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  1. Wow .. well clearly I have touched on a sore spot with some people. So maskless it is but not for me. Happy cruising all, I am out.
  2. How can there be herd immunity when some Countries have not even begun vaccinations? Are you referring to a small bubble view of only your Country? This is a world problem and until this is managed/controlled world wide, herd immunity will not happen by April or even by the summer. I was just reading that even Dr. Fauci is predicting mask wearing into 2022.
  3. Ditto, even though the next table(s) have not always been that far away and at times I would guess maybe a foot apart. When they are that close it's more the 'idea' of being a table of two which I found somewhat awkward.
  4. Love this question as I have never sailed Princess and have been doing similar comparisons in price and Celebrity is just beyond the point of even considering with the current pricing. Our CAD exchange inflates the increase which makes it even worse. I cannot comprehend Celebrity pricing right now and keep hoping it settles in time, I would miss the no smoking ANYWHERE inside.
  5. Maybe the port will be replaced by Charlottetown, PEI ... that's not in Canada *wink wink* 🙂 Oh my. I suspect you might have some extra Sea Days.
  6. Thank you and yes this would need a lot of planning and research for me which, as you say, we have lots of time to do.
  7. Thailand looks beautiful and makes me think about doing a cruise that would travel that area but totally green when it comes to that part of the world. It's so far away and would take forever to get there but it seems like it would be so worth the experience. Assuming you cruise there and not a land vacation, where did you sail from/to? This might have to go on the bucket list. Singapore is another place that looks amazing.
  8. The weather here is definitely getting cooler in October but every year (every day) is a toss up of what you might expect with respect to weather. As others have said, October is when the leaves are turning more so if that plays into your plans at all (scenic tour) then lean to that month. I personally prefer September for the anticipated slightly warmer weather but I think you would be happy with either month if other things weigh in more as higher deciding factors. Early October is pretty in the Martimes.
  9. Restaurants are open right now for dine in so unless something changes again by then you should be good, after you hibernate for 14 days 🙂
  10. Oh I totally get this and agree, I was more trying to point out that clearly there is more to Halifax (and area) than this but I expect you got that too. I still have no interest in the Lobster Shack or the Titanic cemetery because I am too busy seeing and doing all the other things the area has to offer, like the many pubs for example 🍻 🍹. 😉 Sorry to add to this and going more off point ... back to the Canadian waters cancelling Alaska.
  11. Hahahahahaha ... the irony that having lived here many (many) years that I have never visited either of these places. Whatever have I been doing all these years in my boring nothing to offer city/province.
  12. You will be missed down here 🙂 But yes the pandemic is ruling right now and I think many frustrations are misdirecting a bit and the sad reality is it's COVID to blame and this is unprecedented uncertain times and you can be sure that decisions that is 100% certain to affect the citizens livelihood is not taken lightly.
  13. 100% on this and who exactly would everyone be anyway. In Canada, my province is making September the date they are 'guaranteeing' to everyone right now and even that fades with the vaccine production/shipment limitations that have been happening recently. Oh and I am the East Coast so we would be the ones still holding our breath for the vaccine by the fall unless you are health worker or older population which I am totally good with as the more vulnerable definitely supersede.
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