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  1. We did a lift and shift for our August 28th Solstice Alaska cruise to 2021. Booking was with Celebrity directly. Our new invoice had the line items of perks with the "promo" subtracting each said item. Also had the Captains Club additional onboard credit promo shift with the reservation, YAY! As long as your reservation is up to date with promotions in place, it's all good! Here's to sailing next year 🙂
  2. Thanks for the update. We have re-booked for September 2021 out of Boston, hopeful that cruising will be safe and ports will be open.
  3. I guess it's hit or miss. Two weeks ago I called the Captains Club number to have the new promotion of 10% Loyalty discount applied to our Summit sailing next fall (rebooked due to cancellation of May 28th sailing) and held for 40 minutes before reaching a representative. She was extremely helpful and even checked on the status of our refund for said cancelled sailing. Yesterday, I called regarding lift and shift for a sailing I had booked a couple of weeks ago, August 28th for Alaska. (Yeah, wasn't expecting it to sail but son and DIL wanted us to join them.) Since final payment is tomorrow, decided to lift and shift (timing was great as Canada announced the extension of their port ban.) I was told the wait time would be 13 minutes, and it was. Another representative picked up after 13 minutes, assisted me to get the booking moved to July 30th next year and was as pleasant as can be. FWIW, both calls were around 11am, Arizona time. Both calls were answered by reps working from home in Kansas City. We are Elite as well, but don't think that has anything to do with the price of beans or the wait time for the calls. It's frustrating, but hang in there. The reps are doing the best they can in a very challenging environment.
  4. Way back when Canada announced the first port ban, Celebrity made itinerary changes on the Summit sailings to visit either Bermuda or Nassau. Our May 28th cruise became a two port cruise (Bar Harbor & Portand, ME) with two days sailing to Nassau, one half day in Nassau and two days sailing back. Thankfully, the entire cruise was cancelled. Celebrity has refunded all our $, we are now waiting for a refund check from Chase for the credit balance on the card. Even if "Lift & Shift" had been in place, our sailing wouldn't qualify since it was a 9 day itinerary which Celebrity does not offer next year. That said, we did place a deposit on the Sept 10, 2021 sailing out of Boston. We shall see.
  5. Today when calling the Captain's Club number, the recording said hold time was over 30 minutes. The call was actually answered in 14 minutes by a team member working from home in Kansas. She was extremely pleasant & helpful. Time of day was 11:30 am AZ time.
  6. @MEcruzr Thanks for the update. Obviously our May 28th Celebrity Summit sailing was cancelled, and it appears many others through-out the summer will be as well. We have booked on the Summit September 2021 sailing out of Boston. Hopefully this virus will be a non-issue by then and we'll be able to visit Bar Harbor and Portland ME as planned! Healthy vibes to all!
  7. Just a courteous FYI, the Jones Act covers cargo vessels, the PVSA act of 1886 covers passenger vessels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_Marine_Act_of_1920 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passenger_Vessel_Services_Act_of_1886 Safe sailing to all, whenever that may be!
  8. Sorry to "hijack" the thread from the orignial rant by Ray, but I'd like to share my experience with Delta, a complete 180 degrees from @ipeeinthepool and @twincheryl We had flights on Delta to and from New York prior to our May 28th NY/Maine/Canada sailing which eventually was cancelled. Our plans were to fly into Newburgh, NY (my birthplace) and visit West Point (for many reasons, including family as alum) before heading down to Jersey City to stay a couple nights before sailing. Long story short, with Delta's numerous cancellations, our original flights into Newburgh resulted in a misconnect with no other flight options available. Therefore, we qualified for a refund instead of eCredits. Called Delta on 4/17, held for 45 minutes for an agent who was very helpful but unable to get the "refund" to go through. Patched me through to the Refund department ... another 45 minute hold. Once connected, Sherri in Refunds processed the request and stated it would be up to 30 BUSINESS DAYS for our refund to appear. I thanked her for her assistance and prepared to wait. Checked the Chase card account Sunday online ... refund was processed and posted the same day I called, 4/17! Not sure how the planets aligned for that to happen, but we are super surprised. And FYI, Hubby is only a Delta Silver Medallion and I lost my status last year making me a lowly simpleton, SkyPesos member.
  9. I truly understand your frustration, janetmojo. That said, Seavey's is a very reputable operator. We took a tour with them in Seward several years ago and the Seavey family is deeply entrenched in Alaska's sled dog culture, especially the Iditarod. As AKStafford mentioned, the economy in Alaska right now is toast. A sled dog operator has MANY dogs to feed and take care of year round. Unless Seavey's flat out refused a refund, perhaps a bit of leeway and patience would go a long way. We have routinely booked independent shore excursions in Alaska and travels worldwide requiring payment in advance without an issue. The current travel environment is unlike anything tour operators have experienced in the past, especially in Alaska.
  10. As twins_to_alaska said, would much rather have refund to our credit card than FCC. We are on the May 28th Summit sailing and just waiting for Celebrity to cancel, especially since Bar Harbor ME announced suspension of cruise calls until July 1st. We expect Portland ME to do the same, although they haven't done so yet.
  11. As DiamondDiva mentioned, Dublin Port Authority reversed their original thoughts to expand the port for cruise passengers and have decided to severely restrict cruising. There will be no turnarounds in Dublin at all. Such a shame ... we really enjoyed our Eclipse cruise RT Dublin in May 2018. Here's a link to an article last year outlining the changes: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/dublin-port-plans-to-cut-number-cruise-calls-in-half/
  12. Just an update: https://www.mainebiz.biz/article/bar-harbor-extends-cruise-ship-ban-to-july-1 I read that Portland ME currently is banning ships until May 12th, although it's likely to be extended (to be in line with Bar Harbor.)
  13. So Dear Hubby is on Medicare with supplemental and I (still a few years out from Medicare) have United Healthcare. We also have excellent trip cancellation/interruption benefits with our Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. That said, whenever we travel internationally, we always add a policy with GeoBlue for Medical coverage. We've (thankfully) never used said coverage, but it's reassuring to have just in case. Might be of interest to you. You can qualify for the Voyager Essential Plan with Medicare thus eliminating any pre-existing condition issues. https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/products/single-trip/voyager-5-overview.cfm Safe travels!
  14. https://www.hangaronthewharf.com/ Near the cruise dock with decent food and great views. Unfortunately the weather for our stop in Juneau last summer was rainy with a low ceiling so no floatplane activity to watch. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. Just want to add that these ETA's (short for Electronic Travel Authority) are "electronically" attached to your passport. You will get a receipt with the ETA number once completed, but nothing is "mailed to your house." The ETA is valid for one year after issue, for visits less than 3 months duration. Technically you could apply for it now, but early summer should be time enough. Approval is generally quick, same day or within a few days (we've always had our approved immediately.) Use the links provided by d9704011 and you should be good! Enjoy your trip!
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