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  1. Very true.. as usual, you are right. Oh, by the way, I was just being "cheeky." I didn't expect to be corrected or criticized.
  2. Yes, same with my calendar. John, Thank you for getting us clarification on this matter:) Hope Laura is feeling better today. With bronchitis, it's the "nagging" coughing that sticks around a while:(
  3. Good advice. We had no idea that you could use your D-vouchers in the main dining room. RC makes money on me because my 3 vouchers per day go unused. Sometimes I wonder if I'm lucky or not because I don't like the taste of alcohol, wine, or carbonated beverages. Water and unsweetened tea keep me hydrated. For those who do drink please be careful what you drink when you are off of the ship. On a recent (on our own)excursion in Costa Maya, my DH was given a drink with something in it. As of this day, we have no idea what it was but it caused him to stagger as he walked from the taxi back to the ship and to our cabin where he slept for 19, yes nineteen,! hours. I was able to wake him up throughout the night and give him a little bit of water but he immediately fell sound asleep. When he finally woke up he was fine....no headache or nausea....thank you GOD. He just didn't remember even walking back to the ship. Needless to say it was a VERY frightening experience. (He hasn't had a drink off of the ship since then).
  4. We only stay in the DL for @15 minutes or less because I don't drink so don't care for the DL, but DH likes a gin and tonic and then takes a glass of wine to the DR for dinner. We didn't know you could order drinks in the DR with your voucher. Maybe I could just talk him into ordering his drinks at dinner, skip the DL and spend more time relaxing at the pool:) HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE!
  5. Okay, thank you. I have the email from RC confirming our 6:00 reservation.
  6. This is strange since we have MTD reservations for 6:00 for 6 of us every night for 9/15 cruise. Are we going to be pushed to 6:30?
  7. So good to hear that Laura is feeling better. Enjoy every minute!
  8. Yes, I've been hearing about it on the news and pray that the men are found....can't even imagine what their families are going through. Pray, pray, pray for all involved.
  9. So sorry to hear that Laura is "under the weather." Hopefully she'll feel better each day. Now I understand why we hadn't heard from you on Monday about your stop in Coco Cay. Thank goodness the Doc isn't making Laura stay only in her cabin.
  10. Did you go to Coco Cay yesterday? Maybe I just missed your thread about it.
  11. Thanks for the update....WOW! Drinking sure is expensive. I guess I'm fortunate that I don't (can't) drink and don't even like soda (nothing with carbonation). Lucky that the water and tea are still free:)
  12. Oh, but it just wouldn't be the same.....now would it? Really, I would miss him tooo much...after all I've had my "eye" on him since I was 10 years old:) brillohead...we are on the same EOS cruise in November! And we fly to FLL for our Harmony cruise in 36 days:) See, he really does spoil me...but I still want to cruise as often as John and La la!!
  13. Oh dear..that must have gotten a lot of attention...poor guy! Yes, the waiters did walk around or dance around with plates on their heads. There's just nothing like your "first cruise:)" And now we're going on beautiful Harmony and envisioning John and La La's cruise through John's review. When I look at John's future cruises, I dream of being like them when my DH and I "grow up." If only I could get my workaholic DH to RETIRE!!!.
  14. +2 APRIL 1984. I remember thinking the ship was so huge...but then when we arrived at our cabin..oh my it was soooo small! Do you remember how the wait staff in the dining room entertained us every night?
  15. Thank you John for confirming the MTD time. We will go to the dining room when we get on the ship and ask about our 6:00p.m. MTD reservations. I also noticed as you pointed out that the first seating started at 5:00...and I thought 6:00 was early.... It sounds like you are having a great cruise! The last time we were on Harmony was 2 years ago when they were filming "Like Father," the Netflix movie with Kelsey Grammar and Kristen Bell. It will be nice to have access to all the venues again:)
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