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  1. Another vote here for Sitka Wildlife Tours. We took the Premium Sitka Scenic tour in August. We had already been to Sitka before so just wanted to revisit some of our favorites. Hightly recommend: https://www.sitkawildlifetours.com/sitka-tours/sitka-scenic-tour-premium/
  2. This makes no sense. As a seasoned cruiser, I find it difficult to believe you put a bag with medication and jewelry out for pick up. If it were a "carry-on" then you would keep it with you AT ALL TIMES, especially with valuables and medicine! Time for you to "jump ship" and cruise Regent, Crystal or Seabourn ... true LUXURY lines that will appreciate your station in life.
  3. In June 2014, I used Coastal Helicopters for an extended tour, Sled dog and Glacier Landing & would highly recommend them. Best to book earlier in the day as weather can change rapidly and later tours are often cancelled. Coastal operates a classy and safe experience: https://www.coastalhelicopters.com/ Just did another Alaska cruise on the Eclipse this past August but decided against doing another helicopter tour - enjoy your cruise and good luck with planning.
  4. Yes, and no. We've been incredibly lucky and had the opportunity to upgrade from a Celebrity Suite to a Royal Suite for $500 per person on a 12 day Australia/New Zealand sailing in 2017 (this was prior to the Move Up program, btw). It just depends on inventory and opportunity. With the current Move-up bidding, the dynamics have changed a bit. That said, we also scored a Move-up bid acceptance this past August from a Celebrity to a Royal for $450pp on an Alaskan sailing. I realize we are probably not the norm, but it can happen.
  5. As others have mentioned, I would not book a non-refundable tour. I personally have been to Lerwick, Shetland twice - once in the Fall of 2014 and June 2018. Both times, I booked tours which were refundable if the ship didn't make it. Highly recommend Grant Redfern! He's a wonderful tour guide that I have personally used, a native of Shetland. https://www.shetlandminibustours.co.uk/ Hope this helps.
  6. Just curious how far out is your cruise? When I first looked at hotels in Vancouver for our sailing, I also found the Pan Pacific sold out (we sailed August 18, 2019 on Celebrity.) I think it was about 8 months prior and I was looking at the hotel's website directly. I kept checking back and in March, availability opened up and we were able to book the Pan Pacific pre-cruise. We actually were able to book using Chase Sapphire Reserve Points, a Pacific Club level room for $400 a night. It was worth every cent of splurging! Don't give up hope yet! It may work out after all. Safe travels.
  7. Murano and Luminae are very different and hard to compare. I don't think one is better than the other, just different. We like to dine in Murano once a cruise (twice if it's a longer sailing) but are done with any of the other specialty venues. Luminae is more like a regular dining venue but with upscale furnishings, attentive service and a different menu every evening. However, one may order from the main dining room menu if nothing on the Luminae menu suits. Murano is a more formal environment than Luminae. The menu is the same on any given night, however, there's enough variety to go multiple times on a sailing and not repeat. Murano still offers a few of their dishes prepared tableside which is kinda fun, but for me, the novelty has warn off those presentations (yes, a terrible problem to have 😉 ). As others have mentioned, either Luminae or Murano can have large parties, creating a noisy environment. Hope I adequately addressed your questions. Happy cruising!
  8. "Worth it" is a very subjective perspective and one that differs greatly from individual to individual. For us, Luminae is quite "worth it," even with the inevitable DYKWIA patrons. We've had hit (Murano) and miss (Tuscan Grille and Qsine) experiences in specialty dining across several ships. Even so, as k12Guy (my better half) mentioned, we are on a cruise ship with a half full glass of "something" (not necessarily alcohol - love me some Cafe al Bacio 😉 ) and life is good.
  9. I'm surprised that a tour company would not offer a refund if your cruise ship is unable to make port. Our cruise in January 2017 made it to Akaroa although we missed other ports due to a storm. It's a roll of the dice ... good luck.
  10. I have used Salmonberry Tours and was very pleased. They offer a tour from Seward to Anchorage (I actually did the reverse) but same itinerary in reverse. They are a private tour outfitter but perhaps you could get others on your Roll Call to join in. Expensive but totally worth it! Funny story - once our tour was underway, we started conversation with the guide about where we were from (AZ.) She told us her sister had property in AZ and we may have heard of her ... our guide was Sarah Palin's sister, Heather! Here's the link to contact Salmonberry - again, HIGHLY recommend! https://www.salmonberrytours.com/tours/seward-to-anchorage-transfer-and-tour
  11. I inadvertently hit the quote for your comment, hcat, and can't get it to go away. Hope you have a great Summit sailing next May, Reunion free 😉 @TMLAAlum and @kathynorth, Thanks for your positive feedback regarding the Reunion Cruise. We really like the itinerary which will allow us a few days pre-cruise to do some things in the New York area. Sounds like both of you were pleasantly surprised with the extras on the Reunion sailings and take one again. Appreciate your replies.
  12. Celebrity announced that the May 28th 2020 Maine/Canada sailing on the Summit will be the Reunion Cruise. We booked this sailing way back in January 2019. I've found very little on the board about Reunion cruises. K12Guy and I are not into the Captain's Club status gig. We book suites because we like the space, Luminae, Michael's Club/Retreat amenities, etc. Then, the "included" 4 perks (paid, really) with suites pretty much covers everything else. Last time we attended a CC reception was back in 2017 on the Solstice and left because it was W-A-Y too crowded (yes, we've cruised since then.) Specifically, are Reunion cruises like a good 'ole boys club atmosphere with high CC achievers eschewing the lower status folks? Are special receptions or activities divided by CC tier, or are they open to all CC members. We're Elite, but again could care less about status. Thanks!
  13. Although not specifically the concierge, here's an email address for the Marriott Copenhagen. info@cphmarriott.dk Hope you are successful in reaching them.
  14. We just visited Sitka last month on the Celebrity Eclipse. We had been to Sitka before (land trip, not on a cruise) but had not visited Fortress of the Bear. Would highly recommend going. I do not know about getting there independently. We booked a premium tour with Sitka Wildlife tours, visiting the Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear and the Totem Park. It was a small group (10 passenger van) and I would book with them again. Here's the link: https://www.sitkawildlifetours.com/sitka-tours/sitka-scenic-tour-premium/
  15. We have 6145 booked on the Summit for the May 28th Canada/Maine cruise. I can let you know more once we sail in 8 months 😉 The Sky suites connected to the Penthouse are premium as they have a bit more space, a dedicated shower (verses the shower/tub combination) and double sinks. There is a thread with some photos of 6146 (same cabin but opposite side of ship) from March that has some excellent photos of the refurbished suite. Welcome home.
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