying closed.
  10. We got our flights to San Juan reimbursed because they changed the itinerary (plane change). We refused the change and that allowed us to cancel the flights and get $ back. Hoping for another itinerary change on our return flight!
  11. FYI, wearing a mask does NOT keep you safe... wearing a mask keeps OTHERS safe from you. So people who choose not to wear a mask are putting the rest of us at risk. I wear a mask for you, not for me. IF I am contagious my mask may save you from it. If you are contagious my mask won't save me.
  12. I saw a projection that if we start to loosen things up after mid-July (projected peak of deaths due to Covid-19 after a projected mid-May peak of infections) that the 2nd round of infections will hit mid August into September. The same model (out of Penn) predicted a total of 5 peaks and estimated it could take 52 weeks to complete the cycles. I also heard an interview with an infectious disease doctor from WA state... he said high risk people should expect to need to social distance, etc., for 18 months since this virus will continue to spread. Even IF cruising and travel resumes I don't see the cruise line lifting their 70+ age restrictions for a while. Lots to consider... I certainly wouldn't be making final payment for a cruise in September to the northeast.
  13. These won't happen with Bar Harbor closed to cruise ships until July 1st. Portland is currently closed... expecting an extension on that closure at the next city council meeting. Local schools are announcing that they will not reopen this school year and we always go until mid/late June. Our tourist season is toast.
  14. FYI... this morning Bar Harbor councilors extended the current cruise ship ban to July 1st.
  15. Book with a refundable deposit... but do NOT apply your FCC until you are 100% sure the cruise will happen. FCC will not be reissued. Once you use your certificate it's like a coupon and is considered "redeemed". We will not be gambling with our FCC. I'd be comfortable with a refundable deposit for 2021, but nothing else at this time.
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