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  1. Date of Cruise: March 24, 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 10165 Deck #: 10 Cabin Category: Deluxe Inside 09 Cabin Location: Midship Bed Position: Bed Position: By the door Balcony (All): N/A Noise Issues?: Was very quiet Wind Issues?: N/A Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Advantages/Problems/Comments: Nice size cabin, plenty of room and storage and felt really spacey. Would You Book It Again?: Yes it was a nice inside cabing and superior to one I've stayed in the past, I typically do balcony room. One of the pics below of the safe shows it with my 10" Samsung Tablet in it to show the size and what might fit. I was surprised it fit and thought others might find this useful information.
  2. There is another thread about this 'sale' and this is Celebrity at it's best when it comes to marketing. Send to the masses when it doesn't apply to all, though email can be hard to get the target perfect so I take it in stride most times. In my case I did not get an email but when I log into my booking and go to Cruise Planner I get an in my face screen about the sale but NOTHING discounted when I go to beverages or anything. I am on Edge too so explains the why and that is of course their prerogative and it is what it is, but does not make me happy to have it show up within my booking when it clearly does not apply to ANYTHING ... NOTHING! Sad.
  3. Delete ... answered already ...
  4. Do you just mean there is no option to select this online or that the upgrade doesn't appear to be discounted? If not showing, this is not unusual and typically have to call for that, I had to in the past. I believe it eventually shows to select it closer to sail date. I would be calling if that is what you want to do and it is not clearly showing, one never knows.
  5. Ironically, when I just signed into Celebrity for my booking and go to cruise planner, at the top it shows flashy 'up to 25%' off banner, bright pink, then shows bunch of things under that also in pink that fall under the 'sale' and beverage packages is there. I got really excited, selected beverages and full price .. deflated ๐Ÿ˜ž Something a bit off with that showing in MY cruise planner. This is what is in my face when I go to my cruise planner. Hmmmm .. so totally shocked by this LOL Guess the 'up to' 25% translates to 0% for me. Edited to add, the above was my experience for my cruise this Sunday. I decided to go look at one I have booked for November and when I select Beverages from the above window, that one presents me a second screen (below) and says 10% off so definitely shows that even this is marketing that may not apply to the very booking it is displaying in . Not nice at all Celebrity!
  6. You must be a wonderful person then and have wonderful parents and I'll add that you must also have great taste ๐Ÿ‘ hahahahaha! Ironically my parents seldom drink (some in their younger years) so I veered a little left on that one as I am not in younger years anymore and I like my brew or 2 or 3. And OH YES ... that too about sampling ๐Ÿ™‚ I don't officially return, but I have left a few full glasses on a table around the corner with just a sip out of them. Others would think me a fool, but it is often because they are too strong. Happy cruising all! ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿน๐Ÿพ
  7. November cruise last year on Equinox, 10 day, they offered discount of 20% which could apply to package as a whole or if you wanted to upgrade an existing package (like if you had classic as a perk). I had booked way out and the discount offer emailed to me started long before sail date and I already had classic perk. Fast forward to Edge cruise this Sunday, have an inside cabin with no perk (booked less than 2 months before sail date) and have been hoping to get similar offer but have not seen any discount offer (though they keep sending me the 'not too late' emails about beverage package). I don't know if it's sales quota met like others have mentioned, or if the Edge is just being marketed differently to get a baseline for future sales approach, or if it's due to it being so close to sail date and the ease off promotions when it gets closer? As someone else mentioned, pay attention to those mailings from Celebrity and especially to all the wealth of information here, but don't expect that someone posting 'hey there is a discount on beverage package now' will apply to your sailing as not everything is fleet wide with this kind of stuff, much (if not all) is targeted. Edited to add that I did end up deciding to just pay for the package anyway. When you add up what you can drink in a day, and I am not talking just alcohol, it doesn't take much to be ahead and this removes the overthinking if I want a drink. I am on vacation and want to enjoy the week thoroughly. I like the premium beer too and they are $10 each so do the math, have a few of them and coffee and bottle water, Perrier, and a fancy drink here and there, oh and I like my Coke ๐Ÿ™‚ So others can say highway robbery esp at regular price, yep I agree, but it's relative to what you will pay for drinks on board and that too is highway robbery and you will not escape it ... unless you choose not to drink too much of anything and that seems sad to me since I only sail once a year. Oh and I am not Elite so no free drinks for that either.
  8. While on board, you absolutely can book for yourself and for your son and fiance on the same sailing (different room or not) and get the xtra OBC and reduced deposit for them as well. Just be sure to have all the necessary information for them such as proper name (as on passport type docs) address/phone, email, credit card to book on (could be your own to make it easier) and you should have no problem at all doing this. That said, it still sounds a bit unclear, you are ALREADY booked for yourself?
  9. I would not disagree with that. Goes to my point. In reality it would seem to depend on the day, but regardless, my secondary message was and remains that ultimately there would be nothing to gain if they aren't on same sailing. The one that booked for me WAS booking a cruise, though different, that could have altered what was allowed. Bowing out now. Happy sailing.
  10. Absolutely untrue, you can definitely book someone on a cruise that you yourself are not sailing on ... personally done. However, as I said above, they allowed the reduced deposit but did not grant any perk such as the added OBC so it really didn't gain anything (though we did get the OBC added in the end though perhaps should not have been done.)
  11. Do you mean book for yourself AND another couple to sail with you (in a different room?) Yes you can as I have done this, I booked for another couple in their own room to sail with me. If you instead mean only book for them and not booking for yourself, this is trickier. I have had someone try this for me and they could certainly book but we got no perks at all, was treated like any other booking and they were booking for themselves but not the same sailing. They were able to get the reduced down payment for us though (which was still a bit of a challenge) so we still got them to book it for us. Ironically in the latter situation, I called Celebrity later about something else, mentioned this (pretended stupidity) and said how we didn't get any perk (OBC) for the booking on board and they took care of it for me. Short story is maybe maybe not as it would seem things change with the wind and also with who you get doing the booking. I think bottom line is you have to book for yourself and others for same sailing to get the perks (xtra OBC) applied for all and if anything else better happens then bonus.
  12. Just don't put your room key in there or it will be toast every time you go out :)
  13. Loved reading your review, very balanced and it sounds like what I am expecting to feel on my upcoming sailing. Thinking I will love Eden and the ability to sit/relax/drink and watch the ocean view take me away. So looking forward to the differences on Edge ... like the coffee shop being more open definitely looks like a big improvement over the S class! Thank you for sharing, I plan to share my views much like you when I return. Not planning on doing any long review, will be more to the point type thoughts much like you have done here.
  14. Ironically I had a cruise booked during this period and just ahead of this increase I upgraded my Classic to Premium for the 10 + 18% so 11.80 per day. Then they did the price increase to Premium and the difference of course shot up so I was ahead. Then they thought lets send out a 20% discount email for the packages (even including upgrades) but doing the math all the 20% did was bring it back (almost) to what I paid anyway since it was now 20% of $14. The number game is so funny. I was so confused when they later changed the Classic cost and I was reading new posts saying the difference was 10 ??? I thought people were using old numbers ... nope it was me that just couldn't keep up. Bwahahahahahaha Edit to add ... I agree with anyone else who gets frustrated with the beverage challenge. I wish they would not only get better with consistency in documentation of cost inclusion but also have more easily available menus, it often feels like a hunt to find one and then when you do they are often very short on possibilities. Obviously it is clear why they do this, why promote too much 'tasting' of this and that when so many have the package. I am currently without a promo drink package and debating purchase but knowing what I can order is always my challenge. I am not a big martini drinker (they seem to have no issue with a menu full of them) and I am not so good with thinking of drinks. The new sunset bar menu (Edge) looks good though so that excites me and perhaps they won't be so strong I can't drink them (yes I know I can ask them to go light). I ordered one of the zodiac drinks from the Rendezvous lounge last cruise and after one sip I left it behind, could not drink it was so strong it tasted like straight liquor and it listed about 5 ingredients and could taste nothing but alcohol! Oh well maybe I am the odd one with that ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Aside from Malware, I think the most vulnerable piece of data on this site is perhaps your account credentials so use a different password here than for other sites. This will provide one more level of protection should an account (site) get hacked; the password is useless for access to any other (likely more personal) site you visit such as banking. I am of the belief that nothing is foolproof so do what you can on your end to make it tougher for breaches.
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