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  1. Thanks for the very quick reply!
  2. When is the Equinox getting dry docked?
  3. They lost 2 of ours... never saw them again.
  4. I'd get the drink package. You said you like tea? The Forte tea at the café is $5! I drink a lot of water on a cruise and it's nice to have a cold water in your fridge when you come back to your cabin or the middle of the night. Pick one up each time you pass a bar and you'll have plenty. If you drink soda, that's included. The café coffee is better than room service or the buffet, too. You can get any of the frozen drinks without alcohol. Order a wine or drink you've never tried. If you don't like it, get something else. It's a GREAT time to try stuff! Plus the fresh OJ at breakfast... the list goes on! Last thought... we got our first drink package when traveling with family. I wanted to avoid the "I'll get this round, you get the next" thing. We avoided all of that by having a drink package. Traveling alone you might find yourself sharing a drink with new friends... you can avoid that, too, by having your own drink package. As for internet... in any port watch to see where the crew goes to connect. They know the best places and the passwords!
  5. I'm glad you've had good luck with luggage valet. The only time we have lost luggage it was when we bought this service. The thing is, we saw our bags being loaded into the valet box truck... so it wasn't X who lost them. It had to have happened at the airport(s). We lost TWO bags that day and never saw them again. Since we had checked in onboard and paid the checked luggage fees we could file a claim with the airline. Payment was prompt once we filed. For the items I didn't have a receipt for (99%) I included a printout with price and picture of the item or a similar item. It worked. We both got the maximum allowed compensation.
  6. "I came out of the shower, walked over to the window to admire the sunset, and found myself eyeball to eyeball with the horrified pilot boat driver. The poor man may never be the same again!" LOL This made my night!!! :)
  7. The Tuscan Grille kitchen is open to the dining room... that's why it's a demonstration kitchen. They can't be loud in there for that reason so I wouldn't worry about it! I haven't been on deck 2, but I have had a deck 3 OV with a friend and loved the location. The aft elevator takes you straight up to the dining room and buffet. I found it convenient and quiet and would do it again.
  8. I like the suggestion of making a reservation in Murano, trying Luminae and then deciding. We only book suites but it is certainly not for Luminae. The menu is not to our liking and it's just too quiet. We do not eat there. We eat in the MDR! So try Luminae and then decide!
  9. I have a neck injury that does the same thing. But i bet you have an inner ear issue. Try a decongestant.
  10. I suggest you go with his parents early to get them seated and settled. Leave them and go to your station... tell them to wait for you to come back afterwards.
  11. Yes, they do! I almost grabbed one yesterday. Today it's gone. If you see one, book it. Don't wait.
  12. Sky suites don't include specialty restaurants, though.
  13. The security issues wouldn't be worth it to them.
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