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  1. Enjoy the Vista. We just got off today. Wonderful cruise and fabulous staff. Try the gelato in the buffet during lunchtime!
  2. Thanks for the review! I am sad to hear that you did not like the Vista. I have a cruise on her in a few weeks. I hope things have improved. Anyway, can't wait to read more of your adventures.
  3. Just give me a coupon with several choices that could suit any cruiser. The choices could be: 1. 30 minutes of free internet 2. 1 free photo (I'll probably buy more) 3. Half off a drink that I can use anytime 4. Promo for the gift shop 5. Another large free water Low cost for Carnival but high reward for the Platinum cruiser who can pick something that they find beneficial.
  4. I'm fairly confident but no guarantees! The treatment rooms might have some occasional water noises if there is a Jacuzzi in them otherwise quiet. I find most rooms on ships to have noise. There is either a pipe or other water noise, banging, creaking, balcony door slamming, or loud people in hallways. Earplugs and a white noise app our must pack items for me. Good luck with your FIL!
  5. Your cabin is below the massage and treatment rooms. It should be fine.
  6. It's typically split between Passenger 1 and 2 and not applied to any additional passengers in the same cabin.
  7. The Sunshine has the most "extra" stuff like an expanded waterworks, rope course, basketball area plus specialty restaurants. We thought it was a great ship when we sailed it a few years ago and had an ocean view on Lobby Deck 3 which was very convenient. I have not sailed that class of Norwegian ship so can't offer any feedback on that.
  8. I had a great balcony on Deck 11 on the Magic. I loved the location and made sure we were not under the waterworks area as that can be loud. However, I did notice a lot more motion being forward and higher. For some reason, I don't notice the motion when I have an aft balcony. It was not terrible but something to think about.
  9. I love your sense of humor! That artwork is indeed ugly. How was the weather for your cruise?
  10. Thank you everyone. I will make sure to choose a policy with the appropriate trip interruption coverage.
  11. I always buy trip insurance for our cruises to cover any medical expenses or emergency transport to a US hospital. However, I am in need of trip insurance that covers last minute travel expenses if I need to travel back home in case of the hospitalization or death of a parent. In reading the explanation of benefits, it seems I can be reimbursed for any non-reimbursable expenses if I need to cancel my trip due to the death or sickness of a family member. It also covers any non-reimbursable expenses if the trip is interrupted. But I am not seeing where travel insurance provides reimbursement for
  12. When I have sailed from Port Canaveral, I have arrived as earlier as 10 am and they were checking people in. They should start boarding around 11 am starting with wedding parties, then diamond and platinum, then suites, then FTTF. Each group only takes a two minutes or so. Definitely arrive earlier than your 12:00 check in time. Plus your room should be ready once boarded (ignore the signs on the door to come back at 1:00 or 1:30 pm). It's nice to drop your carry ons, use the restroom, and head up to lunch. I think FTTF with a toddler would be great!
  13. I book 3-4 months out. My current countdown is 108 days and it seems like FOREVER.
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