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  1. Thank you everyone. I will make sure to choose a policy with the appropriate trip interruption coverage.
  2. I always buy trip insurance for our cruises to cover any medical expenses or emergency transport to a US hospital. However, I am in need of trip insurance that covers last minute travel expenses if I need to travel back home in case of the hospitalization or death of a parent. In reading the explanation of benefits, it seems I can be reimbursed for any non-reimbursable expenses if I need to cancel my trip due to the death or sickness of a family member. It also covers any non-reimbursable expenses if the trip is interrupted. But I am not seeing where travel insurance provides reimbursement for travel expenses to fly back home for a family member. Let's assume the cruise line will not be paying for this or I need it for the land based portion of my trip. Does any trip insurance cover this? Thank you.
  3. When I have sailed from Port Canaveral, I have arrived as earlier as 10 am and they were checking people in. They should start boarding around 11 am starting with wedding parties, then diamond and platinum, then suites, then FTTF. Each group only takes a two minutes or so. Definitely arrive earlier than your 12:00 check in time. Plus your room should be ready once boarded (ignore the signs on the door to come back at 1:00 or 1:30 pm). It's nice to drop your carry ons, use the restroom, and head up to lunch. I think FTTF with a toddler would be great!
  4. I book 3-4 months out. My current countdown is 108 days and it seems like FOREVER.
  5. Very excited for this review! I'm sailing on the Vista in February.
  6. There are spots at the front and back of the ship where Deck 5 narrows to only a few feet wide. In that instance, one could clear and hit the water.
  7. We cruised on the Breeze a couple of weeks ago. I thought the MDR and buffet were great. However, I was not impressed with the Breeze Cucina for dinner. It was no where near as good as the Italian restaurant on the Sunshine, Magic, and Dream.
  8. Yes, on the Breeze but we were told they ran out of supplies about 1 minute after start time. Disappointed!
  9. Ugh! I saw the Carnival branded ones in the Fun Shops and thought they were cute. But the "Reserved" is taking it too far!
  10. Did you change time for Bermuda, if so when did that happen? Did they have you change back for Grand Turk? How was transportation in Bermuda?
  11. Costa Maya - I have only been once and hung out at the port. I wish I would have booked a beach package. Cozumel - We like Paradise Beach. Small entry fee and reasonable priced drinks. They have a pool, beach, shade, sun, water toys, kayaks etc. It's a good option if you don't want an all inclusive. Last cruise we took the Champagne Catamaran Snorkel and Cruise and it was amazing!!! I booked through Carnival but was able to price match using Viator. Mahogany Bay - We used 2ksadventures for the zip, sloths, monkeys, chocolate tour. They have other options too.
  12. We were on the Magic for Hurricane Irma. The ship ported in New Orleans instead of Port Canaveral to load more supplies. You could stay on ship or disembark. If you stayed, your Cheers and internet packages were extended for free. They also gave you the extra cruise days for your VIFP account. We disembarked on Day 7 in New Orleans but we still received the extra cruise days.
  13. 1. Afternoon tea time - I go mostly for the pastries and relaxing atmosphere in the dining room. 2. Steakhouse cooking demo with samples 3. Strolling through the shops 4. Napping
  14. This is what I email to guestadmin@carnival.com I wanted to request my shareholder onboard credit benefit for my upcoming cruise on the Carnival SHIPNAME. My sail date is XX/XX/2019 and my booking confirmation is XXXXX. I have attached my documentation on my ownership of 100 CCL shares. Please let me know if you need anything else. Like most here I will print a copy of my statement, black out the account number with a sharpie, take a photo or scan, and attach to the email. I usually wait until I am 4-5 weeks from cruising to send my request.
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