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  1. I'm on day 90 so I called my TA....only to be told that we would have to wait until 90 days from July 22!!!! I was told that the TA didn't send the paperwork to RC until April 8 which RC processed it on April 22 for our May 10 cruise that was cancelled by RC and on March 27 I told our TA to put in for a full refund. Needless to say that I am VERY upset with our TA because they didn't send our request to RC on MARCH 27:( They had no explanation...just an "I'm sorry." Should I try and call our credit card company which the amount has long been paid off?
  2. Totally feel for you!!! I'm on day 87 and I haven't received a penny! I plan to call on Thurs. when it will be day 90! This really is ridiculous considering so many people have not had to wait this long!
  3. I agree....we won't either until we receive our refund (cancelled on March 27) from the May Symphony cruise RC cancelled.
  4. I agree. We do not plan on booking any more cruises until we get our money. It would be different if they processed "in order the cancellation was received." But the refunds seem to be all over the place! It's just not right that people who cancelled in March are still waiting and people who cancelled in May and June have already received theirs! I know, I know...life isn't fair!!!:):):)
  5. You sure are one of the lucky ones!! Good for you! We requested our refund on March 27 after RC cancelled our May 10 Symphony cruise. We still have not received a penny and our big box TA's recording says not to call about this until after the 90 day mark. So should I wait for 2 weeks to call if we don't receive our credit? Or call RC about this and bug them?
  6. I'm in the same boat (er...excuse the pun:). I check my cc every day now for my refund for my May 10th cruise that I cancelled at the end of March. I did receive an email from RC at the end of April asking for my patience and that I should hear from them again by May 6 unless I receive my refund. I haven't heard a word.....still waiting............. I've read that many people have called RC and/or their cc company. How much longer should I wait to do this?
  7. No way would I cruise with a mask on. How are you supposed to eat, drink, or swim in the pool with a mask on when you are doing this around people? Nah...we'll wait until the vaccine is available, hopefully by the end of the year. Who really knows how much a mask helps? Fauci changed his mind two times concerning this subject. In March he said that wearing it really only makes you feel good, and doesn't really help stop the virus. Then he said by wearing the mask you are preventing others from getting it and now he's saying it can help both ways....go figure:( And remember when some people were cleaning everything with clorox over and over again and wiping down groceries? Hopefully next year at this time we will all be just talking about this awful time in our lives. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected, physically, psychologically, and monetarily.
  8. Is your final payment date now extended to May or June 2021?
  9. I'm not sure if this has been asked/answered: If our final payment is due at the end of May for our Sept. 2020 cruise and we want to lift and switch it to Sept., 2021, will our final payment be extended to May, 2021?
  10. One more question....we are in an 8D category, but I don't find that category on any of the Caribbean itineraries on Symphony of the Seas for 2021. So does the lift and shift program have to be the exact same category or can it just be an OVB? I see lots of 4D's available.
  11. Wonderful! Thank you for your quick response!
  12. Okay, here's a problem with the "lift and shift" program. The Symphony of the Seas itinerary(ports) has changed from this year to 2021. It's still a 7 day Caribbbean itinerary, RC has changed the ports:( So does this mean we can't use lift and shift for Sept. 2021? Thank you so much for helping us and answering our questions:)
  13. I just looked on the RC site and clicked on the covid update and it was dated May 5...maybe I read it too fast and was looking for the information posted here and didn't see it. I will check RC's site again. Thank you.
  14. I just looked at the RC site and did not see this update. Please give me the link so I can share it with my cruisemates for our Sept., 2020 cruise. To clarify, can we "lift and switch" our Sept. 12 cruise to Sept. 2011, and get the same cabin category at the same price as long as it is a 7 day Caribbean cruise? Since we aren't at final payment date, wouldn't it be better for us to make our decision before final payment date?
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