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  1. quick question: What day did the main dining room serve the lobster dinner?
  2. Globaliser, thank you so much for this info. We are one record locator for the BA and VS flights so one would think this is a through ticket to Tampa, FL. Celebrity air to sea reserved the flights for us. You have been so kind and thorough and I very much appreciate your time. Happy cruising!
  3. Do we have to go through customs at the Amsterdam airport at the end of our cruise form Rotterdam? Just wondering since we have always had to go through customs at the cruise terminal when disembarking. Please advise.
  4. Has anyone had a connection at London Heathrow from Amsterdam? We are flying back to the US on British Airways with a layover in London and them flying on Virgin Atlantic from London to the US. Do we have to go through customs in London if we are not leaving the airport? We are not world travelers, so I am concerned that we wont have time (2 hr and 5 min. layover) if we have to get our luggage, go through customs, and re-check our luggage with Virgin Atlantic. We booked our flights with Celebrity air to sea. Please advise. Thank you!
  5. For those of you with flying to and from Amsterdam: We have a layover in London on British Airways and then on to the USA on Virgin Airways. Do we have to go through customs in London WITH or without our luggage? If so, how long will this take us? Please advise. Thank you for your time and info.
  6. This will be our first cruise to Iceland. Is it best to do the shops excursions or can we walk through the cities by ourselves? Are the excursions in the ports safe? Thank you for any info you can give us.
  7. I totally agree with you...the food and the entertainment have really gone downhill. Until recently we had never walked out during a show. We weren't alone as people were streaming out of two comedians on Voyager and the singers only knew how to scream! We are also Diamond plus. We have a BTB planned for September and then we are going to go to two booked cruises on Celebrity. Also with the increase in prices, many people will remove the gratuities and just give them to those they encounter. Doesn't seem fair?...but these are the consequences.
  8. bring your earplugs...it's a VERY noisy ship. They have it set way too high.
  9. Thank you all for your replies! We will be there next Monday and we do like warm water. And we do like a smooth ocean bottom:) Maybe too much to ask....but we will have fun anyway😎
  10. Is the water warm in the ocean AND in the pool at CoCo Cay? We will be there next week.
  11. The barbecue is self serve. We were just there last week and unfortunately it was the worst barbecue lunch we have ever had at Labadee. We were so disappointed and said that we would just go back to the ship to eat lunch in the future unless they make imporvements.
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