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  1. Ya I think this is what makes the tolerable level of measures a bit different on a cruise. As someone else said, we shall see when people start sailing and until then it is a bit of a guessing game as to what it will really be like though we can be sure the earliest sailings will be the more stringent in what they do.
  2. Totally !!!!!!!! What's could be next, 'curb side; pickup for all food with orders done up in a nice take out box that you take back to your room to eat 🙂 The possibilities are endless but many won't be 'market' tolerated for the price.
  3. You beat me to it and ditto this 100% ... was trying to think of anything on here that would be any different. Agree it's clearly not first world problems but I certainly don't come here for that so I"m not sure what point you are trying to make and it's the nature of these forums, be kind! Fits right in with talk about where to eat, chair hogs, what to wear, what should I pack, is this a good room, do they have this wine, did I get a good deal, do you think they will have a sale this weekend, what was the name of your butler, do you tip extra ..... 🙂
  4. Lovely system they have isn't it. I wonder how much geography comes into play. Either way, that is sad to be Sapphire and no offers ever. Right now is a unique situation but that wouldn't explain prior times. Seems to be luck of the draw in the random machine. Being in Canada I don't expect an offer to cruise 'right now' as I think they realize that would be wasted effort since international travel is questionable for a while, but if the offers are extending way out in time then that's a different story.
  5. With the drive to lower numbers on the ship, I expect they likely realize they should promote welcoming solo cruisers, really no different than if they need to leave rooms empty. Pretty smart of them and never underestimate how they think 🙂
  6. Ditto ... ! Same price but now with added OBC and all it took was a phone call 🙂
  7. This has been normal practice for a very very long time. The concept of 'sale' in the cruise industry is much like a sale on suggested retail price of a watch, it's the magic of numbers and the closer you watch (like many here do) the more you see past the magic. That said, one can anticipate there may be increased pricing going forward but I wouldn't be looking for it week by week and comparing 'sales'.
  8. I have read of some people getting official notice that their Blue Chip Club earning and status date would be extending to the end of the 2021 instead of July but I have yet to hear anything directly to me. Does everyone just assume this will apply to all or could this perhaps specific to those that actually get notice (can't imagine they would do that)? I keep thinking there will be something posted to their website, just a simple notice ... even to change the dates they still have on their website ... but silly me to expect that. I don't know why they couldn't send a mass email out on this but maybe they are holding off in case they need to move the date again? I have emailed them a couple times but no response, understandable I know due to the staffing cuts. I have moved a cruise to later in 2021 and would really like to be certain whether I will be able to apply a blue chip discount to that sailing. I know I know ... minor thing in the midst of all that is going on right now but looking ahead is what keeps me sane.
  9. Oh I suppose .... so maybe all the varied answers are right 🙂 Wouldn't that make things confusing.
  10. I will second what Kaprin02 said, this is not accurate information and whoever told you this was incorrect. 😞 I used FCC ONLY to secure a sailing in 2022. My FCC was actually 'in my account' when I booked (not still in process) and I was able to call NCL and book putting down only my FCC as 'deposit' and will pay the remainder later when due as I normally would. I called to do the booking but the FCC does also show in your account so you may also be able to apply online. My FCC covered the deposit and more but it did not cover the entire cost, not even close. Either way, you can definitely use the FCC only to book a future cruise, I didn't put out a cent out of pocket (YET) nor did my travel partner who also had FCC. It was actually all very easy to do, the agent was great. I will add that since I booked (within weeks) I have even called back when a new 'sale' was on and my cruise was fared exactly the same but they were offering OBC ... I called NCL and voila I have the change made and the OBC in my booking.
  11. I did a move April to April and my new statement arrived in email a few days later with everything as it should be, cost and perks same as the 'moved' cruise. Around the time of receiving the new statement is when the cost online was updated too. Prior to the new statement, the cost online was showing the future cruise cost without the perks of the past... they may be getting faster on this. They told me it would take a few days so I just waited it out and all was fine.
  12. As the OP explained, they are considering room location and getting a cappuccino short steps from the room in the morning is obviously important to them and it sounds like they may prefer a room nearer Oceanview. Life's choices.
  13. They are not free but if have drink packages it will be included, otherwise you pay. They are available at the bar that is situated inside near the entrance of OceanView buffet. This bar has all specialty coffee that El Bacio would have. Also, Celebrity has servers that go around to tables to ask for drink orders and they will get it for you, take your card and return with card and drink ...specialty coffee/OJ/etc. There are also servers that go around with a cart serving regular free coffee tea but cappuccinos are not done by them.
  14. As upwarduk said, that seems to clearly be a move by date. They must want people on those cancelled sailings to decide faster so they don't drag on. I think with lift and shift, past cancelled sailings were not considered and became an afterthought gesture to include (customers likely drove that), where as this new round of cancellations they are in front of it to allow it but with a distinct earlier cut off date.
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